How to quickly grow hair at home

Gorgeous, shiny and radiant health hair - the dream of every woman. Of course, many women want to have thick and long curls and make a lot of effort to achieve this. Today we will talk about how to quickly grow hair at home.

The main factors affecting the rapid growth of hair

Normally, hair grows about 1.5-2 cm per month

As you know, hair growth is directly related to the general state of human health. Normally, hair grows about 1.5-2 cm per month. What to do if you need to accelerate the growth of your hair?

Quickly grow long hair at home is quite possible. The main thing is to follow some rules and be sure to take into account the factors affecting the rate of hair growth. Among them are:

  • The state of the endocrine system. If you have any metabolic disorders or diseases of the thyroid gland, then according to the laws of nature, hair growth will slow down. This is primarily due to the fact that the hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients and fortified substances.
  • Bad habits. If you like to pamper yourself with a cup of strong coffee at least 3-4 times a day or you are addicted to smoking, you will not be able to grow hair quickly. Harmful habits adversely affect the general condition of the human body. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes remove oxygen from the body, which is so necessary for hair follicles.
  • Diet Many of the fair sex know that good nutrition has a beneficial effect on all processes in the body. The same goes for hair. To quickly grow hair, you need to adjust your diet: you must consume more fish, olive oil, meat, nuts and fruits that are rich in iron and fiber.
  • An important role is played by proper care for your hair. It is necessary to use only suitable hair care products, as well as regularly massage the head. No wonder women in Russia could sit for hours and comb their hair. The bristles of the hairbrush massage the skin, thereby increasing blood flow to the follicles. If you perform such actions every day, the beautiful and shiny hair will not take long to wait.
  • Hair growth is also affected by heat treatment. It is necessary to minimize the use of a hair dryer, pleyok, rectifiers, and in the summer heat or fierce cold, be sure to wear a hat. Hair is in need of protection.

How to grow hair quickly at home: reviews and tips

Many girls who want to have beautiful hair

Many girls who want to have a beautiful head of hair, are interested in the question of how to quickly grow hair a week by 20 cm at home. Of course, that each hair growth rate is different. Perhaps in the first month your hair will grow by only 5-6 cm. You do not need to despair. If you carry out all the necessary actions and follow the advice of trichologists, then in the following months the growth rate of your hair will increase at least twice.

Here are some tips on how to speed hair growth:

  • systematically, at least 1 time per month, you need to cut split ends;
  • use cosmetics suitable for your hair type;
  • at least 3 times a day should be thoroughly combed hair with a massage brush or comb;
  • take a complex of vitamins that promote accelerated hair growth;
  • make nourishing masks, you can from natural ingredients.

Many girls who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, leave feedback that all of the above factors really affect the growth rate of hair.

How to accelerate hair growth with the help of folk remedies?

In order to accelerate hair growth, it is not necessary to use only cosmetic means.

In order to accelerate hair growth, it is not necessary to use only cosmetic means. Nutritious mask can be prepared at home. By the way, many girls are interested in how to quickly grow bangs at home. This is nothing complicated. You can use the same mask, only put them on the growth line bangs.

Recipe number 1

There is an opinion that hair grows faster if you regularly make masks with mustard. These masks heat the hair follicles, so that they mature faster.


  • mustard (best powder) - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • chicken egg (yolk) - 1 pc .;
  • boiling water - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • burdock oil, peach, olive - 1 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

  1. You need to take deep dishes and mix all the ingredients well.
  2. Must mustard powder must be fresh, otherwise the desired effect can not be achieved.
  3. If you want the mustard to be stronger, you can increase the proportions of added sugar.
  4. The mask of mustard powder in consistency should resemble liquid porridge. Using a special brush, apply it only to partings.
  5. Do not let the mask on the tips, because mustard is very dry hair.
  6. After you have applied the mask, wrap a plastic bag around your hair or put on a shower cap.
  7. Above you need to wear a warm hat, towel or scarf to create a greenhouse effect.
  8. The first time should be kept for at least 15 minutes. Ideally, the mask should be applied no more than 2 times a week and kept for at least 1 hour.
  9. Continuous course is 1 month. Then the hair should be given a little rest, and after a couple of weeks, repeat the course of procedures.

Recipe number 2

The fair sex to accelerate hair growth using masks based on capsicum red pepper.


  • spirit tincture of red paprika - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • hair balsam (any) - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • boiling water - 1 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

  1. All ingredients must be mixed in a separate container.
  2. Beat them thoroughly until the hair balm is completely dissolved.
  3. You need to choose only fresh tincture, because it affects the burning force and the impact on the hair follicles.
  4. Apply a mask should be only on the partings over the entire head.
  5. Grease the tips of your hair with slightly warmed olive, grape or burdock oil.
  6. Wrap your head with plastic and a towel.
  7. To speed up the reaction, the towel on top can be warmed with a hairdryer.
  8. It is necessary to sustain a mask from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  9. To carry out such procedures are allowed no more than 2 times a week.

Recipe number 3

Good for the growth rate of hair affects sea buckthorn oil

Good for the growth rate of hair affects sea buckthorn oil. It is rich in a number of minerals, microelements, which are so lacking in restoring the hair structure. Be sure to add such a mask pharmacological agents that act as a conductor. It is best to use dimexide.


  • Sea buckthorn oil - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Dimexidum solution - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • hot water - 1 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

  1. You need to be very careful with the application of such a mask, since dimexide can cause an allergic reaction. Before making a mask, try to apply dimexide on the elbow bend. If after a couple of hours there is no redness or itching, then the mask is quite suitable for use.
  2. All ingredients should be mixed in a separate container.
  3. Apply the mask to partings with a cotton swab. Do this carefully so that the mixture does not get into your eyes.
  4. After applying the mixture, the head should be wrapped in polyethylene and a warm towel or scarf.
  5. Due to its properties, Dimexide will help sea buckthorn oil to penetrate into the hair follicles and enrich them with the necessary microelements.
  6. You can make a mask 2-3 times a week. The duration of the procedure varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

If you want to become the owner of a smart and healthy hair, then try to properly care for your hair. And the tips and folk recipes in this article will help you quickly grow the hair of your dreams at home.

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