How to protect the skin in winter


Every girl in winter faces a problem like protect your skin in the cold and cope with such natural circumstances as: wind, dry air, low temperature. In fact, if you properly care for your skin, you can protect it from exposure to harmful factors. Even natural beauty requires constant work and work on yourself, so it is important for you to learn take care of your skin at any time of the year, and she will thank you with a young and fresh look. How to do it, read on.

Remember the basic rule: protective or moisturizing face cream should be applied to the skin no later than half an hour before leaving the house, otherwise, you may face troubles in the form of redness, peeling or spider veins on your face. Cosmetologists call this time, because it’s in half an hour that the beneficial properties of the cream will be absorbed into the skin, and the moisture balance in the cells is optimally distributed. Leather It is an independent body that is responsible for the regulation of water in all layers. This organ is so arranged that in the deepest layer of moisture the most, and as it approaches the upper layer, the amount of water in the skin decreases. Also, the moisture content is closely related to weather conditions - humidity and air temperature. AT winter season the skin has to lose a lot of moisture, sucking it out of all layers. So, when we use a protective cream, then there is a stabilization of moisture in the skin. The lower layers are saturated with water, and the outer ones evaporate excess moisture, so when using the cream in cold weather, the skin will not be covered with frost in the frost.

But, applying only one moisturizer, you will not get rid of all the problems that may be in the winter. Other dangers also lie in wait for us: room heating, sudden changes in temperature and the wind that burns the face, which do not affect the delicate skin of the face in the most favorable way. What is the way out of this situation? Can you put up with everything, or not go out at all in winter? Of course not, there is a better way. In cold weather, our skin is in need of oxygen and you should make sure that it receives it in sufficient quantity. Ventilate your room before going to bed or sleep with the window slightly open, then your cells will be updated faster when fresh air arrives.

There is another good way to maintain the humidity in the room. When you go to bed, put a bowl of water near the bed, this way the air will be filled with moisture and smooth fine wrinkles, and the complexion will become more healthy. You can add a few drops of lavender oil in a bowl of water - this will ensure you have a good restful sleep. In the morning you will rise fresh and rested, which will give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.

Also once a week spoil your skin various masks. Just pick it up according to your skin type. With oily skin good kefir mask: take one article. a spoon of yogurt and mix with one article. spoon of cottage cheese; apple-protein mask: one apple is grated on a grater and mixed with egg white.

With normal skin Yolk-oil mask will do: you mix one yolk with a teaspoon of glycerin, add one grated apple, and also a mask from kefir: one article. spoon and yogurt.

Owners dry skin This mask is recommended: half of raw egg yolk, two teaspoons of apple, lemon or grapefruit juice, two teaspoons of not very fat cottage cheese and one tsp of sunflower or olive oil. All the ingredients are mixed, applied to the skin of the face, wait for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with cool water and moisturize the skin with cream.

With any skin useful banana mask: about a third of a banana knead, add a spoonful of cream for the skin, a few drops of lemon and vegetable oil. Hold 15 minutes. This mask is good because the banana contains a lot of vitamin A, and it also perfectly moisturizes the skin.

There is another fairly simple winter skin care secret. Ever heard of a snow massage? In addition to the pleasant and somewhat unusual sensations, this procedure will double the effect of the masks and leave a pleasant pinkish color on your skin. Want to know how to do this? There is nothing complicated here: you take a small piece of snow and wrap it up with a gauze napkin, for a few minutes you gently massage the skin in the direction from the neck to the forehead. Such massage increases blood circulation, and the cells due to this quickly restored.

I think now you understand that the health and beauty of your skin is in your own hands. You can follow these principles, or you can invent your skin care recipes and combine them. And also stick to a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, remember cold skin care tips - nutrition and hydration, and then your skin will always be in excellent condition.

Especially for - Natella