How to make wraps with gel "horsepower" at home


A series of products "Horsepower" is best known for its shampoo, which has a positive effect on the hair follicles, as a result of which the hair roots are strengthened and their density increases. However, no less interesting means are present in the series - for example, a cooling relaxing gel for joints, which is often used for lymphatic drainage wraps. What is the reason for the product retraining, and how justified is it?

Gel "Horsepower" for wrapping: product features

horsepower gel wrap

This gel balm was originally conceived as a means to relieve swelling and pain in the joints caused by fluid retention. In addition, it was used to alleviate the condition of muscles and ligaments, as well as for the purpose of prevention before strong physical exertion.

  • The active ingredients of the Horsepower gel are lavender and mint oils that have a tonic and cooling effect, as a result of which the vessels relax and spasms are removed. Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, enhances the regenerative properties of the skin, prevents the appearance of scars.

Traditional application of the gel - externally, by rubbing into the affected area, up to a long intensive massage. However, the manufacturer indicates that the tool can be used for wraps to enhance the cooling effect. This is how the tests of his unconventional use began - the sensations turned out to be similar to those that are present during the salon procedure of cold anti-cellulite wrapping. In addition, if the gel expels excess fluid from the joints, why not start to remove stagnation from the tissues? On this basis, some women began to try lymphatic drainage wraps with “Horse Power”.

Indications for the procedure

As to the immediate recommendations for the procedure, the priority is still to increase skin tone and strengthen the walls of blood vessels - that is, what the remedy, called hygienic-restorative, is oriented, according to the manufacturer. With the help of "Horse power", one can reduce the degree of manifestation of varicose veins and spider veins, improve blood circulation in the tissues, slow down the aging process and smooth the skin surface.

A more attractive moment - in the eyes of most women - is the need to draw out excess fluid, thereby destroying part of the fat deposits in problem areas due to the destruction of their chemical structure. Thus, "Horsepower" is detrimental to cellulite.

However, even a cosmetic product has a number of contraindications: first of all it is any damage to the skin, on which the mint will have an irritating effect and increase inflammation. It is also undesirable to apply the gel on the open areas of the mucous.

How to conduct lymphatic drainage wrap at home?

wrapping gel horsepower

The whole procedure is divided into 2 stages: first you need to carry out the preparation, which will allow the product, penetrating into the deepest layers, not to take with it the "dirt", as well as to act on fresh, young cells. Then directly wrapping is performed, which also has several variants.

  1. Make a scrub - its components depend on what goals you need to achieve, and how sensitive your skin is. The simplest and most effective is the tandem of large sea salt and ordinary candied honey, but you can combine salt with oatmeal (Hercules, because it is harder), and ground coffee with cinnamon. To scrub the skin, it is necessary to wet it, then apply a small amount of the mixture and rub it in a circular motion from top to bottom. Approximate preparation time - 2-3 minutes.
  2. Now you can proceed to the wrapping itself: squeeze out a little gel on the palm, spread it out and start applying with the same circular movements, but from the bottom up. The gel should not be rubbed - it is already well absorbed. On the contrary, you need to leave a dense layer of funds. Top cover the treated area with a normal cling film (2-3 layers), put on a woolen thing.

Waiting lasts about 45-60 minutes, while the body is desirable to keep warm: you can hide with a blanket, and you can spend a little warm-up, forcing the muscles to work and warm up. After that, you need to unwind the film and wash off the gel with warm water. You do not need to treat the skin with softening milk or other means.

Women reviews

Despite the fact that most women are skeptical of cosmetic products from cellulite, real live feedback about “Horse power” as a cold wrap assure - if it is not a panacea, it is a very effective drug that does not adversely affect the body.

  • Inna: If it were not for a friend who, tired of my moaning about the stars on my feet, brought a bottle of "Horse Power", I would not have known that with such a simple tool you can deal with them - by that time I was ready even for surgery if it helped. The fragrance of the drug is strong, even too strong, the skin tingles in the process of wrapping, but for the result it is worth suffering. For 1.5 weeks I lost 2 kg, while doing wraps every other day. Stars also began to dissolve. For 5 weeks I got rid of them completely.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is possible to carry out lymphatic drainage wrapping at home with the Horse Power gel both on the hips, on the arms and even on the abdomen. You can repeat the procedure at least daily, but since the drug contains mint oil, it is better not to abuse it and stick to the schedule 2-3 times a week for 14-20 days. This period is enough to see the result in kilograms and volumes.