How to quickly dry nail polish


In life, there are situations when you need to clean up in a short time, make a manicure, paint your nails with varnish and dry it.

The lacquer dries in a natural way, but when there is no time to wait, you should use some secrets to speed up this process.. This can help not only professional means for drying, but also henchmen who are at home of each of the fair sex.

How to quickly dry your nails: folk ways

There are several ways to quickly dry the varnish, for this you need cold water, vegetable oil, a spray for quick drying, a container or a hair dryer. Each girl can choose the way that is easiest for her to accomplish.

How to quickly dry nail polish?

  1. To dry the varnish faster, pour cold water into the container and throw a few pieces of crushed ice. The lower the water temperature, the better, as the varnish dries faster. Put your painted fingertips in water and hold it for 5 minutes. Then dry the varnish without wiping your fingers with a towel. But remember in order not to spoil the manicure, the lacquer cannot be dried under cold running water. Otherwise, it will be covered with cracks and chips.
  2. Prepare the sunflower oil and apply it on the dried layer of varnish with a thin layer. Then for several minutes, support your hands under a stream of water, then dry your nails. Sunflower oil will not only help to quickly dry nail polish, but it will soften the cuticles, imbued them with nutrients that are part of oils.
  3. Before you make a manicure, nail polish, remove for a few hours in a cold place or in the refrigerator. This will apply a thin layer of varnish that will help it to dry faster.
  4. Properly applied varnish dries much faster than conventional varnish.. Therefore, before applying nail polish, degrease the nail plate. To do this, moisten a cotton swab in a special nail polish remover and wipe each nail well. Then spend nail polishing. Then it will become smooth, which will extend the manicure period, and the laptop will dry faster.
  5. To quickly dry the nail polish, use an ordinary hair dryer. Many modern hair dryers have a "cold air" mode. Hot air nail polish does not dry, otherwise it will quickly crack, and it will have to be applied again. Apply the lacquer itself and let it dry for 2 minutes. After that, turn on the hair dryer and place at a distance of 15 cm from the nail, directing a stream of cold air.

How to quickly dry the varnish: professional tools

  • To dry the nail polish very quickly purchase professional tools. These include a special spray, as well as a varnish for quick drying. These tools are usually used in beauty salons. They not only allow you to quickly dry the varnish, but also give the decorative coating a beautiful brilliance. Apply a special varnish on the painted nails, and when using the spray, spray it at a distance of 15 cm from the nails.
  • You will also be helped by a liquid and solvent for nail polish remover, topcoat with quick drying, special drying in sprays or drops.

How to quickly dry nail polish?

  • Before you apply varnish cover the nail plate with nail polish remover, degrease with its help. In its composition should not be oils. If the nail polish remover contains oil, wash your hands with soap and water before applying the manicure, wipe them off and wait until the nails are completely dry. Also do not use before manicure. creams, because the varnish badly goes down on fat and wet nails and does not dry up.
  • When the varnish thickens, it will not be able to dry quickly, so dilute the varnish with a special solvent. Put a few drops in the bottle and rub the bubble in your palms to stir the nail polish.
  • To quickly dry the three-layer coating, take special tools that help fix the varnish as quickly as possible. From special professional products, you can use a clear varnish, spray or oil drops.
  • To prevent the nails from forming a thick film, use spray drying. Spray the product over the varnish and wait 10 minutes. As soon as the varnish dries, do not touch hard surfaces for 30 minutes to avoid damage. fresh manicure.
  • Quickly dried manicure also special oil drops. The bottle with oil drops is equipped with a brush that allows dispensing the liquid when applied to the nails. For the nail will need only 1 drop. The drop itself is evenly distributed, rubbing it on the nail plate is not necessary. After 12 minutes, gently wash your hands and blot with a towel.
  • Very convenient for quick drying of varnish drying, which performs and protective functions. Such drying is also applied as a simple varnish. It creates a shiny, thin and instantly drying film on the nails. The fastest tool that allows the varnish to dry instantly is a special drying for nails with the words "express". Apply this coating with a thick layer, and after 2 minutes the varnish will dry.
  • To avoid long drying of the varnish, apply it with a thin layer. If the layer is not very dense, apply no more than 2 layers. But apply the second layer only when you make sure that the first layer has dried. Also, old varnishes dry for the longest time.

Beautifully made manicure gives hands a well-groomed and elegant. But to manicure did not cause unnecessary problems and bring pleasure, it is necessary to learn how to quickly dry. This can help as the simplest means for drying nail polish, and professional, used by masters in any beauty salon when creating perfect manicure.

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