How to paint eyebrows at home


Clear and beautifully defined eyebrows will complement the image of any woman and give her a special charm. All women know about it, but for some reason sometimes they undeservedly leave their eyebrows without proper attention. And by the way, you should take care of eyebrows on a regular basis - to adjust the shape and give the desired shade, since very rarely the eyebrows are ideal by nature.

Someone prefers to entrust their eyebrows to a professional and goes to a beauty salon, and someone decides to fix their eyebrows on their own. In the second version there are no flaws, even opposite some advantages - you can experiment with eyebrows, you know better the advantages and disadvantages of your face and you can determine which eyebrow color will look best, and of course you can choose exactly the color that most like it.

Professional eyebrow coloring

If by nature the eyebrows are faded, then, of course, you will be terribly tired of sitting down by the mirror and painting every day, and if you don’t have enough time, you can make up your eyebrows in a hurry rather carelessly and it will look sloppy. Especially in the summer, when we often wash our face with water to refresh ourselves or bathe in ponds, and it is a pity to wash away the diligently induced beauty on the eyebrows.

For this, eyebrow coloring has long been invented, and if you have never done it before, it would be better to turn to a professional for the first time. Painting eyebrows in the salon does not take much time: from 10 to 20 minutes, without taking into account color matching and adjustments. After that, you can already paint eyebrows at home, because the process of painting is not laborious, and you can do it yourself.

How to decide on the color of the eyebrows?

You have to go to the store of high-quality cosmetics and there choose from the existing range of suitable paint. Usually in stores there is a small selection of paint, but you shouldn’t get upset because of this, even from this choice you can pick up a good paint. You can find a disposable paint, which is represented by a gel or powder, and you can find a reusable one - it is more profitable to buy it, and it is more common.

  • The color palette is usually represented - black, brown and blue. Some ladies prefer to dye their eyebrows with hair dye, but this is not the best solution, as hair dyes have slightly different proportions of substances in the composition than eyebrow dyes.
  • Stylists advise when dyeing to pay attention to the color of their hair, namely to adhere to the rule: if you are a brunette, then dye your eyebrows a shade three shades lighter than your hair, and if you are blonde, then take the paint three shades darker.
  • Burning brunettes can use black paint for coloring eyebrows. Brown women are better to stick to warm or blond shades. Blondes should dwell on golden shades and light brown.

The process of coloring eyebrows at home

You will need:

  1. eyebrow dye,
  2. brush or applicator,
  3. gloves,
  4. towel or paper napkins,
  5. fat face cream.

  • First, wash your skin thoroughly with soap and wait until the skin is completely dry. Then collect the hair in a bun or pin it with a barrette so that they do not get in the way of dyeing.
  • Apply a greasy face cream or petroleum jelly to the skin around the eyebrows, as you may inadvertently apply paint to excess areas. But do not let the cream on the eyebrows - the paint may not come from.
  • Now take a cup for painting and mix everything as written in the instructions.
  • Mixture for staining should be thick and not spread.
  • When dyeing eyebrows at home, it is very important to wear gloves so that the pigments in the paint do not penetrate the skin of the hands.
  • The applicator is usually sold with paint, with which the paint is easy to apply. You can dye your eyebrows and a thin makeup brush.
  • Before beginning to dye, comb in the upward direction, so the hairs will rise slightly and it will be easier to dye your eyebrows. Now apply a small amount of paint on the applicator and begin to gently distribute over the entire length of the eyebrows. Try to keep paint away from your skin during your movements.
  • Then look at whether all the hairs are dyed, because if you forget to paint over even a couple of hairs, they will become strongly out of the general mass.

  • Paint at home should be applied slowly, slowly, painting over each hair. Make sure that the paint does not leak, and eyebrows look neat.
  • Also, carefully observe the symmetry in the coloring of the second eyebrow, as it will look very untidy if one eyebrow is colored more densely than the other.
  • Paint leave on the eyebrows for 15-20 minutes, usually this time is indicated in all instructions, but sometimes it takes a little more time. Then remove the paint with a napkin or paper towel. It is important not to keep the paint longer than is required in the instructions, as this may cause irritation of the skin of the eyebrows.
  • After getting rid of paint residues, wash your eyebrows with soap and water or wipe with wet wipes. Then apply on the face and eyebrow moisturizer.

Eyebrow care after dyeing

After the home dyeing procedure, eyebrows require good care.

  • After the procedure itself, apply a good layer of castor oil on your eyebrows. And then you can lubricate your eyebrows with castor oil to maintain silkiness and thickness. You can simply pour castor oil into an old tube from under the carcass, and then lubricate your eyebrows by dipping the brush in castor oil.

  • Not bad effect on eyebrows compress with ordinary vegetable oil. It is done quite simply, soak a cotton pad in hot oil and apply on eyebrows for 15-20 minutes, then rinse eyebrows with warm water.
  • For the beauty of the eyebrows is very useful massage. It can be done pressing, pinching or massaging circular movements, all this will only bring significant benefits.

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Finally, a little advice: if you decide to color eyebrows at home, then this should not be done on critical days.