How to properly stack


Hair, having a shortened length, require compliance with certain rules of styling, which will help to emphasize your beautiful eyes and face shape.

How to properly stack?

Car care rules

  1. In order to properly stack the car at home, for the beginning make a parting, straight or oblique. Then lay the bang and fix it with varnish. Before you dry your hair, apply the gel or foam on wet hair. If you use a hair dryer, twist the ends of the strands with a brush.
  2. You can make strands curly by spraying wet hair on curlers. When removing the curlers, apply a small amount of gel or wax on the strands. At the end, make a side parting and fix it with varnish.

Styling tips for styling

Stylists offer their rules for proper styling.

  • After washing your head, you need to put mousse on wet hair.
  • To dry hair, having inclined down the head.
  • After drying the hair, apply wax, gel or just water to highlight the strands.

How to properly stack?

  • To twist the ends of the hair inside, straighten them with a flat iron, arching in the opposite direction.
  • For variety, you can make the strands less twisted or more.

Types of styling

There are several types of styling - this is a natural “light” styling, with playful strands, styling with a round bang, simple symmetry, styling “claws”. Depending on your mood and the upcoming event, you can choose one of the styles.

Natural styling "light"

Hair should be wet, apply gel. Hair should be divided into a side parting. We take large hair curlers and wind wide strands on them. This will help create volume. Start with a strand from the forehead. After the hair is dry, the curlers need to be removed and the hair combed. At the same time, you need to straighten the strands on the sides and bangs with an iron, and twist its end to the outside.

How to properly stack?

Laying with playful strands

Take styling foam to create volume, rub it into wet hair and make a slanting device. Hair that is closer to the neck, you need to twist a round wide brush out. Then the hair should be strand by strand inward to style, starting from the back of the head. They need to be fixed with the help of warm air. Using wax, place your hair tips with your fingers.

Round bang laying

To create this styling hair must be wet. Take a wax or mousse and apply on hair. Parting, start from the bottom to wind the hair, which is located on the sides, on the curlers. Then the hair will dry, remove the curlers, and comb your hair with a brush. Do not forget to lay a lock of hair behind your ear and sprinkle with varnish.

Laying "Simple Symmetry"

You will need a cream for straightening. Then straighten your hair, starting with the bangs. Hair at the same time need a bit to delay. Next, take a comb with cloves often and comb your hair into a straight parting part. At the end, comb your bangs. If you want to hold the bang, fix it with varnish, only at the very end.

How to properly stack?

Laying "claws"

Apply the foam on wet hair and make a slanting device. The hair growing at the back of the neck, you need to curl on a round brush, twisting out. But the hair at the top spinning inside. To give your hair strands a claw shape, take a wax and use your fingers to lay the ends of your hair.

Styling Accessories

The presence of accessories diversifies your styling caret. Match accessories to the color of your outfits. For an evening reception, you can release strands of hair from two sides, curling them in locks. The remaining hair collect in a bun, and fix all varnish. Any styling can be done with accessories.

Having such a hairstyle as a four of a kind, you should wear it correctly every day so that it always remains flawless and beautiful. And she will always emphasize your beauty and youth.