How to quickly grow long eyelashes at home


Women have long used the expressiveness of their eyes for seduction, so they strive to maximize the beauty of their eyes. Long, thick and bright eyelashes perfectly serve this purpose. Therefore, the question of how to grow eyelashes at home, always remains relevant.

Professional ways

Luxurious eyelashes give your eyes depth and a special charm. That is why in cosmetology there are many techniques designed to give them volume and extra length:

How to quickly grow long eyelashes at home?

  • build up;
  • use false eyelashes;
  • masks;
  • compresses;
  • massage.

Of course, the most convenient is to build. The procedure takes about three hours, but the question of how to quickly grow eyelashes, will not occur in women for several weeks. At the same time, natural hairs are used for extension, so you can safely wash and not be afraid that the eyelashes will disappear. But if the build-up is possible only in special conditions of the beauty salon, then the remaining procedures are quite suitable to grow long eyelashes at home, and quickly.

False eyelashes for many years enjoyed an enviable popularity, because with their help you can easily and effectively increase the number of hairs. However, the substances used for sticking them have a negative effect on the condition of the skin of the eyelids and lead to the fact that their eyelashes begin to fall out. Since their growth is a rather lengthy process, such a loss significantly complicates a woman’s life. After all, to hide the lack of eyelashes, she will not be able to do without overhead.

Using oils to improve eyelash growth

Using oils to improve eyelash growth

An alternative to growing and gluing is growing your eyelashes. It takes a lot of time, but the result will definitely not disappoint. One of the most popular ways to strengthen eyelashes women consider using castor oil. The active substances of castorca regulate and stimulate the formation of new hair bulbs, which has a positive effect on the amount of hair.

There are several recommendations regarding the use of oil to enhance eyelash growth:

  • it is necessary to use castor oil regularly, it is better every day before going to bed so that the eyes are at rest and less exposed to light and dust;
  • for ease of use, castor oil is better to pour into a clean bottle from under the carcass and use a special brush for a more accurate application;
  • if you use bottle oil, then use cotton pads to apply the drug to the eyelash growth line.
  • after you have carefully "painted" the eyelashes with oil, do not forget to wipe them dry after half an hour, otherwise your eyes may swell.

Masters of cosmetology recommend alternating a three-week course of using castor oil with courses of applying burdock and sea buckthorn oils with the same duration.

How massage helps to grow puffy cilia?

How massage helps enhance the growth of your eyelashes

Regular massage has a beneficial effect on the human body, stimulating the blood circulation processes in the organs. There is no exception and the effect of the procedure on the growth of eyelashes. During the massage of the eyelids, blood circulation improves and its flow naturally renews the cells. It does not need much time, and in combination with other methods of stimulating growth, the task to grow long eyelashes will be solved very quickly and easily.

  1. Prepare a massage mixture. To do this, mix 50-60 drops of burdock oil (alternative - castor or sea buckthorn), a third of a dessert spoon of squeezed aloe juice and 40 drops of parsley juice.
  2. Apply the mixture to the eyelids and eyelashes. Cotton buds will help to handle this task carefully.
  3. Use light patting movements to soak in the massage mixture, and then gently massage the eyelids.
  4. Give the massage no more than 10 minutes, so as not to injure the skin of the eyelids.

The course of massage can be carried out through the day in the evening for a month, and then stopped for three weeks.

The healing power of compresses

Compress as a means of enhancing the growth of eyelashes

Tired eyes, swollen eyelids make the eyes dull and heavy. Special cosmetic compresses based on herbs will help to cope with this problem, as well as enhance the growth of eyelashes. Make a solution for lotions is very simple, but the result will be pleasantly surprised. You will need:

  • a tablespoon of herbal tea (these can be chamomile, cornflower or calendula flowers);
  • a glass of filtered boiled water;
  • cotton pads.

Preparation of the compress is as follows.

  1. The grass is poured boiling water.
  2. Infused for about 20 minutes.
  3. Cosmetic cotton pads are moistened with infusion and applied on the eyelids.
  4. After 20-25 minutes, it will remain wet your face with a soft towel.

Such a compress will remove eyelid puffiness and make your eyelashes soft, fluffy, and also contribute to their active growth. In addition, while applying the compress you can relax and unwind. It is recommended to make lotions every two to three days.

Magic mask

Mask that enhances the growth of eyelashes

To make your eyelashes grow faster, you can apply a nourishing mask on them every week. As ingredients for it are used:

  • half a teaspoon of vitamin A;
  • 30 drops of aloe juice;
  • a couple of teaspoons of castorca.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Apply a mask on the eyelashes with a cotton swab, and after 25-40 minutes, blot with a dry cotton pad.

The effectiveness of folk remedies

Many ladies are skeptical about folk remedies for eyelashes. Meanwhile, their effectiveness has been proven for years, and some recipes have been actively involved in the production of creams and masks for professional use. So, castor oil is a leading component in the line of eyelash products of many cosmetic companies.

Folk methods of giving the eyelashes volume and length provide the following effects:

  • eyelid blood circulation improves;
  • the number of hair follicles increases;
  • eyelashes become brighter due to increased hair pigmentation;
  • eyes look less tired, as compresses contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels.

The state of the organism, including its external manifestations, is an indicator of how a person eats and what kind of lifestyle he leads. Therefore, in order for the eyes to shine and admire the framing of thick eyelashes, you need not only to know how to grow eyelashes at home. It is important to make sure that your diet contains foods rich in vitamins A and E, reduce the time spent at the computer, and walk more.

Volumetric long eyelashes are not only an artificial increase in the number of hairs, but also natural methods of growing. They are quite effective - you just need to be patient and take some time for the procedures.