How to remove eyelash extensions at home

Eyelash extensions are a popular procedure today. It is made in almost every beauty salon. But you can remove eyelash extensions and at home. The main thing is to follow some rules.

How can I remove the extended eyelashes?

How to remove the extended eyelashes at home?

The natural refresh rate of the eyelashes - 1 time in 3 weeks. By this time, it is usually tied and the period of wearing artificial eyelashes. After this time, they themselves will become unstuck. This process occurs gradually and imperceptibly.

But what to do if you for some reason want to quickly get rid of eyelash extensions? It is better, of course, to turn to the same master who made you build. In the beauty salon, the removal is done with the help of a special solvent liquid. No time to go to the salon? Do not worry, you can remove artificial eyelashes yourself.

Do this in several ways: with the help of a conventional cream, oil or special liquid.

Everything is in fashion now. Many women of fashion refuse eyelash extensions, preferring a natural image. To remove false hairs do not necessarily go to the salon, you can do it at home. To do this, use a fat cream, oil or special tools.

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