How to remove age spots on the face with a cream


The pigment spots on the face are a rather unpleasant phenomenon that can appear completely unexpectedly. Most often, women suffer from them after 40 years. Even eliminating the cause of the appearance of age spots, you can only prevent the appearance of new ones, but you will have to get rid of those that already exist in other ways. One of the most affordable and fairly safe methods is to remove stains with a cream.

How to remove age spots with moisturizer?

Remove the pigment spots will help moisturizer, which should be applied immediately after the parsley mask. Together they will help lighten the skin and remove the remaining traces of stains. This removal method is best used in spring and summer when the parsley is fresh. Parsley must be crushed and applied to the stain for half an hour. Then rinse with cold water and apply a special moisturizer.

In the autumn-winter period, instead of parsley leaves, you can use parsley roots. If you make such a mask 3 times a week, then in a month age spots will start to fade. Instead of parsley, you can use lemon juice or a mask of cucumbers, to whom that is more like.

Removal of age spots on the face with a protective cream

Protective creams can help remove pigment spots when used in combination with other products.To remove stains from the face, they need to peel, and then care for the skin using a special protective cream.

To guarantee 100% disposal of age spots, it is also necessary to protect the skin from harmful external influences, especially sunlight, and this will help you protective face creams. With active sun, you should definitely use a high-level protective cream. This will help reduce existing pigment spots and prevent the appearance of new ones.

How to remove age spots with whitening cream?

To remove dark spots that are not too visible, you can use bleaching cream. Choosing a whitening cream, stop better on the cream, which includes either hydrogen peroxide, or citric or salicylic acid, or perhydrol. Whitening cream should choose the one for the ingredients of which you do not have allergies, so before you buy it, carefully read the composition.

Whitening cream are safer than cosmetic procedures. Apply it to the pigment spots for half an hour, then wash off with sour milk, and apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream to the pigment spots. Also, after any procedure to remove age spots, be sure to lubricate the skin with a nourishing and moisturizing cream. This will help your skin recover faster.

How to remove age spots: whitening cream

Special whitening cream helps to quickly remove age spots on the face. But unlike whitening creams, sold in ordinary stores, they should be used with great care and under the supervision of a beautician. In most cases, this cream is used in beauty salons when carrying out skin whitening procedures and removing age spots.

If you determine the wrong desired dose of use, then instead of pure white skin, you can get dark spots of even darker color. Also, before using it, it is necessary to test for tolerability of the drug, since the mercury in its composition is a rather strong allergen. In any case, this cream should be used only if necessary and for a short time. The safest use of this cream with any fat cream that suits your skin. This will help prevent large amounts of toxins from entering the body. After using this cream, the places where pigment spots are located should be lubricated with sour milk for 2 weeks.

Rules for the removal of age spots with cream

  • When choosing a sunscreen, stop your choice on creams that are sold in the store. It is best to choose a cream with a protection icon SPF-15 and even higher.
  • To remove age spots, use cosmetic creams and whitening masks based on them regularly.
  • Any spots that look like pigmentation may be a manifestation of an allergy, so first it is best to visit a doctor and use the means that he prescribed.
  • An anti-allergic cream is usually used to treat red, rough and dry spots, which helps to cope with the symptoms of allergy and relieve its symptoms. In case of absence of allergy, lubricate the pigment spots with a moisturizer daily, and lubricate the spot formation zone at night with a baby cream.

The older we get, the more likely the appearance of age spots. There are many methods for their removal, and one of them is the use of a cream (for other methods read the article Pigment spots on the face: treatment). Here it is necessary to show perseverance and regularly use it, since the pigment spots are rather difficult to treat. In any case, whichever cream you choose, to remove age spots, you should first consult with a dermatologist. From the use of whitening cream should refrain from chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If you take care of your skin, protecting it from UV rays, caring for it, nourishing and moisturizing it with a cream, you can easily prevent the appearance of pigment spots and remove the existing ones.

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