How to make the correct form of eyebrows

Eyebrows are constantly visible. The expression of the face, the general impression of your appearance depends on their appearance. Therefore it is important care for eyebrows, make sure that their shape is correct, consistent with the features of your face.

Beautiful eyebrow shape: general rules

  • First of all, beautiful eyebrows should be well-groomed. Be sure to brush your eyebrows every day, giving them the correct shape.

How to make the correct form of eyebrows?

  • It is believed that eyebrows should not be touched. However, this only applies to what should not change upper brow shape. In the event that some hairs grow above the eyebrow and extend beyond its contour, they should be carefully removed.
  • Beautiful eyebrow shape is also correct form, which is selected based on the type of oval of your face.
  • If your eyebrows are too light, you need to tint them with a pencil, the shade of which corresponds to the shade of your hair. Do not draw long, clear lines with a pencil. Much neater and more natural will look like makeup if you draw small hairs with a cosmetic pencil. Using a pencil, immediately mark the highest point of the eyebrow. Up to this point it should be the same size and directed in one direction. After passing the marked point, the eyebrow becomes thinner, its tip is bent down.
  • Correction (pluck) eyebrow should be only for hair growth. This prevents the ingrowth of hairs and the appearance in their place of hairs directed in the other direction. Among other things, it is less painful than plucking them against growth.
  • Don't chase after fashionable eyebrow shape. You may simply not be suitable. Determine for yourself, once and for all, which is right for you.
  • So that your eyebrows are always in order, you do not have to paint them again every day, you can use resistant paint. Be careful, in no case do not use hair dye! It is best to make the procedure in the salon, a special professional tool.
  • Never shave your eyebrows, drawing them over the skin with a pencil! First, it looks very vulgar and ugly. Secondly, growing hairs will begin to puff up and curl in different directions.
  • Try not to give the eyebrows unnatural shape.

How to choose a beautiful shape of eyebrows in the shape of the face?

  • For a round face fit curved eyebrows with a short tail and a high lift. In no case should the shape of the eyebrow be round or having sharp bends. Such outlines, only emphasize the oval of the face, visually making it even rounder.
  • For the oval face, the optimal option is straight horizontal eyebrows. The tip can be slightly rounded. It is best to make a greater distance between the eyebrows, do not have them close to each other. Eyebrows with high arcs will not fit such a face shape.

How to make the correct form of eyebrows?

  • For a triangular face, a uniform, slightly elevated eyebrow shape is ideal. Strictly avoid straight eyebrows.
  • For a square face, choose high, long, arched eyebrows. In addition, you can make their shape arc-shaped. Never make thin eyebrows with such a face oval.

How to decide on a suitable form of eyebrows?

In the event that several forms of eyebrows fit the features of your face, you face the question - which one to choose?

  1. Horizontal eyebrow shapegives the face a stern, serious expression. But be careful, sometimes it looks unnecessarily harsh.
  2. Arc shape,in general, universal, and fits almost any type of person. If you want to stay on it, it remains to decide only with the thickness of the eyebrows.
  3. Rising eyebrowsthey open their eyes and make their eyes more alive and expressive.
  4. Drop formvery rarely suits anyone. In the event that she still goes to you, do not forget that your face may acquire a sad expression.

How to shape your eyebrows?

  • To begin with, outline where your eyebrow should begin, at what point the highest part falls, and, finally, where it should end.
  • For convenience, take a pencil, and position it so that one point passes through the convex side of your nose, and the second part - near the inner corner of the eye. The point at the intersection with the eyebrow will determine its beginning.

How to make the correct form of eyebrows?

  • Next, move the upper part of the pencil until its second point passes along the iris, next to the pupil. The location of the intersection will determine the highest point of the brow.
  • Then, move the pencil so that it intersects with the outer corner of the eye. The point of intersection will mark the place where the eyebrow should end.
  • Keep in mind that the distance between the eyebrows should not be less than the width of your two fingers.
  • Remember that until the eyebrow reaches its highest point, it should be the same in thickness.
  • Make all bends smooth, neat: there should be no sharp sharp kinks.
  • If, pulling out eyebrows, you increase the distance between the eyebrows quite a bit, you will begin to appear younger.
  • Wide eyebrows make your eyes more expressive, take this advice on arms.
  • If the features of your face are large, give preference to massive eyebrows. Thus, the features of the face will be adjusted, they will not be sharply striking.
  • If you need visually correct forehead too wide, place the eyebrows closer to the nose.
  • In the event that you wear glasses, keep in mind that the rim should not cover your eyebrows.
  • To make it easier to transfer the process of plucking, 5 minutes before that, put cotton pads moistened with hot water on your eyebrows. And after the process is complete, wipe the painful areas with an ice cube. It will relieve irritation.

Make your eyebrow shape beautiful- whole art. And, quite possibly, you do not dare to carry out all the manipulations at home and go to the salon. There you can be offered not only eyebrow coloring, but also permanent eyebrow makeup.

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