How to remove mold from clothes


Excessive moisture often leads to mold. It may occur on carpets, upholstery furniture. It happens that the mold is covered and clothes. To remove the pollution, you can use different means: stain removers, bleaches, soda, ammonia.

How to wash mold from clothes?

  • Usually, if after washing with a detergent in a typewriter, the mold does not disappear from the clothes, you can try the Antipyatin soap. It is sold in household chemical goods or hardware stores and is not expensive. Soap is applied to stains, give them a soak, and then carefully rub. "Antipyatin" helps to cope with many spots. By purchasing it to combat mold, you will simultaneously solve many future problems with dirt on the fabric.
  • How to wash mold from clothes? Whey can help. Clothes are soaked in it for 10-12 hours. After that, rinsed with warm water and dried. Mold stains wipe with a mixture of 1 tbsp. l ammonia and 1 tbsp. l salt. Then things are washed in the machine. This method helps to get rid of old stains of mold.

How to remove mold from clothes?

  • You can use and boiling. The method is suitable for fabrics that do not shed. In the water, you can add "Perox" (for cotton clothes of any color) or "Whiteness" (for white things). The amount of funds is written on the label. Before boiling, the thing is washed and dipped in a pan with water, in which bleach is added. Bring to a boil. Boil clothes on low heat for 30 minutes. After this thing you need to get out of the solution and rinse.

Mold on clothes: how to get rid?

Molds made from cotton or wool can be removed using household soap. Thing soaked in soapy water. You can additionally add soap chips to the contamination. After some time, clothes are washed in a typewriter. If the stains do not wipe off after this, other methods can be used. For white clothes help solution of chloride. 125 ml. water is mixed with 1 tsp. chloride and wipe the resulting solution mold spots.

Wool items and clothing made of cotton and flax can be treated with hydrogen peroxide. The thing is first washed, and then prepare a special solution. 1 tbsp. l peroxide diluted in 250 ml. water. The resulting composition is lowered clothes and wait 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, this method is only suitable for white fabrics. If there is no peroxide at home, then it can be replaced with ammonia. For the solution will need 1 tsp. ammonia and 1 tbsp. water.

How to remove mold from clothes?

Ammonia can be used for dark things. To do this, you must first check its action on an inconspicuous place or inside out.

How to remove mold from clothes?

Mold is difficult to remove from clothing. This applies not only to visible spots. Fungal spores can be anywhere. At the same time at the initial stage, they are not visible to the naked eye. White things can be poured "Domestic", let them lie in the solution for a while. After that, clothes need to be washed.

Another popular way is soda gruel. Baking soda is mixed with a small amount of water to a pasty state. The resulting mixture is rubbed into spots. For dark fabric suitable "Vanish" for colored things. Clothes soaked in the tool, and then washed in a typewriter.

To remove mold from clothes, use chalk chips. They sprinkle it with stains, then put a sheet of paper on top and iron it with a hot iron.

Some advise against mildew on clothing with onions or clabber. Onions are crushed, put gruel on the spot, leave for 20 minutes. After this thing is washed with powder. The same principle is used and sour milk. It is also applied to the thing, washed off from the fabric and washed clothes.

You can also remove mildew stains from silk items. It is necessary to prepare turpentine, a sheet of paper (preferably blooming), an iron and white clay powder. Stains are treated with turpentine: they are moistened with a cloth and tinder contamination, or simply drip onto the mold. Pollution is covered with clay powder, covered with paper. From above the stain is ironed with a hot iron. After that, the clay is peeled off, and the clothes are washed with powder.

How to remove mold from clothes?

To prevent mold from appearing on clothes, you must:

  • Only dry things in the closet
  • Allow clothes to dry after ironing. It is usually a bit wet.
  • Monitor indoor humidity
  • Periodically disassemble the cabinet and chest of drawers
  • Give outerwear a few times a year to dry in the sun.
  • Do not leave dirty clothes in the closet; wash them in a timely manner.
  • If the mold occupies a large area of ​​fabric, the fight against the fungus is meaningless. In this case, even dry cleaning may not save. Such a thing is easier to throw out.

It is difficult to remove mold from clothes. Stain removers and folk remedies such as chalk or soda can help. In order that the fungus does not appear on the clothes, it is better to keep things in a dry place. Do not hide freshly ironed clothes in the wardrobe or chest of drawers. Observing these rules, you will never face the problem of removing mold from clothes and linen.