How to moisturize dry hair

The problem of dry hair is not so rare today. Under the influence of many factors, hair can become brittle, lifeless, with split ends and look soft is not very attractive. We offer you measures to "save" hair.

Choosing the right tools

The market of cosmetic products now offers abundant products for dry hair - shampoos, masks, balms, it remains only to choose the right ones. It is not necessary to chase the high cost, there are very effective tools at an affordable price. After such a shampoo, the hair is well combed and regains its strength and elasticity.

How to moisturize dry hair?

Now that how to wash hair. It is necessary to wash only the scalp, as it is polluted, and not the hair itself, the more dry hair it is better not to soap it once again. After applying the shampoo to the scalp, you can wash the hair with the foam from the shampoo, if the hair is very dirty, the procedure can be repeated. Then apply a balm on the hair (but not on the roots), you can not even wash off the balm from the dry tips. Moisturizing masks and concentrated balms should be applied no more than once a week. Be sure to use moisturizing sprays after washing and with each combing - they will help fill the necessary moisture in your hair.

Dry hair styling

Owners of dry hair will have to forget about the existence of a hair dryer or dry the hair only with cold air. After washing, gently wipe off the remaining water from the hair with a towel, but do not brake them with sharp movements. Immediately after washing, dry hair should not be combed, as they are very thin and can break. At night, you also can not go to bed with a wet head, it hurts the hair. Do not overdo it with styling products, especially with varnish - its excessive use can be one of the causes of dry scalp and hair. If you constantly use hair dye, then as you grow, tint only the roots, once again dye dry hair along its entire length to anything.

For help from a specialist

If funds allow, then you can seek advice from a specialist by hair. He will pick up hair care products for your hair, as well as carry out various restorative procedures. Lamination helps a lot - hair becomes stronger, thickened, and most importantly moisturized. The glazing procedure gives a more external effect and, unfortunately, is washed off after only a few weeks, but lamination lasts up to two months. By the way, the lamination procedure can be carried out on its own - there are special ampoules with a therapeutic composition that are mixed with a colorless developing cream and the whole mixture is applied along the entire length of the hair.

How to moisturize dry hair?How to moisturize dry hair?

Anti dandruff

Dry hair often suffers from such an unpleasant phenomenon as dandruff, and it delivers a lot of unpleasant moments. Sometimes even cosmetics do not help in the fight against dandruff. An anti-dandruff mask with castor oil can help here. This mask also moisturizes the hair and strengthens the hair roots, preventing their loss. You will need 1 teaspoon of castor oil, 3 teaspoons of sunflower oil, mix them together and massage movements into the scalp for 20-30 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo. Castor oil can be mixed with raw yolk of one egg, or by adding 6 tablespoons. spoons of alcohol infusions of medicinal herbs. The cause of dry dandruff can be internal diseases and if the dandruff is not excreted by any means, then the whole body should be examined.

How to moisturize dry hair?How to moisturize dry hair?

  • Mask with honey and burdock oil. You will need: burdock oil - 1 tbsp. spoon, honey - 1 tsp and aloe - 1 tbsp. spoon. All ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the hair roots, an hour later, the mask is washed off with warm water.
  • Egg-castor mask also very suitable for dry hair. Take one egg, a teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar and two tables. spoons of castor oil. Rub the mixture into the hair roots and the hair itself, and cover your head with a warm cap. Make sure that the cap does not cool, and change it to warmer as it cools, you can use a towel instead of a cap. After half an hour, wash the mask with water, make this mask a course of two months 1 time per week.

Dry hair is a thing, though not very pleasant, but quite reparable. If you show a little strength and patience, the hair will once again become beautiful and healthy!

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