How to put hair of medium length with an iron and a

Creating a female image is a very delicate and painstaking work. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity strives for perfection. In addition to all sorts of accessories and clothing, we carefully choose what hairstyle to do, but sometimes everyday styling becomes a nightmare for us. Many modern girls prefer to wear medium-length haircuts.

We will tell you about how to put your hair of medium length in different ways, so that every day you bring only joy and happiness, and the people around you are delighted with your hairstyle.

How beautiful hair styled medium length: tips stylists

How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?

On the world's catwalks, and in everyday life, we often meet girls with medium hair length. It is easier to care for such hair, and it is easier to style. Styling methods and features of this process do not depend on what kind of haircut you did: bob, square or cascade. The main thing is to arm yourself with the necessary tools, cosmetics for styling and be patient. If the first time you did not manage to achieve the perfect result, do not despair, skill comes with time.

If you do not know how to put thin hair of medium length, or your curls lack volume, then get acquainted with the advice of experienced stylists, they will certainly help you to make a unique and beautiful styling:

  • hair of medium length, regardless of the hairstyle, can be laid using hair curlers, a straightener, a hair dryer with various nozzles, curling;
  • To add volume, use a special nozzle - a diffuser, or make a small basal pile;
  • it is enough to dry a daily hairstyle in the style of a car with a hairdryer, combing the hair in different directions;
  • for styling haircuts in the form of a cascade, you need to use a modeling mousse or gel to delineate the boundaries of the so-called ragged tips;
  • to maintain the shape of the haircut, periodically you need to cut off the hair;
  • medium-length hair requires the same care as other haircuts: be sure to use only special and cosmetics that are suitable for your hair type;
  • to create styling, use pins, hairpins, invisible, rubber bands;
  • if you use curlers or curling, the curls must be combed or disassembled with your fingers so that they look more voluminous;
  • the simpler and simpler the styling, the better, especially for a casual look.

Ironing rules

Basically, the rectifier (irons) are used by the fair sex, who have unruly or curly hair. This simple law always works: straight hair - curl, curly - straighten. If you want to make a perfectly smooth, smooth and shiny styling, follow the instructions and you will succeed:

  1. First of all, wash your hair thoroughly and apply a mask or balm that you use all the time.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  2. On wet hair, apply a special tool that will protect them during heat treatment.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  3. Using a comb with rare teeth and a hair dryer with a concentrating nozzle, dry the hair, slightly lifting them at the roots.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  4. Divide dry hair into several conditional zones and fix them with clips. Leave one part of the hair, start doing it with it.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  5. Heat the rectifier to the desired temperature. Then take a separate strand of hair and slide from root to tip with a straightener. Strong hair do not pull.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  6. Similarly, straighten all other strands of hair. At the last fit the top.

    How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  7. Take a brush or spoiler and thoroughly dry the hair with a hair dryer, slightly twisting the tips.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?
  8. Sprinkle the finished styling with fixing agent.How beautiful to pack hair of medium length?

What to do with bangs?

To wear a bang or not is a matter of taste. But if you still become the owner of a hairstyle with a bang of any type, you need to learn how to properly lay it. After you have thoroughly washed your hair, proceed to their styling. The total mass of hair, you can put a hairdryer or using curlers. But over the bangs have to work hard, especially if you have naughty or curly hair.

Take the instructions given by us as a basis, and then you will become the owner of the most elegant styling on medium-length hair with bangs:

  1. Separate the bang from the main part of the hair and fix it with a clip or stealth.
  2. Dry the main body of hair with a hair dryer or in a natural way, and then proceed to bang.
  3. Take a special mousse, spray or gel and apply it on the bangs. Pre-cosmetic is better to rub in the palms.How to pack medium length hair with bangs?
  4. Take a comb with rare teeth and, combing the fringe to one side, dry it with a hairdryer with a concentrating nozzle.How to pack medium length hair with bangs?
  5. Using the same comb, comb the fringe up, gently lifting it at the roots. Use cold air to fix the volume.How to pack medium length hair with bangs?
  6. Comb the bangs and sprinkle with fixing agent if necessary.How to pack medium length hair with bangs?

Hair dryer can cope with curly hair

The owners of natural curls incredibly lucky. They can look irresistible every day, while not using curling iron or hair curlers for curling hair. Stylists advise styling curly hair dryer. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to blow a hair of medium length:

  1. After you have washed your hair and slightly dried it with a towel, take a comb with occasional teeth and carefully comb it.How to style curly hair of medium length?
  2. Using brushing or a conventional massage brush, lightly comb the strands and blow-dry with a concentrating nozzle.How to style curly hair of medium length?
  3. Slightly wet hair, beat your fingers. You can tilt your head down, dropping all your hair towards your face. In this position, blow-dry the hair with cool air only to fix the desired volume.How to style curly hair of medium length?
  4. Spray dry hair with fixative.How to style curly hair of medium length?

Stylists and modern fashion offer a lot of haircuts for medium hair: from ragged or classic bean to an elegant cascade. To beautifully pack medium hair, you need to follow the rules that you have learned in this article. With styling, you can create an extraordinary casual and elegant evening look.

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