How to pierce your ears at home

Already from the youngest years, girls want to look beautiful, so many mothers pierce their ears to make this process as painless as possible. In the presence of a large number of specialized rooms, where the beautician will pierce your ears, many of us do not have time to go there and decide to pierce the ears on our own.

But, despite the fact that ear piercing has become an integral part of our life, you should still be careful during this procedure, especially if you decide to pierce your ears without the help of a doctor.

What do you need for self-piercing ears?

Before you begin the process of ear piercing, prepare a thick sewing needle, earrings made of surgical steel or gold, ice, green, hydrogen peroxide, boric alcohol or medical alcohol, cotton swabs, cotton wool, cotton swabs. Do not forget to read all the recommendations that will help prepare for piercing and tell you how to properly care for your ears after piercing. All this will help prevent possible complications that may arise after piercing the ears.

How to pierce your ears at home?

To begin with, soak the earrings in alcohol, and the needle, which you will do with the punctures, must also be disinfected in alcohol. Take a thick, straight needle with a sharp tip for piercing. After that, moisten the cotton wool in alcohol and wipe the entire ear, especially carefully the puncture site. Then start piercing. Insert the needle at a right angle strictly, not at random, but gently straight. After that, pull out the needle and, after smearing the earring with alcohol, insert it into the ear. Now wipe the puncture site with alcohol and then with hydrogen peroxide again.

It is customary to pierce the ears closer to the face and not in the middle of the earlobe. If you have a desire to make punctures in other places, then mark them better with a cotton swab and green, before piercing, this will help not to be mistaken with the place of puncture.

Ears care after a puncture at home

After you put on the earrings you should not take them off for at least 3 weeks, it is best not to touch them for 3 months.The puncture site will be at the healing stage for a long time, so it can be easily damaged if the ears are disturbed by constant removal and putting on of the earrings. No less important will be the observance in the first weeks of the procedure for the care of ear piercing. To do this, be sure to wipe them daily with a solution of medical or boric alcohol. Repeat this procedure at least 4 times a day.

To avoid germs or infection, take a disposable, separate cotton swab for each ear. To protect your ears from burns with alcohol, it is not necessary to rub it strongly into the lobe, it will be enough to attach for 5 seconds to the place where the puncture is. In the first days after piercing, the ears may become slightly swollen and ache. If after 4 days the pain and swelling does not pass, then you should consult a doctor to help relieve inflammatory symptoms.

How to pierce your ears yourself: precommendations

  • Wash your head before piercing your ears. This will help prevent dirt and dust from entering the puncture site.
  • After you have pierced your ears, try not to wash your head for as long as possible and especially not to swim in open water bodies, rivers and lakes.
  • When you start washing your head, you should not wet your ears for as long as possible, so it is better to tilt your head back and proceed with washing your hair very carefully.
  • It is advisable to change the pillowcase on a pillow 5 times a week to prevent microbes from entering the puncture site.
  • To avoid pain during piercing, before this you can attach a piece of ice to the ear lobe for 10 seconds It is necessary to wait, when the ear will grow a little bit, now it is possible to pierce ears.
  • After piercing the ears, try to limit the time of using the phone., as it can be a source of infection that can get into the puncture of the ears.

Selection of earrings for ear piercing at home

No less important point will be, and the choice of earrings to pierce the ears. Previously, it was decided to insert surgical threads, not earrings. If you use surgical threads, they need to be left for a few days, and only then wear the earrings. Now you can immediately put on earrings, only to give preference should not be too heavy, without precious stones, weighing no more than 2 grams and best of all, if they are in the form of a loop. Also do not immediately wear earrings with precious metals, with a helical rod which can damage the hole itself.

It is best to opt for light gold or silver earrings with a clasp, which is located below, not too close to the earlobe. Earrings are better not to remove the month 2, it will help punctures heal faster. Choosing the right earrings will help avoid ear injury. You shouldn’t touch your ears, twist, move earrings very often, otherwise ear inflammation can be provoked.

Ear piercing has become commonplace for every woman from a very young age when mothers pierce their daughters ears (if you decide to pierce the ears of a child, the article tips will help you. When is it better to pierce the ears of a child?). If you decide to pierce the ears of your daughter or yourself, remember that there are a lot of nerve endings in the ear and they can be damaged if you make a wrong move. Therefore, piercing your ears, be focused and attentive, or do contact a medical professional who can help.

Earrings decorate the image of a woman, so do not refuse to pierce the ears if you can not go to the reception to a professional beautician. You just need to learn how to pierce them properly and care for them after a puncture.

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