How to paint your nails on feng shui

Feng Shui - the ancient Chinese teachings about the flow of energy that helps a person live, create and achieve the desired. According to this teaching, love, health, success, luck, happiness, and money can be brought into the house, but for this to happen it is necessary to harmonize the atmosphere of the house, and a trend has recently appeared that is not only her. Now it is believed that to attract everything that you want, you can and with the help of a manicure, made by Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Manicure

The peculiarity of manicure by Feng Shui is that, as a rule, only two nails are painted with a different color, and all the rest - with one color.

How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

Usually differ from all the ring and middle finger. According to the concepts adopted in astrology, ring finger characterizes the energy of the sun, attracting all other planets as well middle finger belongs to the planet Saturn, which is considered a symbol of creative inspiration, a successful career and business. Selecting them with a different color contributes to the fact that by constantly stopping a glance at them, a woman subconsciously begins to stimulate the sphere of love and career in her life.. The power of the Sun and Saturn together influence the woman to become more successful, desired and loved by men.

But each finger on Feng Shui is associated with certain events, emotions, negative and positive aspects of character and has its own value, so you can select the finger that you need right now.

Feng Shui Manicure Rules

How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

  • Color accents are usually made on the fingers of the right hand, as it is giving away. As you know, the more you give, the more you get.
  • It is equally important to choose matching colors of nail polish. Colors can belong to the same color scheme, and can be completely opposite, creating a contrast. But they must create harmony, so a manicure will attract attention, and not seem vulgar.
  • To Fancy nails, should determine your element, the color that you need, and the result for which you decided to do such a kind of manicure.

Fingers value of fingers

How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

For convenience, we will start the listing with right hand.

  1. Thumb is associated with victories, cash wins, mental activity, good deals.
  2. The index finger activates discontent and selfishness.
  3. The middle finger is responsible for insults, mutual dissatisfaction, quarrels and anger.
  4. Ring finger - this is dating, love, friendships.
  5. The little finger is responsible for peace of mind, harmony, family ties, and well-being.

Left hand:

  1. The thumb is responsible for hope, anxiety, small misunderstandings.
  2. The index finger is associated with uncertainty, trauma, fear, and unnecessary risk.
  3. The middle finger is associated with sensuality and recriminations.
  4. Unnamed - this is loneliness, sadness, separation, separation, regret.
  5. The little finger activates flattery, gossip, deception, pretense, loss and betrayal.

How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

The value of the color of varnish on Feng Shui

The choice of color influences how you want to surround yourself.

  • White color fits any woman. It is a symbol of justice, perfection, innocence, peace and goodness.
  • Yellow is the color of the sun.. A symbol of joy, inner harmony, fun. It is associated with intellectual activity, it is very necessary for the thought process, and in intellectual spheres to achieve success. It instills vitality and optimism, and even is able to improve the activity of the body.
  • Apricot soothes the soul, creates a good mood, adjusts to communication, helps to establish harmony in the family.
  • Orange colorrefers to sociability and openness. It heals from pessimism and depression, activates and fills with energy.
  • Goldstrengthens the psyche and physical strength of man.
  • Lemon color relieves stress and helps communication between people.

Feng Shui Manicure

  • Pinksuppresses aggression and gives femininity.
  • Red- it is the color of passion, brightness, power, courage and beauty. It symbolizes fun, joy and happiness.
  • Purple color- symbol of power and strength.
  • Green symbolizes life itself. He teaches not to fall under the influence of others and develops ambition. Green is the world and many children. It helps to increase confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • Turquoise- color of wealth. It strengthens the immune system, relieves irritability and fatigue, soothes.
  • Bluegives balance. Helps to focus, collect thoughts and tune in to work.
  • Blue - it is spiritual elevation and purity. It suppresses aggression, eliminates negative emotions, calms. Stimulates creative energy and relieves pain.
  • Violet characterizes secrets and celebration. It embodies deep knowledge and intuition, creates harmony in the environment. Calms and awakens the energy of the subconscious.
  • Graygives practicality and prudence.
  • Light brown colorforms a feeling of calm and warmth.

How to paint nails on Feng Shui?

How to choose the color of lacquer on Feng Shui?

Each element has its own color range, so choose the color of lacquer, considering whether it fits your element. The last digit of the year of birth defines your item. For example, if you were born in 1982, your element is water.0.1 - metal, 2.3 - water, 4.5 - wood, 6.7 - fire, 8.9 - earth.

  1. the fire- Give preference to red color, its shades and any bright colors. Also suitable for fire wood elements.
  2. Tree- Use more often varnish from the gamut of green color. The blue and blue palette and black color are also great. You can make a manicure with engravings, drawings, ornaments or just plain.
  3. For land A palette of yellow and brown colors will do. The basic shades for the earth are beige. You can also use red or pink lacquer.
  4. Metal - Use metallic shades and white color more often. Yellow and brown color will also look good.
  5. For water all colors are suitable: from pale blue to black. Look great lacquers chameleon, metallic or white shades.

How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

Feng Shui teaching teaches the search for balance, but deciding to make up your nails according to the meaning of colors and fingers, remember that you should like the color.

To activate the desired things in your life, you should enjoy the contemplation of your manicure, otherwise there will be disharmony, which will lead to a diametrically opposite result.

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