How to properly sunbathe in the solarium

Tanning salons are one of the most actively used means to obtain a tanning effect. The difference between the sun tan, that is, what we get from exposure to ultraviolet rays on our skin, and tan in the solarium is not. It looks equally smooth and saturated. And in the time of saving the effect, too, does not differ.

How to properly sunbathe in the solarium?

How to properly sunbathe in the solarium?

The duration of one stay in the solarium should not exceed a time interval from several minutes to half an hour. It is recommended to sunbathe in the solarium only twice in one calendar year. Each time involves a whole group of sessions. This group, by the number of procedures, ranges from fifteen to twenty.

Most often, beauty salons that offer you a quick tan in a tanning salon, recommend their visitors to take a course of eight to ten sessions and maintain an interval of one day between them.

All these figures are different depending on the specific situation. The situation refers to the type of tanning bed, the type of human skin, as well as many other factors that affect the correct determination of the time interval for a tanning session.

A good salon should approach each client individually. If you want to sunbathe in the solarium without harm to the health of the body and the condition of your skin, then follow the quality of service that you offer. Feel free to ask questions on topics of interest or concerns to you.

Why do you need a personal approach for literate tanning?

All people are different. We have different hair color, eyes, behavior, as well as different skin types. Each skin type requires its own individual tanning program. It includes the selection of cosmetic products for tanning, the determination of the power of the lamps and the optimal residence time under the artificial sun.

Before a session in the solarium

Before visiting the tanning bed, the skin must be cleaned. You do not need perfumes and decorative cosmetics, which will create a problem for acquiring an even bronze skin tone. It is not enough to just wash, it is important to take a shower or bath. It is necessary to wash off the results of the process of sweating, skin contamination and cosmetics, and then resort to means with the effect of peeling. This is necessary to remove dead skin particles and dead cells.

Purified skin will take on the tanning effect better, and the result of the procedures will last longer. In beauty salons you will be offered special tools for tanning. They are the most purified of excess chemical components. They are used to prevent the effect of dryness and tightness of the skin.

Before a session in the solarium is not enough to just close your eyes. To prevent harmful effects on them, use special glasses. They prevent retinal burns, cataracts and night blindness. Glasses not only protect the eyelids, but also create shading of the skin on the face.

The skin of the lips also needs protection. For nebyli all kinds of balms are developed.

For the chest, be sure to use special stickers. They are simply necessary, since this part of the body is supplied with a multitude of nerve endings.

A cap for hair is also an indispensable condition. The thing is that the hair in both the scorching open sun and in the solarium fade and dry out. Lack of protection leads to deterioration of the hair structure. They become brittle and lifeless in appearance.

Tattoos and permanent makeup will have to be covered, because they can fade or cause allergies under the influence of radiation.

Before visiting the solarium, and after it is not recommended for a long time to be under the influence of sunlight. It is better to put on enough clothes that will cover and protect your skin. The distance from the lamps to your body can not be less than thirty centimeters.

After a session in the solarium

Some people use their creams and after-sun lotions in tanning salons. Taking a bath or taking a shower after a solarium is not prohibited. Doctors recommend immediately following the procedure to lie down a bit and relax. The need for rest due to the load on the body, which he experienced during a visit to the solarium.

If you feel bad, you feel a sharp strong fatigue and indisposition, then you should consult a doctor.

The most important thing

The most important thing in a competent tanning with the help of a solarium is not special care products before and after the procedures and not the characteristics of the device (although this is also not unimportant), but how competent and qualified specialist you are. Much depends on him: the selection of methods of tanning, the definition of time limits. For all this, you need to correctly determine the type of skin. This is what the competent personnel of beauty salons and clinics that you will visit in order to acquire the effect of bronze skin in a solarium is necessary as air. If there was no such need, we ourselves would be able to learn how to use devices for tanning. Lie down, stand or sit as you please! Yes, but this is not correct and we resort to the salons for help.

The skin type can be determined independently.

First type

Skin: pink and white.

Hair: blond or red.

Reaction to tan: quick burns. After the session, reddening of the skin is observed, and there is no tan.

Second type

Skin: white.

Hair: light brown or brown.

Reaction to tanning: Tanning will be quick.

Third type

Skin: dark.

Hair: dark blond or brown.

Reaction to sunburn: the risk of burn is very small. The effect will come gradually from procedure to procedure. Tan color is enhanced.

Fourth type

Skin: dark.

Hair: brown or black.

Reaction to tan: tan will be very fast and well noticeable. A rich bronze skin tone is provided.

Funds for tanning in a tanning salon are not the same. They are usually divided into three types.

Types of products used for tanning:

  • Developers will help your skin to quickly get the desired effect of bronze skin. They will start the tanning process as well as possible. With what, tell me? Means of this type contain such chemical active substances that contribute to the production of melanin. Accordingly, the skin pigmentation is enhanced and is accelerated.
  • Activators will enhance the already obtained tanning effect. A visit to the solarium will not be in vain. These tools improve blood circulation. After their application, red spots appear on the skin, but quickly disappear.
  • Fixers speak for themselves. They fix the skin tone obtained in a tanning bed. Apply these tools after the procedure. Some of them have a cooling effect. This is very important because, although you were not exposed to sunlight, you exposed your skin to almost the same heat as after the sun.

Cosmetics must include antioxidants. They neutralize the harm of exposure to which you have been exposed to while getting a tan. The topic of tools used for tanning, it is important to study. Since sunbathing in a tanning bed correctly means resorting to all the necessary elements of protecting your skin.

Selection of cosmetics occurs individually. In this process, you can not only include a cosmetologist and a dermatologist. He will tell you which chemical formulations should be avoided. The most important thing in any case is moderation! Do not forget about it.

Sometimes there are situations related to the fact that a person gets a quick tan in a tanning salon at once in several beauty salons, as the specialists of one salon (if they really are experts) have limited it during the visit. Such a way to catch up is not right. This is a disastrous approach.

Types of tanning salons

Modern technologies are far ahead. The market proposes to use three types of tanning beds to choose from.

  • Sedentary. They differ in that instead of the cover they use transparent reflective panels. These panels look like transparent plates with a special coating. Often these types of tanning beds are equipped with massages for the back and leg area.
  • Lying down. They are also called tunnel. Characterized by the presence of air conditioning and cooling. Provided with a control panel that allows you to change the power of the front lamp. Blood circulation in this solarium is not broken.
  • Vertical. As a rule, they are distinguished by their power. A session of ten minutes is quite enough in this form of tanning.

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