How to make the eyelashes long and thick and grow them


A languid look from under lowered eyelashes will melt the heart of any man. On what tricks just do not go women to achieve such a result. The beautiful half of humanity often wonders: how to make the eyelashes long and thick? Let's try to understand it in more detail.

Professional Eyelash Care Tips

Professional Eyelash Care Tips

The process of changing the "old" cilia "new" invisible to the human eye and is natural. It is considered normal if their life cycle for a young woman is approximately 3 months. With age, the metabolism of cells in the body slows down, and the recovery of eyelash growth is reduced.

The thickness and length of the eyelashes are influenced by the race and color type of a person. An interesting fact is that brunettes have longer eyelashes than blondes. And representatives of the European race, they are much thinner than the Mongoloid.

To help the cilia to be healthy and beautiful, cosmetologists advise to pay attention to the main aspects of their care:

  • Be sure to remove eye makeup before bedtime. To do this, take a cotton swab or a cosmetic swab and remove the remnants of cosmetics with circular movements. After that you can wash your face and apply a nourishing cream on your eyelids. It is not recommended to wash your face with ordinary water and soap, it is best to use special products.
  • Feed the cilia with oils. Perfect for this purpose, suitable olive, castor, burdock and linseed oil. Also on sale were various professional gels and serums for eyelash growth.
  • Cilia, like regular hair, require daily brushing. Such regular actions have a massage effect and make eyelashes stronger.
  • Correctly choose mascara. Choose natural cosmetics with the addition of vitamin complexes.
  • Eyelash curlers are not suitable for daily use. Try to use them only for special occasions, as they make the eyelashes thinner and more fragile.
  • An integral part of the thickness and length of eyelashes is healthy and beautiful skin of the eyelids. Be sure to care for the skin around the eyes.
  • Proper nutrition also affects the health of eyelashes. Make sure your diet is varied and enriched with various vitamins and trace elements.
  • Visually lengthen and give a splendor to the eyelashes can properly applied makeup.

In the complex care of eyelashes, subject to all the advice of cosmetologists, you can use other methods.

How to make lashes thicker at home?

To make your cilia thicker and longer, use a variety of compresses that are easy to prepare yourself.

Black Tea Compresses

In order to relieve fatigue from the eyes, to make the look bright and radiant, once a week use compresses of black tea:

  1. Brew strong black tea, it is advisable to use natural varieties without flavoring.
  2. Cool to room temperature, dip cotton pads and apply to eyes for 20 minutes.
  3. Do not rinse with water.

Compresses from herbal decoctions

Decoctions of herbs will help to remove bruises under the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, as well as stimulate the growth of eyelashes, make them stronger and thicker:

  1. 1 tbsp. l collecting herbs (chamomile, birch buds, cornflower, linden) need to pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and let stand for a day.
  2. Strain, moisten cotton pads in the solution and apply to eyes for 15 minutes.

Such infusions are an excellent prevention of conjunctivitis of the eye.

Do not expect instant results. In one night, your eyelashes will not become longer and thicker, so you need to clearly understand that the complex of such procedures should be carried out regularly.

How to quickly grow eyelashes and make them thick?

How to quickly grow eyelashes and make them thick?

If a long and painful waiting does not suit you and you need an instant result, you can achieve it only with the help of professional methods.

Keratin twisting

Many modern types of mascara come with the effect of curled eyelashes, which can also be achieved by using special forceps. If you have neither the time nor the desire to conduct such daily procedures, modern cosmetology suggests using the keratin curling service. A special solution is applied to the eyelashes, which fixes them in a raised position for two to three months.

False eyelashes

Instant effect can be achieved when using false eyelashes. You can entrust this procedure to professionals or you can conduct it at home on your own. To do this, you need to know just a few secrets and practice skills:

  • to make the lashes more lush, you need to stick a couple of beams on the outer corner of the eye;
  • if the strip of eyelashes is longer than your own, cut it with nail scissors;
  • an eyeliner or liner will help to hide the gaps between your own and false cilia.

Extension procedure

How to make the eyelashes thick and long for a long time? This will help you eyelash extensions, which now provides any beauty salon. It is relatively inexpensive and has several advantages:

  • no need to use mascara;
  • saving free time spent daily on eye makeup;
  • confidence that your eyes will remain clear, even if you are exposed to rain or snow.

But you also need to know that such eyelashes require special care. It is not recommended to sleep face down on a pillow, wash water, comb eyelashes and rub eyes. In order not to harm yourself, carry out the extension procedure only with a qualified craftsman using quality materials.

To achieve the length and density of eyelashes is simple: just enough to give them a little attention. Take care of them every day, use the gel for the growth of eyelashes, try different ways - and you will definitely achieve the desired effect.