How to paint eyes with a pencil


In order to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, makeup artists use a pencil. With it, you can give the look expressiveness, give the shape of the eye a different shape, adjust the makeup as a whole.

But many women do not know how to use a pencil correctly. Let's learn!

Clarity of lines with a pencil

  • First of all, keep eyeliner always sharp. This is the first step towards clear lines. The lines drawn with a sharp pencil will be thin, of equal width throughout its length. In addition, there will be no blurring and blurring.
  • Second one the line needs to be drawn in one motion, without stops and hitches. So it turns out smooth. For beginners, it takes time to draw a line to draw lines.
  • To give the look of depth and expressiveness, try to draw lines as close as possible to the eyelashes. When leading the upper eyelid line, it is advisable to draw a line with honey by the cilia. This is a very difficult thing, so often they first draw a thin, clear line as close as possible to the eyelashes, and then darken the space between the adjacent cilia. The eye pencil has an advantage over the eyeliner, primarily because draw the space between the cilia, a glance after this will become attractive and especially expressive.
  • Many women draw arrows in pencil. That is, emphasizing the line of the upper eyelid, they extend the line a little further. Makeup artists advise the line arrows slightly start up.

  • How about double arrows coming from the upper and lower eyelids? It is also possible, but in this case, the lower eyelid arrow is drawn shorter than the upper arrow and also leads slightly upwards.
  • Sometimes the lines of the upper eyelid and the lower converge. This technique in make-up is used for visual lengthening of the eyes. In this case, the entire space from the point of contact of the lines to the inner corner of the eyes (in a word, the corner of the eye) is carefully painted over with a pencil.

How to change the shape of the eyes with a pencil?

Some women are not completely satisfied with the shape of their eyes. One would like to lengthen them. Another is to increase a little. To fulfill these desires will help eyeliner.

  • If you have narrow eyes, then you can not draw arrows. It is better to select the inner corner of the eye and move the upper eyelid.
  • Arrows suitable for close-set eyes. With the help of arrows eyes are lengthened. Ideal arrows for round eyes.
  • To visually reduce the eyes, draw a pencil line from the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer edge and move the upper eyelid completely.
  • The inner corners of the eyes must be well marked with a pencil to those whose eyes are far set.
  • With close eyes set underline the upper eyelid with a pencil from the middle to the outer corner and draw arrows.
  • If you have an outer corner of the eye below the inner, lowered, it is necessary to visually lift it with the help of arrows, which bend upwards.
  • If you have an outer corner of the eye higher than the inner, elevated, then we return it to the place, summing up only the upper eyelid with a pencil.

How to draw a pencil arrow?

Few people know that arrows draw in different ways, and they can also change our eyes. For ordinary eyes, arrows can be either double or go separately completely from the upper or lower eyelid.

  • With small eyes The arrow starts from the middle of the upper eyelid and leads further and slightly upwards.
  • Round eyes slightly visually correct, you can thicken the arrow on the outer edge.
  • Wide-set eyes decorate the line drawn in several layers. A thick arrow along the upper eyelid visually brings the eyes together.
  • Other subtleties are described in the article How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes ?.

How to paint eyes with a black pencil?

Black eyeliner is the leader among the remaining eyeliners. It is considered universal, because it can be used in any make-up, both evening and day. Absolutely any colors of shadows will suit him.

However, there are several tricks that every woman should know:

  • To give your eyes extra brightness with black pencil, you should emphasize the line of the upper eyelid.
  • If you draw a black pencil line of the lower eyelid, then the eyes will become visually larger.
  • The inner corner of the eye, let down by a black pencil, reduces the eyes. But the outer corner, highlighted in black pencil - increases.

How to paint eyes with a white pencil?

With a white pencil story is separate. Some women manage to spoil the entire makeup with it, using it incorrectly.

Let's note that white color enlarges the eye only if it is in the hands of skilled people.

  • White color refreshes the eye, removes signs of fatigue, returns shine and clarity to the eyes.
  • White pencil should be purchased for women with close-set eyes.. With it, you can visually expand the distance between the eyes. To do this, circle the lines of the inner corners of the eyes and blend them a little. For the best effect, apply some shadows on the inner corners on top of the pencil and shade.
  • Eye fatigue will remove the line drawn in white pencil along the lower eyelid. This technique will help return the look of freshness and brilliance.

Do not forget about the intricacies of using eyeliner in makeup! Having learned how to properly use black and white eyeliners, as well as draw arrows, you can always visually give your eyes a slightly different shape. With the help of a pencil, you can eliminate the flaws of the eyes, give the look extra shine, expressiveness and playfulness.