How to remove bags under the eyes


The reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes can be a variety of factors. These are fatigue, lack of sleep, health problems, the first signs of lack of water in the body and weakening of the muscles of the skin. Bags under the eyes can be hidden using cosmetics, but the best way to cope with the cause of their occurrence, using the popular wisdom.

How to remove bags under the eyes with makeup?

Early in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, remove frozen ice cubes from the refrigerator and wipe the skin of your face, paying special attention to the skin under your eyes. This will cause the necessary outflow of fluid due to an increase in the blood supply to the face, and the skin will receive the tone it needs.

When choosing face creams, choose those that include parsley extract, sage, horsetail, coffee, elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid. Remove tea under the eyes will also help tea bags, which should be applied to the eyes for 5 minutes.

How to remove bags under the eyes: folk remedies

  • Bags under the eyes will help you to remove and various popular recipes. Using herbal extracts, you can make ice to wipe your face. For its preparation it is necessary to make herbal decoction. Take 1 tbsp. l dry chamomile or dill and a glass of boiling water pour it.
  • For the preparation of tea broth will need 1 tsp. tea After the decoction has cooled, strain it, pour it into ice molds.
  • The contrasting effect on the skin around the eyes will help to quickly deal with bags under the eyes. To do this, take 1 tsp. chamomile and dill, brew them 0.5 st. boiling water. After 15 minutes strain the resulting infusion and, dividing into 2 parts, put 1 part to cool. Then, having previously soaked a tampon in the first and a tampon in the second part of the infusion, begin to apply cotton to the skin under the eyes - first warm and then cold infusion. This procedure is best done at bed every other day for a month.

How to clean bags under the eyes with parsley?

Take fresh parsley and chop it. Then 1 tsp. greens pour 0.5 tbsp. boiling water, leave for 15 min. After wetting cotton wool in a warm tincture, apply it to the eyes for 25 minutes. Using parsley and sour cream, you can make a mask for the skin around the eyes. Chop the parsley and 1 tbsp. l rub with 2 tbsp. l fat cream Then add milk to make a slightly thin gruel. Apply the resulting mixture on the bags under the eyes for 25 minutes. Then rinse the mixture with tea, preferably weak. Do this mask every day for 45 days.

How to remove bags under the eyes with potatoes?

  • No less useful will be the use of potatoes. It can be used both boiled and raw.You can cut 2 cups from raw potatoes and put them in your eyes for 20 minutes. or take the cooked mashed potatoes, mix it with milk and apply the mixture around the eyes. After 30 minutes, wash off the remnants of the mask with cold water.
  • Effectively the mask from 1 potato tuber rubbed on a fine grater will help to cope with bags under the eyes. Apply this mixture should be once a week for 30 days.
  • To prepare a mask of potatoes, take 0.5 tbsp. l grated potatoes, mix it with oatmeal. Then add a little milk there so that the consistency looks like a thick gruel. Apply the mask on the skin under the eyes for 15 minutes.

  • You can cook and mask, mixing 1 tsp. grated potatoes from 3.h. l milk and 3 tsp. flour. It should be applied for 10 minutes.
  • The following mask will help in the fight not only with bags under the eyes, but also with dark circles. For its preparation, rub the potatoes, cucumber and mix them with chopped parsley. Place the mixture in gauze and apply to the eyelids for 17 minutes.

How to quickly remove bags under the eyes in the morning?

  • In order to quickly remove the bags under the eyes, in the morning you should put a frozen decoction of dried or fresh parsley for a minute to the skin under the eyes.For the best effect move the ice along the massage lines of the skin. Repeat this several times and apply a nourishing cream on the skin.
  • You can apply to the eyes in turn cotton wool dipped in cold and then in warm water.
  • No less useful would be a compress of cucumbers. It is enough to repeat the procedure 3 times for 3 minutes.
  • Do a special charge. In the lotus position translate the eyes to the right and left. Then blink and quickly open your eyes. Repeat 6 times. At the end, roll your eyes clockwise and against 3 times. This exercise will not only help reduce bags under the eyes, but also improve vision.

One of the common causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes is the ingestion of nicotine and alcohol in any quantity. Limit alcohol consumption, give up nicotine and after some time the bags under the eyes disappear. In second place among the reasons are constant sleep deprivation and fatigue. As soon as you see the bags under your eyes, immediately go to bed as early as possible and sleep at least 8 hours. Try to relieve yourself of part of the duties, leaving only those that you do not have, and you will not have time to notice how the condition of your face will improve. You should also remember about age-related changes, but you can cope with them by simply adding more vitamins and antioxidant-rich foods to your diet that will help fight the aging process, slowing it down.

If you use all the wisdom of traditional medicine and take a closer look at your health, you will soon notice how you have become simply irresistible again.

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