How to remove ingrown hair in the bikini area


The procedure of depilation, or hair removal throughout the body, has recently become very popular. Special attention and attitude requires a delicate area adjacent to the swimsuit. To prevent ingrown hairs in the bikini zone from becoming an unpleasant problem, you need to remove them very carefully. And what if they have already appeared?

Why do they grow into?

ingrown hairs in the bikini area

Hair removal in the bikini area is not such a complicated procedure to go to the beauty salon for its implementation. Moreover, many girls are shy and do not even allow the thought that you can trust someone else, even a professional.

A large number of depilation means allows you to carry it out at home quickly and painlessly. It would seem, how and why when using the latest razors and creams grow hair in the bikini area? What if this has already happened and how to prevent it in the future?

The main reason for which a small hair can turn into an abscess is the wrong direction of growth, adopted by him after removal. Beauticians consider three scenarios:

  • hair began to grow and can not break through the layer of skin;
  • the follicle is damaged, and the hair does not grow up, as it should, but to the side;
  • unremovable hair rises above the skin and, curling, grows back.

Small reddened pimples, threatening to turn into painful abscesses, are. unpleasant sight. In some cases, with unsuccessful self-treatment, dark spots remain on the skin, which bring many inconveniences to women, forcing them to buy more closed swimsuits.

How to deal with the problem?

If the ingrown hair in the bikini area has become a bump, it is impractical to solve the problem yourself - it is better to consult a dermatologist. Modern methods and drugs work wonders, the main thing - on time to go to the reception. Conservative ways to remove recalcitrant "surplus" are far in the past. At the moment there are several new technologies that will help you quickly and painlessly.

  • One of the popular medical methods is laser removal of ingrown hair. With the help of a special device, the beautician directs the laser beam to the affected areas, which allows to get rid of the problem in just 5-6 sessions.
  • Photoepilation is a no less successful modern method. That it is most often used in order to remove education. Flashes of light act on ingrown hairs, destroying them. The high efficiency of the method is reflected in the number of procedures — 3-4 is enough.
  • An innovation in the field of cosmetology is ELOS-hair removal. This method is a combination of the first two - a laser and flash units. Today it is the most effective method to remove ingrown hair in the bikini area. However, it has not yet become widespread in beauty salons.

How to clean ingrown hair in the bikini area at home

Not everyone has the opportunity to see a specialist. If the inflammation is not strong, you can try to cope on your own. How to clean ingrown hair in the bikini area at home? There are proven methods that have positively proven themselves a long time ago:

  • help simple pins or needles. Before removing ingrown hair in the bikini area, steam the skin in the bath. Take clean, sterile tweezers and a sharp needle (the immaculate cleanliness of the devices you use is a must for the procedure at home). Carefully open the abscess with a needle and pull out the ingrown hair with tweezers;
  • a mixture of glycerin and aspirin. They are mixed in the same proportions, and the composition is applied to the affected skin for 2-3 hours. The essence of the method is that due to the special properties of these components, they soften the place of inflammation, and the hair makes its way in the right direction.
  • simple salt also helps effectively. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of spice into a glass of warm water, apply the resulting solution to a cotton pad and apply it to a bikini area as a compress.
  • hydrogen peroxide and bodyaga in powder form. The components are brought to a mushy state and, as in the previous cases, are applied to the place where the hair has grown. 15 minutes for five days is enough for you to forget about the problem.

How not to be in a vicious circle?

So, the ingrown hairs in the bikini zone are saved, how to fight this phenomenon - you have studied it in practice. But what to do in order not to have to resort to such manipulations in the future (and even more so - to seek the expensive help of professionals)? Remember a few simple rules and if you are doing depilation at home, follow them:

ingrown hair in a bikini area, how to deal with this phenomenon

  • take up hair removal only after taking a bath when the skin is steamed;
  • Use only a good quality disposable razor. Try waxing stripes as an alternative;
  • use special shaving products. Soap is not suitable for these purposes;
  • After depilation, use ointments, which include an antibiotic.
  • After the procedure, use the cream against hair growth. It will not only allow depilation to be performed much less frequently, but will also disinfect micro cuttings and prevent inflammation.
  • After getting rid of the problem, wear a not too tight underwear.
  • Do not remove more than once every 10 days.

Each of the fair sex wants to be irresistible, especially in a beautiful swimsuit. Ingrown hair - a significant obstacle to impeccable appearance. Compliance with the rules of depilation will allow you to shine on the beach and in the pool, attracting only enthusiastic views.