How to make sexy makeup


Each defines the concept of sexuality differently for himself, and men can look at it a little differently than women. For example, makeup, which a woman may find very attractive, a man simply may not notice. And all because the perception of beauty in the sexes is somewhat different, but still you can create such sexy images in make-up, which both men and women will surely appreciate, and you yourself will feel more relaxed in them, and it is quite possible to get used to it so much that do not want to leave it.

Make fatal women

The main task of this makeup look catchy and impressive, but it does not overdo it with a fatal effect. What is immediately remembered in the phrase fatal woman? These are strong character, imperiousness, scarlet plump lips, long magnificent eyelashes and arrows on the eyes. But for the daily make-up, you have to leave something one - or the arrows, or lipstick, and then instead of a femme fatale you risk turning into a painted doll.

If you stopped at bright lips, then here for daytime makeup is better to choose shine. The color of the glitter should be from the red palette - scarlet, cherry, ruby, which one you like. And now for the evening out, you can use a more persistent red lipstick. To make the lips more plump, you can circle them with a contour pencil, and in the middle apply gloss with menthol, it causes a slight tingling and the lips slightly swell. Emphasis on the lips will be quite enough, so the rouge is better to take a little noticeable or even do without them.

If you want to give preference to the arrows, then do not take too dark as the main shadows., since so your eyes may look vulgar. Usually the arrow is drawn so that it slightly goes beyond the outer corner of the eye; you can make the arrow longer, but only if your eyes are large by nature, as the arrows visually narrow the eyes. In everyday make-up it is better to limit the shooters only to the upper eyelid, and eyelashes should not be painted too much. With a solemn make-up, you can make arrows on the lower and upper eyelids. The tone of the face will look better in a paler porcelain color.

Make up cold temptress

Sexuality and inaccessibility are the main principles of this image.. The easiest way to create this makeup using technology smoky eyes. As a shadow, you should take a palette of gray or brown shadows, purple or green will also suit. Cover the entire upper eyelid with a light shade of the shadows and then use a wet cotton swab or a thin brush to circle the eyes along the contour, you can circle the entire outline or only the outer edges, depending on what intensity of makeup you want. Now on the lines outlined by the brush, apply dark shadows and blend them. It is better to make-up lips with a shade close to natural - beige, opaque, caramel.

Natural makeup

What could be more beautiful than loose hair, clear skin and unobtrusive makeup, especially in summer, when you do not want to apply a lot of cosmetics on yourself? It is good to apply bronzer powder to the already tanned skin, spreading it along the neck, protruding parts of the cheeks and applying quite a bit on the temples and chin. Women with a round face type should lighten their chin, forehead, and the area around their eyes, and powder of a darker color to highlight the cheekbones. The color of the shadows is better to take a warm, for example, beige, olive. The color of the lipstick is also warm, dull - caramel, pale pink, light brown.

Erotic makeup

There are days when you just want to bring a zest to your sexual relationship with a partner. Erotic games are a great way to do this, and here makeup will help you change. Depending on the role you are going to play, think over your make-up, for example for lolita image You will need pink blush, light shades and hot pink glossy lip gloss, but you can also replace it with pale red.

But for image of a nurse in a white coat just need scarlet saturated lipstick and long curled eyelashes. Certainly bright lips are very exciting for a man, but how to be if you are going to shower your loved one with hot kisses, leaving no traces, then you should focus on the eyes. It's okay if you overdo it a little with eye makeup - this is a game, which means you can try a lot. Here you can even take an example from women of easy virtue - eyebrows that stand out, plenty of mascara and dark shadows, a slightly smeared eyeliner or a pencil on the eyes.

Choose from these images the way you like the most, and start making your plans come true. In every woman lies a huge supply of sexuality and makeup - this is one way to show yourself real!