How to make up your eyes

Many women, looking through the covers of glossy magazines, cannot resist the admiring sigh at the sight of large and wide-open eyes of models. It so happened that not all women can boast about it. But do not envy models or famous movie actresses. They are just ordinary people like you and me, and often a beautiful and open look is not an achievement of nature, but a good work of a make-up artist.

Today, we will tell you how to make up your eyes so that they look bigger without the help of professionals.

How to make up your eyes so that they look bigger: make-up artists advice

How to make-up eyes that they seemed more?

Applying make-up to narrow-shaped eyes may seem like a daunting task. But not for those women who have mastered and successfully put into practice the best tips of makeup artists:

  1. Always keep your eyebrows neat and well-groomed. Thick and bushy eyebrows will visually reduce the shape of the eye, although too plucked hairs can have the same effect. The trick is to find the golden mean of the best eyebrow line individually under the shape of a face. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, then for the first time you can give the desired shape to the eyebrows at the beauty salon.
  2. Get rid of the effect of tired eyes. Hide the dark circles under the eyes will help highlighter. It will not only hide all skin imperfections, but also provide an excellent basis for eyelid makeup.
  3. The basis of the open look and large eyes - lush eyelashes. If nature has not rewarded you with thick hairs, make-up artists are advised to use false or mascara with the effect of lush eyelashes.
  4. Discard the black color. This tip applies to both pencils and the shadow palette. It is better to give preference to light pastel tones of eyeshadow and brown, gray and white pencils.

How to make up your eyes so that they look bigger: make-up artists advice

We learn to paint eyes beautifully

One of the ways to visually enlarge the shape of the eyes is the correct drawing of the contour of the eyelid. It is best done with a brown pencil or light gray shade. In the technique of successful makeup for narrow eyes, there are several options for applying the contour:

  • pencil only over the upper eyelid, drawing a line from the outer edge of the eye to the eyebrow;
  • contour pencil is applied only to the middle of the upper eyelid, slightly thickening the line from the outside of the eye;
  • drawing the inner contour of the eye with a white pencil.

How to make up your eyes beautifully?

Choosing the right eye shadow and applying it is a key aspect of a successful makeup for narrow eyes. Repeat yourself constantly: remove dark colors, light ones - push. With black shadows, your eyes will appear even smaller than they really are. Instead, it’s best to create a feline look using smoky shadows on the side of the eyelid:

  1. Apply a bright pearl shade from the inside of the eye to the end of the eyebrow growth line.
  2. Shadows of the basic shade are applied on all mobile eyelids and are carefully shaded with a light line.
  3. The accent is put on the outer part of the eye with smoky shades and carefully shaded with the shades of the main color.

How to create a cat look?

And remember that eyelashes are an important part of a spectacular look. How to make up the eyelashes, so that they are long and lush? There are a few simple rules:

  • Before applying mascara, twist eyelashes slightly using special forceps;
  • you can stick bunches of false eyelashes on the outer upper eyelid;
  • Use several layers of mascara with a twisted and full eyelashes effect.

Casual makeup

Everyday makeup should pay more attention and carefully follow the rules of its application, as in daylight any defects are visible. Particular attention should be paid to the bright palette of shadows and the perfect shape of the eyebrows.

Rules for applying day makeup for narrow eyes:

  1. Use a tonal framework as close as possible to your skin color type. Best suited beige, cream and golden hues.
  2. If you prefer to apply eye shadows during the day, then it is best to choose pink and mother-of-pearl shades.
  3. It is better to refuse a careful drawing of an eye in the afternoon. Only a thin eyeliner of the upper eyelid is allowed.
  4. To give greater expressiveness to the eyes and create the effect of open eyelashes, discard the lipstick of bright saturated colors. In the daytime, a delicate and translucent lip gloss will look very beautiful.

Casual makeup for small eyes

evening make-up

Evening makeup differs from daytime effect languid mysterious look. And you can add spectacularity if you use shimmering tonal foundation and powder.

Rules for applying evening makeup for narrow eyes:

  1. In the evening light dark circles under the eyes stand out especially clearly. To get rid of the effect of tired eyes, use a peach and orange highlighter.
  2. Pay your attention to the brilliant and shimmering shadows of such colors as dark gray, brown, green, pearl shades of ivory.
  3. Eyes - the basis of evening makeup. To successfully highlight the small and narrow eyes, they can sum up the shadows or liner.
  4. In the evening, mascara is applied on the eyelashes in 2 layers, but before that it is advisable to twist the hairs with forceps.

Evening makeup for small eyes

Day Eye Makeup: Step by Step Description

Necessary materials:

  • makeup brushes;
  • light highlighter;
  • pearl, brown and smoky shadows;
  • dark brown pencil;
  • bundles of false eyelashes.

Process description:

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the skin for applying make-up: wash your face, apply a tonic and day cream with light tapping movements.
  2. A feature of daytime makeup is that it has to be worn for the whole day. In order for the shadows to last as long as possible, we apply a makeup base on the eyelids.
  3. The bruises under the eyes are hidden with the help of the corrector, which is carefully shaded by lightly tapping the fingertips on the lower eyelid.Day makeup to increase the eyes
  4. The obtained result is fixed with the help of matte powder.How to make a day makeup to increase the eyes?
  5. Now we put gentle pearly shadows on the entire mobile eyelid and under the brow line, and select the outer corner of the eye with a light brown shade.Day make-up for increasing eyes: applying shadows
  6. Using a pencil, draw a line of the upper eyelid, starting from the middle of the eye, and carefully brush with a brush.Day make-up to increase the eyes with a pencil
  7. On a special glue, we glue the bundles of false cilia only on the outer part of the eyelid; we paint over the lower hairs with ink.Day make-up for increasing eyes: eyelash pad
  8. We remove the showered shadows with a special brush, and day makeup for the narrow eyes is ready.

How to make up your eyes so that they look bigger and your eyelashes are long and lush?

And finally, another valuable tip: do not be afraid to experiment. Stand at home in front of the mirror and try to apply makeup in various ways. Only in this way can you find your individual version of a beautiful makeup for your eyes.

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