How to remove extension hair at home

Gone are the days when women had to work long and hard to achieve results in growing long and thick hair. Today, any girl can get long curls in a matter of hours. This is a procedure for building.

The period of wearing the extension hair is about 3 to 5 months, after which correction or removal of the strands is necessary. The need for correction can be explained by the growth of one's own hair, which grows 2 to 6 cm, and the attachments, on which the overhead strands hold, become visible. Another consequence of the neglect of timely correction is the formation of tangles at the hair roots.

In order to avoid such consequences, it is necessary to increase, make correction and remove the increased curls from the master, preferably the same. In the salons specialists in building, use special tools and techniques that allow you to achieve excellent results, while causing minimal harm.

How to remove extension hair at home?

But if it was decided to remove the extended strands at home, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances. There are various methods that are directly dependent on the method of extension.

Hair extension techniques

  1. The simplest method of removing hair extensions after using the "cold" method. To build this way, use glue or gel, which after a couple of months lose their anchoring properties. In order to remove such curls, it will be necessary to use a special solvent that needs to be applied to the hair, after which extremely carefully remove the overhead strands. It is best to consult with the master, on the topic of what means to use and where it can be purchased.
  2. If the hair has been dyed with adhesive tape, the so-called German technology, the solvent can also be used. This adhesive tape is dissolved using a special tool, and you can gently remove the extended curls.
  3. Another method of hair extensions is Japanese technology, which involves the use of special clips to secure. To remove such curls, you can use special hair removal forceps. It is necessary to remove strands as carefully as possible, loosening the clips that hold the curls. Delete them carefully, without haste. Otherwise, you can pull out your own curls.
  4. The hardest thing is to remove hair that has been enhanced by English (Italian) technology. For hair extensions according to this method, a special resin is used, which is rather difficult to dissolve. Special hair extension tongs are used to dissolve the capsules, and the resin solders the false hair to its own. As a result, a small, inconspicuous spike is formed.

This type of extension is most popular among women, because it is considered one of the safest methods. But it is quite expensive, so the procedure can cost ten thousand. And the removal of strands almost half the cost of building.

Hair extensions in this way can be removed at home, knowing some tricks. At the pharmacy, you can purchase a special liquid to dissolve the resin. Initially, it is necessary to apply a means for removing donor hair, after about half an hour, apply a regenerating mask on the hair for 20 minutes. The components of the mask, namely oils, not only strengthen the hair, but also act as a solvent. Capsules, which were attached downturned curls, dissolve. For the fastest effect, while the mask will act, you can take a hot bath, because the capsules are afraid of heat.

Also, the capsules can be removed with the help of special forceps, which simply need to be crushed by adhesions, but they must first be dissolved by any of the means described. In this case, the curls can be quickly removed.

How to remove hair extensions at home without consequences?

How to remove extension hair at home?

If it was decided to take responsibility for the unprofessional removal of hair extensions at home, it is necessary to know and remember the consequences that may arise.

Extensive hair is quite difficult to remove, especially from the back of the head. The procedure may take not 1 hour, all this time you have to keep your hands on the weight.

Nonprofessional removal of strands guarantees pulling out your own hair, and in large quantities. Quite often, when wearing extended curls, mats are formed, you can get rid of them in 2 ways. The first - literally along the hairs to unravel a lump, or the second - to cut the hair almost to the very root.

Each of us has heard the expression "miser pays twice", with the build-up and the more hair removal you need to remember this saying. Today, you can easily find a good specialist who will build, correct and remove hair at the highest level, without causing virtually no harm to your hair. If you need to save money, then you can use the services of a private specialist who takes home. As a rule, its services are much cheaper.

In any case, the procedure for removing hair is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Specialists undergo special training in order to build up and remove curls. For these reasons, you should not try to save on quality, otherwise you can lose a lot more than you buy.

Despite the popularity of the procedure, hair replenishes own hair. The extent of their damage will depend on the chosen technique. After the patch curls have been removed, it is imperative to carry out hair restoration procedures. The best adviser in the selection of care products is the master who conducted the build-up.

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