How to quickly and correctly learn how to walk in high heels


The girl, smoothly and gracefully defiling on his heels, always attracts the eyes to herself. But not all ladies can boast such a gait. Fortunately, everything is fixable. There are a number of tips to help you figure out how to learn to walk in heels.

If you wear low heels or flat shoes all the time, then you may have trouble walking at altitude. But this is not a reason to abandon them, because often in the life of a woman events occur that simply can not do without a dress in the floor and high stilettos. Yes, and the ability to correctly and beautifully walk on heels will make you a confident woman. Or maybe your man will be much higher, and you will have to "grow up" a little bit to reach him at least to the shoulders. Or too low growth can give you discomfort, for which you will have to master heels. Anyway, in any case, every woman should be able to walk on them. Moreover, it is not so difficult.

We train the skill

How to learn to walk in heels?

So let's see how to learn to walk in high heels. A little practice - and you will certainly master this art.

  1. It is necessary to begin not immediately with tall hairpins, but with a small heel, and gradually increase the height. Try first to walk in those shoes in which you are comfortable, and carefully analyze the sensations. Of course, in comfortable shoes, we do not think about how to put your foot, where to move the weight, not afraid to lose balance, and so on. In the same way - without thinking - you should also walk in high heels.
  2. After the defile in the shoes on a low heel, take your recalcitrant cherevichki (the very high-heeled shoes). It is better if it is a stable heel, not a stud. But in the extreme case, it will do as well (you won’t buy several pairs of shoes for training).
  3. So, you are standing in heels. Straighten your back and watch her while you walk. Pull your head up. Remember this position and save it during the defile. Do not push your body forward - your weight (center of gravity) should be directly above your heels.
  4. Take a firm and confident step, holding your back and straightening your back knee. The leg should be thrown forward as it were. First comes the leg, then the body. That is, first throw out the leg, and then transfer weight to it. Do not forget about your knees and take care not to spring! Otherwise, you will look like a paralyzed grasshopper. Walking in heels should look natural. It is necessary to “come” on a straight (in the knee) leg.
  5. Do not make too big or, on the contrary, too small step.
  6. It is one thing to stand firmly and walk more or less tolerably, and quite another to defile, like a model. Of course, you should be disturbed by the thought of how to learn to walk beautifully in heels - that’s beautiful, not something. To do this, mentally draw a straight line in front of you (or, if you cannot imagine, put a long ribbon on the floor or orient yourself to the stripes on the laminate, linoleum, etc.). It is along this line that you have to go. The prints of your tracks should lie flat on this strip. Socks should be slightly to the side (right toe - right, left - left) and, holding this position, walk along the strip. Follow the line only with your eyes - in no case do not lower your head.
  7. As for the hips, do not focus on them. If you walk correctly, the thighs themselves “zavili” as it should.
  8. Try to follow all these rules together - and you will be provided with a stunning walk! And thinking about how to quickly learn to walk in heels, you should know that in this case, as in any other, training is important. The more you practice, the faster you will be able to drive men crazy with their gait.
  9. Strengthen your leg muscles in ways you like. The stronger the lower limbs, the easier it will be to walk in the "difficult" shoes.

Love your legs!

We must not only be interested in learning how to walk in heels, but also think about the health of our feet. Only women know what you feel when you take off such shoes - indescribable delight and happiness from the end of torture. After a hard day, during which you did not take off your heels, you must give your legs a rest.

  1. Arrange a douche for them or hold them in a basin with warm water (you can also pour in a little essential oil or pour in sea salt).
  2. Then wipe with a towel and spread with cream to relieve fatigue of the legs.
  3. Lie down for at least 10 minutes with your feet up.

How to quickly and correctly learn how to walk in high heels?

To heels are contraindicated?

Some women simply cannot imagine their life without heels. However, no matter how much you love them, if they are contraindicated, you should not neglect this. In the end, today there is no pronounced fashion for heels. On the contrary, almost all shoes are "in trend" - on a flat sole or on a low heel. So in what cases should you limit yourself to wearing heels?

  • With varicose veins. During walking, the load on the legs (and hence on the veins) increases greatly, and this can cause a complication.
  • With osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. A safe heel height that you can afford is 3-5 cm, and every extra centimeter increases the load on your back by 5 kg.
  • Women with aching joints in their legs. Of course, in the acute stage, you just can not stand on his heels. But in case of chronic disease, even short-term wearing of such shoes is not recommended, since the entire burden will fall on the joint with the thumb, and complications will not keep you waiting.
  • During pregnancy (II and III trimesters). Most likely, you and so will not have thought to wear high heels in the presence of a rather big belly. Indeed, during pregnancy, the back and without them aches and hurts due to the additional load in the form of a tummy. But high heels, figuratively speaking, will add you another belly.
  • It is not recommended to wear heels to very young girls. Since the spine is still forming (due to growth), incorrect or prolonged wearing of such shoes can cause its curvature and earn scoliosis or osteochondrosis. It is wiser to wear stiletto shoes on holidays and on special days, and wear more comfortable shoes in everyday life.

Some useful tips.

  • Doctors warn that walking in high heels is harmful. Therefore, try to wear such shoes as little as possible and no longer than 3 hours a day. Take frequent breaks. For example, if you have a sedentary job, you can take off your shoes in the office under the table, or in a restaurant, if this is not noticeable, pull off your shoes for the duration of the meal. In general, use the feet every minute.
  • If you are going to go somewhere in heels, make sure not to be late in advance. Then you do not have to rush headlong, smashing your walking skills in model shoes.
  • Wear only comfortable things (yes, shoes with heels can also be more or less comfortable!). If shoes or boots will press you hard, then with a beautiful gait, even with all the rules, you will have to say goodbye.

Now you know how to properly learn to walk on heels, which means that it is up to you. Try, try, train - and success will come. Soon you will, without making special efforts, gracefully walk and delight passers-by.