How to paint eyes with eyeliner


Beautiful, expressive, alluring and fascinating look - who among women does not dream of owning such a person? Eyes - the most expressive part of the face. If you look at any cover of a glossy magazine, the first thing that catches your eye is the look of the model. He is always highlighted and seems to fascinate the observer. This effect is in most cases achieved by the correct use of eyeliner, which is responsible for enhancing their color, depth, creation of expressiveness and mystery.

What is eyeliner for?

Despite the naturalness and minimal use of make-up that is now returning to the fashion world, proper use of make-up tools can help in solving really serious aesthetic problems.

Eye liner functions

Eyeliner - liquid or solid, of any color - will help to visually lift too hung eyelid. It is able to emphasize a beautiful and unusual eye shape, even create the effect of dark and thick eyelashes.

Eyeliner is required to complete the selected image.. But in order for it to perfectly perform its functions, it is necessary to learn how to use it correctly.

How to learn to use hard liner?

  • First, pick up the eyeliner to the selected image of makeup. Do not immediately acquire a liquid eyeliner. It helps to create clear lines, but any error and unevenness will be noticeable on them. Liquid eyeliner is very difficult to use and requires certain skills, so choose a solid eyeliner of the desired color..
  • It is necessary to draw a line from the middle of the century, for this you need a soft pencil. Hold it to the eye at an angle and begin to lead the line. Extend it beyond the contour, this will lengthen the incision of the eyes. Adjust the intensity and thickness of the liner by pressing the pencil. Stretch the arrow slightly, it will make the eyeliner softer. After that, apply a lengthening mascara on the eyelashes, which will help to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.
  • To make up turned out brighter, the arrow must be led from the inner corner of the eye. After it is made, it needs to be shaded with a wet applicator. This will help give depth and saturation to color. Top need to apply a thin layer of solid liner. If you use some kind of cosmetic product in the form of a gel or cream, take a small amount of eyeliner and closer to your eyelashes, spend a century on the edge of the brush. The arrows must be symmetrical.

How to learn to use liner?

If you want to get a clear and thin line, it is better to use a liquid eyeliner. It so happens that the brush in such an eyeliner is not very convenient to use, so you can buy another one. If an uneven line is applied, it can be repaired before it has dried. Then the tip of the applicator to grind the arrow, it will become wider and will look neater.

How to paint eyes with liquid eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is applied with a thin brush, pointed at the end.Such an eyeliner lasts longer and creates the impression of fluffy eyelashes and expressive eyes. It helps to hide the edges, if you use false eyelashes.

  • To make it easier to apply liquid eyeliner, take a large mirror and select the lighted room. Powder the eyelid lightly. Throw back the head and gently stretch the eyelid with your hand. Make the contour from the inside of it.
  • The contour with a thin line lead to the outer edge of the eye. To make the line clear and level, place your hand on a hard surface.
  • To make it easier, if you can’t draw a straight line, you can draw several thin lines just above the edge of your eyelashes. Now put together the touches.
  • To irregularities and strokes were not noticeable, draw a line on the very edge of the growth of eyelashes. To make the eye contour even more expressive, draw a few extra strokes along the outer edge of the eye. The inner contour should be barely noticeable and thin. The eye should be opened only after 7 seconds. Do the same thing with the other eye.
  • In order to avoid inaccurate strokes or stains, first apply a liquid eyeliner, and then shade and paint eyelashes. To make the contours natural, blend the outer contour with shadows. You can draw a contour on the edge of the lower eyelid, but such make-up may not be suitable, so see if it makes the look more expressive, if not, then lightly blend it or erase it.

Recommendations when using eyeliner

  • Choose cosmetics very carefully.If you buy an eyeliner without looking at the manufacturer, and only focus on its beautiful appearance, you can get a product that will disappoint. Having dried, such an eyeliner will lay down in ugly pieces, lose its luster and just begin to crumble. In this case, you have to pick up the liner of a well-known company.

How to paint eyes with a pencil

  • To better apply eyeliner, do it before you put the shadow. This will help in case of unsuccessful application of eyeliner not to correct the entire makeup. After the shadows are cast, another layer of liner should be made, so the contour will become much sharper.
  • Eyelids before applying eyeliner is better to degrease, for this wiping them with a tonic. For those who have oily skin, it is better to apply a thin layer of a tool that prevents the spread of makeup. Powder eyelid and can apply eyeliner.

To make-up was perfect, you must be able to properly apply such an important part of it, as eyeliner. A beautifully applied eyeliner will help to hide visual defects, improve makeup, emphasize the beauty and depth of the eyes, make the look irresistible. To learn how to apply beautiful arrows, read the article How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes ?.