How to quickly remove swelling from the eyes


Not a single human organ has as many enthusiastic words as eyes. It is no coincidence that when creating makeup women put so much effort into making them the most expressive. But what to do if already in the morning the eyes "decorate" the bags? How to remove swelling from the eyes, which home and pharmaceutical means will help to quickly remove the swelling?

What will tell the bags under the eyes?

What will tell the bags under the eyes?No good swelling will not "report." They are usually the result of improper day regimens: lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, illiterate diet. Swelling may be due to allergies or abnormalities in the function of internal organs. Incorrectly chosen cream, crying or premenstrual syndrome - all this can also lead to ill-starred edema in women.

Regardless of the cause, swollen eyelids look unaesthetic and add a few years to age. It is urgent to return the eyes attractiveness! Decorative cosmetics is not able to, it will only emphasize the swelling. Other, more productive, emergency measures are needed.

The most effective and quickest ways to remove puffiness

In just 15 minutes to bring your face in order, you can use these popular recipes:

  • anti-edematous eye mask. For her, tea bags are suitable (it is better if it is green tea, but black is also suitable), an ice cube or raw potatoes. Pour boiling water over the tea bag, put in the fridge for 10 minutes to cool, then apply to the eyelids. Raw grate potatoes, put gruel on a piece of cheesecloth, attach to the eyes. Wrap a piece of ice with a bandage, wipe not only the area around the eyes, but the entire face. Puffiness will disappear in a couple of minutes;
  • compress from chamomile infusion. If there is a pharmacy chamomile at home, then brew it at the rate of 1-1.5 tbsp. l at ½ tbsp. water, insist 10-15 minutes. Then dip cotton pads into the infusion, slightly squeeze and apply to eyes for 15 minutes;
  • express mask of cucumber or cucumber juice. This is a proven and effective tool. If time allows, you can grate a cucumber on a fine grater. Wrap the resulting composition in gauze and attach to the eyes. You can simply cut cucumber rings and put them on the eyelids for a quarter of an hour.

There are several pharmacy tools that will help if your eyes have swollen since morning.

There are several pharmacy tools that will help if your eyes have swollen since morning. How to quickly remove swelling with ready-made ointments? You can use these drugs:

  • ointment for acne Kuriozin. It is applied to clean skin 2 times a day with a thin layer. There may be a burning sensation or slight redness of the skin;
  • remedy for thrombophlebitis - heparin ointment. Apply once a day with a very thin layer, avoiding contact with the eye;
  • Hemorrhoids ointment - Relief. Oddly enough, she copes with eye shadows;
  • Foretal is an ointment that is intended for the treatment of dermatological problems. Perfectly eliminates swelling.

Since ointments are intended for other purposes, they are rarely used for a limited time. It is necessary to pay attention to the reaction of the skin and make sure that the product does not fall into the eyes.

Special cosmetic gels are able to restore beauty to your eyes. One of them is Blefarogel. It is intended just for the care of delicate eyelid skin. It contains useful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Using the gel will restore the normal balance of fluid in the skin, improve metabolism and forget about swelling.

Apply the product should be light movements (fingertips). Then massage the area around the eyes for no longer than 2 minutes. Use twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

How to get rid of swelling after stroke: black glasses are canceled!

How to remove swelling of the eye after a blow: black glasses are canceled!

Swelling of the eye after mechanical damage for a woman is a real disaster! If puffiness has appeared around the eye from a stroke, then such methods will help:

  • it is necessary to apply cold as soon as possible. A piece of ice in a plastic bag, a cup with cold water, a metal object (if you keep it in the freezer for some time) will do;
  • to quickly get rid of swelling, you can use a compress of grated raw potatoes. The gruel is wrapped in a piece of bandage (gauze) and put on a bruised place for 5-7 minutes 3 times a day. Then wash off with water and moisturize the skin with baby cream;
  • An effective remedy is bodyagi gel (you can buy it at the pharmacy). It is applied to the place of edema with a thin layer. Leave for 10-15 minutes;
  • excellent result gives the use of ointments - Troxevazin and Lioton.

Swelling of the eyes due to allergies. What to do?

Many had to solve the problem, how to remove allergic swelling from the eyes

Many had to solve the problem, how to remove allergic swelling from the eyes. They may swell up after taking any medication, due to a reaction to dust or another allergen, from the bite of a midge. Whatever the effect, any antiallergic agent should be taken - Cetrin, Tavegil, Telfast, Suprastin, eyes Kromoglycan should be instilled with antiallergic drops.

To get rid of allergic swelling of the eye is suitable such a folk remedy.

  1. Prepare a decoction of parsley and celery.
  2. Grate raw potatoes, pour them into a hot broth. Leave for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Add a few drops of vegetable oil. Put the composition on the pieces of gauze.
  4. Make compresses on the eyes 2-3 times a day.

Salvation in 15 minutes: how to remove swelling from the upper eyelid of the eye?

If the upper eyelid is swollen, then ordinary raw potatoes will come to the rescue. It can be cut into slices (pre-wash well and clean) or rub, and then attach to the eyelid for 15 minutes.

Cold compresses from a piece of ice or frozen chamomile decoction give a good effect. You can also wipe the eyelid with a solution of novocaine and anestezin. The site where the swelling has formed is allowed to be anointed with Prednisone or Celestoderm.

To prevent swelling from spoiling your face, you should wear sunglasses, avoid drinking a lot of salt, sleep on a low pillow and get rid of bad habits.

Information on how to remove swelling from the eyes, will help a woman to always look at 100%. But it is better to adjust your regime and give rest to the body. Then a face without lotions and gels every morning will look beautiful. If the swelling began to appear daily, then it is necessary to find out their cause, and this will only help examination by a doctor.