How to paint eyebrows with shadows


The perfect image of a woman is impossible without good eye and eyebrow makeup. We used to adjust the latter with tweezers and a pencil, but not all represent how to paint eyebrows with shadows. Meanwhile, this simple procedure has its advantages. It will allow you to follow the capricious fashion and be always on top.

Is it better to paint eyebrows with pencil or shadows?

Is it better to paint eyebrows with pencil or shadows?

Many women use a special pencil for eyebrow makeup. This method cannot be denied a low cost, but it is extremely laborious and not very effective:

  • It is difficult to choose the shade of a pencil so that it looks as natural as possible;
  • every day you have to draw hairs;
  • the paint is peeling off, and you have to tint your brows during the day.

These problems can be avoided if you know how to properly shade eyebrows. This method has several advantages:

  • the result will be as natural as possible, as the cosmetics can be shaded;
  • it is possible to operate with matte or glossy shades depending on the purpose for which the shadows are applied (daily makeup or, for example, a photo session);
  • The result obtained is easy to fix with cosmetic gel or wax, so that the shadows do not crumble.

When makeup material is selected, it remains to create a reference image with the help of cosmetics.

How to paint eyebrows shadows step by step?

We start painting. To make the eyebrows beautiful, you need these tools:

  • hair removal tweezers;
  • shadows of the desired shade;
  • comb for eyebrows (it is perfectly replaced by a brush from under mascara);
  • scissors;
  • a cotton swab or swab to apply shadows;
  • gel or wax for fixation.

A procedure that describes how to shadow eyebrows in stages, will include the following steps:

  1. Comb your eyebrows by brushing or brushing against the direction of the hairs.
  2. If the hairs are too long, trim them with nail scissors.
  3. Brush or cotton pad to put the shadow.
  4. Again, comb the eyebrows along the hairs, removing excess shadows. Do not seek to impose immediately a thick layer: do it gradually.
  5. Above the eyebrows make a light narrow band to make your eyes look more expressive.
  6. Secure makeup with wax or gel.
  7. Sometimes it happens that in the process of work the shadows pour on the face. Carefully remove their cosmetic disc, slightly brushed to the side.

Learning to use wax and shadows: basic secrets

How to paint eyebrows with wax and shadows?

First you need to choose the color of the shadows and the shape of the eyebrows, which are ideally suited for you. Act based on the basic rules:

  • if the eyes and lips are small, eyebrows should be made thin, otherwise they will create disharmony on the face;
  • with coarse eyebrows, you need to make elongated and wide;
  • shortened and lifted up tips will make the face look younger;
  • if a woman has a round face, the eyebrow arches should be slightly curved in the middle;
  • shortened lines will help to round off and make less visible a thick chin;
  • do not try to round eyebrows down: this form is old and creates a pitiful image. If the arcs have this appearance from nature, it is necessary to pull out the excess hairs and finish in the right direction;
  • brunettes are better off choosing shades a tone lighter to create contrast;
  • blondes should darken their eyebrows, and redheads should use brown shades;
  • Do not use black: it makes the image vulgar;
  • if the eyes are close to each other, apply a lighter shade on the inside of the eyebrows;
  • to emphasize the curvature of the arc, the middle of the eyebrows should be made darker;
  • it is not necessary to thin the eyebrows much: it is enough to remove the hairs in the lower part;
  • if you apply a foundation or powder on your face, it is better to carry out this procedure before painting the eyebrows;
  • to get the desired color of the shadows, it is not necessary to go shopping in search of the desired shade. Mix a few colors from the cosmetics in your home.

Following these simple rules, you can easily cope with the task of how to paint eyebrows with shadows. This method is ideal if the hairs on the brow arches are gray and can not be colored with a pencil. Shadows perfectly eliminate the flaw and create an attractive image.

The procedure for applying shadows does not take much time. But you need to make it neatly, because the negligent treatment of cosmetics will make your appearance vulgar and untidy. Be attentive to the choice of shades. This is your image: it is he who is able to represent you to others - let him create the best impression about you!