How to remove acne marks

Until recently, acne was considered exclusively a teenage problem. Now they can be found on the face and 30-year-old women. Bad environment, unhealthy diet, bad habits and stress have a detrimental effect on our body. In the 1st place, the skin on which various rashes and inflammations appear suffers.

Despite the fact that the counters of shops and pharmacies are full of various anti-acne products, many girls and women prefer to get rid of them in a radical way - by squeezing. This method is very doubtful, because squeezing out a pimple, you not only traumatize the skin, but also open the passage for various infections. And then the consequences can be very sad.

In addition, traces are often left in the place of extruded pimples. It can be both small injuries and deep scars, which greatly spoil the appearance of the skin. Getting rid of such traces is quite difficult. Most often this requires the intervention of a physician. If the scars are minor, you can eliminate them yourself with scrubs and homemade masks.

Why do acne marks remain?

How to remove marks from acne?

You may have noted that not every pimple leaves a trace. It all depends on the size of the inflammation and its duration. The longer it heals, the more likely it is that a pigment spot or scar forms in its place.

Squeeze pimples can not. This can lead to the formation of scars and the spread of inflammation. The pus contains pathogenic microflora, which, when squeezed out, can spread to other parts of the skin. As a result, you do not solve the problem, but on the contrary, aggravate it.

Physical tissue damage is also not uncommon. Inflammations that persist for a long time leave spots behind them, which are sometimes very difficult to get rid of.

How to remove traces of acne at home?

Smooth skin texture and remove excess pigmentation will help you facial scrub.It will gently remove the cornified cells that have undergone pigmentation, which will speed up the regeneration process and make the skin soft and velvety. Scrub cleansing is recommended at least 2 times a week. In particularly difficult cases, the number of procedures can be increased up to 4-5 times.

Fresh traces of red and pink help effectively creams and serumswith nourishing and regenerating properties. It is better if a cosmetician selects the cosmetic for you.

If a seal is found on the skin at the site of the pimple, it means that the inflammation has passed and a stagnant process has occurred. Typically, after some time the seal disappears by itself, but if you do not want to wait, you can use bleaching agents. Also suitable drugs that enhance the microcirculation in the skin and help get rid of the stasis in the tissues. Many people note the high efficacy of ointments for burns, bruises, and scars.

Deep scars can only be eliminated with the help of salon procedures. But the overall condition of the skin can be significantly improved by using various moisturizers.

How to remove marks from acne?

Bodywater gel with freshwater sponge is used for cosmetic procedures. It gives a good effect, but has an irritating effect, so it can not be applied on damaged skin with unhealed acne. Before using bodyagi, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction.

Effective Acne Face Masks: Recipes

  • You can make an excellent mask against acne from body powder. To do this, dilute 1 tbsp. l powder with a small amount of water (for dry and normal skin) or hydrogen peroxide (for oily skin). Apply the resulting slurry on cleansed face and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature. Do this mask 1-2 times a week. Course -8-10 procedures. By the end of the course you will see that the number of pigment spots has decreased significantly.
  • Very useful for problematic skin mask of cosmetic clay with the addition of rosemary essential oil. Any kind of clay is suitable for it - blue, white, red, etc. Dilute a small amount of clay with water. The gruel should resemble thick sour cream. Then add to the mixture 3-4 drops of rosemary essential oil. Clean the face with a scrub or cleanser. Apply a mask with rosemary on the face, gently massage the skin. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and apply a nourishing cream on the face.
  • Clay mask perfectly relieves inflammation. Over several procedures, the spots will become less noticeable, and then disappear altogether. Apply it once a week. You can also do applications dotted on the affected areas. In this case, the procedure can be repeated every day.
  • To remove acne marks, you can make a mask of clay and lemon juice. To do this, mix 1 tbsp. l cosmetic clay and 5 drops of lemon juice. Add the required amount of water to make a thick gruel. Apply the mask to dry cleansed face for 15 minutes, then rinse and apply nourishing cream on the skin. This mask eliminates stagnant processes, brightens and refreshes the skin.
  • From essential oils, you can make point masks. Very effective is a mixture of rosemary oil and tea tree. It is applied to problem areas for a while. Then wash off.

What salon procedures will help to cope with the problem?

How to remove marks from acne?

Modern salon procedures are able to restore the health and blooming appearance of your skin in a short time. Remove traces of acne quickly help such methods:

A chemical peeling is a simple but effective procedure, during which the top layer of the skin is removed with the help of special acids. Glycolic acid is usually used, which gently and delicately cleanses the skin. Then it is neutralized with an alkaline composition and washed off. After 2 weeks, the procedure is repeated. Recently, chemical peeling is the first of the most popular and inexpensive salon procedures.

Facial cleansing with an ultrasound or ultrasound peeling is a modern procedure that solves many problems. High-frequency ultrasonic vibrations contribute to the cleaning of pores and the removal of dead cells, including pigment cells. Acne marks are quickly and efficiently removed, both fresh and old. Micro massage of the skin, which provides ultrasound, restores its elasticity and resilience. Another advantage of ultrasonic peeling is that it does not cause skin redness, which is quite often observed with other cleaning methods.

Vacuum cleaning is carried out with a special device. This procedure effectively cleans the pores and relieves minor inflammations. If you have slight changes in the skin, vacuum peeling is exactly what you need. But in the fight against large, pronounced traces of acne it is ineffective.

Laser cleaning very quickly and effectively removes acne marks. Small scars and scars are smoothed, inflammations pass and stagnant processes in the skin dissolve. Laser cleaning - 1 of the most modern methods of peeling. But at the same time, it is the 1st of the most expensive ways to clean the face.

The fact that acne can not squeeze out, they know absolutely everything. Nevertheless, many still prefer to get rid of them by such a radical method. As a result, the pimple disappears, and an ugly scar appears in its place, which is sometimes very difficult to get rid of. To prevent this from happening to you, please be patient with acne. Remember that there are many more benign treatments. Let it take a little longer, but the result is worth it!

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