How to paint eyebrows with a pencil

Every woman who does makeup every day or only on holidays necessarily has a special eyebrow pencil in her beautician. Women of any type of appearance use it: both brunettes, and blondes, and fiery-red beauties. With a pencil, you can give your eyebrows a smooth and clear look.

Skillfully made eyebrows are best of all underlined expressiveness of beautiful and mysterious eyes of the woman. But the pencil should be used correctly, otherwise, instead of successfully completed makeup, you can finally spoil the whole look. Each business has its own subtleties and nuances.

How to choose a pencil for eyebrows?

To achieve the perfect visual effect, you need to choose a brow pencil correctly. At the very beginning, buy a brow pencil at a cosmetic store. In order to properly make eyebrows, it is best to take a pencil hard. It is better to refuse to use a soft pencil, otherwise, you make up your eyebrows too much, making them unnatural.

Choose it to be darker than your hair shade and a little lighter mascara. Pencil, before you start to paint eyebrows, should be well sharpened. This will help make clear and even strokes. If possible, choose only good quality pencils that are intended only for eyebrows.

How beautiful eyebrows make up a pencil?

Do not forget to buy an eyebrow brush. Instead of a special brush, use a brush from an old mascara washed. Eyebrows are hair, and they also need to be combed. Before you start coloring eyebrows, comb them, giving the desired shape and direction of the hairs. Paint your brows with strokes along the hairline.

If the color of the eyebrows is saturated, paint with a pencil only a part of the eyebrow, where the hair is small. At the same time raise the middle of the eyebrows, it will make your look bigger, and your face will be younger and lighter. After you have painted your eyebrows with a pencil, comb them again. This will help retouch the entire eyebrow line and give them a natural look.

How to paint eyebrows: 7 tips

  1. For excellent results, do not draw a solid line with a pencil from the beginning of the eyebrows to the end. It is enough just to emphasize their border and, using a special brush, lightly comb. Properly done retouching will give your eyebrows a beautiful natural look.
  2. If you have naturally rare eyebrows, you can make them thicker with a pencil. To do this, draw a pencil 4 slack lines that will create the appearance of hairs. For such a brow color is best to take a dark gray and gray-brown pencil. The choice depends on the color of your hair.
  3. If you are the owner of thick eyebrows, tint them with a pencil only lightly. Before applying a pencil, comb your eyebrows and brush lightly with gel.
  4. Do not paint eyebrows with a pencil so that they become too wide or narrow. Eyebrows should rise to the middle, be wider at the base of the nose, and narrow to the edges, ending at the temples.
  5. If the pencil eyebrows slightly shortened shape, the face will become younger. If you pull them out completely, and then paint them in pencil, your face will look unnatural.
  6. For in order to paint the eyebrows correctly, it is important to choose the appropriate shade of the pencil. It is his color that makes your eyebrows match your face. For the most natural result, you can use together pencils that are close to each other in color. For the first half of the eyebrows, use a dark-colored pencil, and closer to the temples - light.
  7. Black eyebrow pencil is suitable for use by dark-haired women. Women with blond hair are more suited to dark gray or brown pencils.

How to paint eyebrows with black pencil?

In order to properly make up your eyebrows with a fatal black pencil, immediately prepare a simple pencil, a black pencil for eyes, a sheet of paper, make-up remover, a cotton swab. If you are the first time to paint eyebrows pencil, then take a simple sheet of paper. Then draw eyes and eyebrows on it and begin to paint eyebrows with strokes in a pencil or slightly draw a thin line. This will give confidence to your movements. Now take a black pencil and carefully draw a thin line along the lower edge of the eyebrows.

Do not press hard on the pencil to avoid a thick line. Then gently blend the hair growth line, you can just brush your eyebrows with a brush. If you don’t get a line the first time or you don’t like the created effect, carefully remove the eyebrow pencil with makeup remover. And start again, until you reach the desired effect.

How to make your eyebrows the right shape with a pencil?

Pencil is very easy to give the eyebrows the correct form and hide the flaws. He should be well sharpened. Pick up the color of the pencil, so that it is close to your natural hair color, it can be a little darker. Before dyeing eyebrows, put the pencil in the freezer for 3 minutes. This will help make the lines sleeker and thinner. To create a natural make-up, dye your eyebrows where there are not enough hairs. Then align with a brush eyebrows and apply a little gel of hair on them.

For every woman it is very important that the make-up, emphasizes her beauty and youth. Shallow use and compliance with certain rules will help emphasize all the advantages of the person. And if you want to give your makeup a complete look, you need to pay attention to your eyebrows. They emphasize the oval of your face, make it younger and more beautiful. Also, the use of eyebrow pencil helps to highlight the eyes, emphasize their depth, make the look mysterious and inviting. But in order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to learn how to properly color eyebrows, making the most of the possibilities of a carefully selected eyebrow pencil.

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