How to make lips plump at home


Modern standard of feminine beauty - full lips. In order to meet the fashionable standard, some women decide on dangerous and painful measures - surgical plastic, injection correction. The consequences of such procedures are unpredictable. Why go against nature if there are safe ways? How to make lips plump and sensual lips without a scalpel and huge expenses?

The main principles of homemade lip augmentation

How to make lips plump without plastic?

It is quite possible to buy seductive sponges without lying under the surgeon's knife and without risking your beauty and health! But it is necessary to say right away that this is not a lazy task. To increase the lips at home gave results, you have to do it yourself.

How to create "lips for kisses" at home? Be sure to follow these rules:

  • It is very important to enrich the delicate skin of the lips with nourishing creams (they can be prepared independently from natural ingredients). The "magic" effect has a composition of almond and olive oil (you can use other ingredients - peach and apricot) plus 2 drops of vitamin E or jojoba oil. This substance should be slightly heated and covered with lips with a cotton swab, previously moistened with warm water;
  • exfoliate dry skin regularly in delicate ways. Beautiful natural scrub - candied honey. To remove old cells from the lips, it is enough to put a drop of honey on the surface and gently massage;
  • stimulate blood circulation with the help of special exercises.

If you adhere to such recommendations, the effect will not take long: the lips will gain freshness, volume and attractive gloss.

Special masks that increase the volume of the lips: a trip to the beautician is canceled!

lip masks

How to make plump lips at home? One of the most effective methods is the use of masks:

  • noticeable results will provide a mask, which includes a few drops of vegetable oil (better - olive) and lemon juice. Keep such a composition on the lips should be no more than 15 minutes;
  • The proven method used by our grandmothers is a mask with mint and olive oil. It will help increase blood circulation in the tissues of the lips, which will make them brighter and add volume;
  • so that the lips become elastic and smooth, it is enough to pamper them with such a mask at night: mix 1 tsp. honey, rose oil and shea butter, drip a couple drops of lemon. The composition should be applied to thoroughly cleaned lips;
  • Another ingredient that is able to create the illusion of "silicone" lips is cayenne pepper. For the preparation of the miraculous composition it is necessary to take 1/3 tsp. such pepper, add to it 3-4 drops of any essential oil, ½ tsp. Vaseline and 8 tablets of nicotinic acid (they should be crushed beforehand). Hot pepper stimulates blood circulation, which will make the lips fluffy and appetizing.

Since all these masks do not use "chemistry", there are practically no restrictions for their use. But still it is worth refraining even from such a sparing effect in the following cases:

  • if there are injuries, cuts or scratches on the lips;
  • with acute herpes;
  • if lips are cracked from a long stay in the sun or in the wind;
  • if allergic reactions occur.

Masks can be made no more than 3 times a week.

Female features: lip massage

lip massage

Gathering on a date, you can use the express method of acquiring an erotic smile. To do this, use the alternate effect of heat - cold. It is enough to apply ice to the lips for 3 minutes and gently massage, then rinse them with warm water and lightly bite. If you do such manipulations daily, then the lips will become more lush and attractive.

Massage with the help of a toothbrush is another way to help increase the size of the lips to XL. Important note: you can only use a product with a soft bristle for such purposes. To cause a rush of blood to the lips, it is enough to massage them 30 seconds 2 times a day.

Makeup artists secrets: how to make lips plump with makeup?

how to make lips plump with makeup

Effective tool in the fight for sexy lips can become a means of decorative cosmetics. The main assistant - shine with pearl reflective particles. If it is applied to the lips, it will give a fascinating shimmering shine and visually increase their completeness by 1.5-2 times.

Skillful makeup successfully replaces the painful hyaluronic acid shots. The only disadvantage of this method is time and experience. So, how to make lips plump at home with lipstick and a contour pencil, but not to look vulgar?

  1. You should first prepare the lips. This will help balm care, which will fill them with moisture and level the surface.
  2. Then a light corrector is applied along the natural contour. This is a necessary measure to help add volume.
  3. Using a lighter pencil than the natural color of the lips, draw a line of lips, above the contour. Create new outlines from the central corners of the upper lip.
  4. With the help of the same pencil it is necessary to slightly raise the tips of the lips.
  5. Then cover lips with lipstick of light tones.

Makeup artists categorically do not advise the owners of thin lips to choose dark shades, as this can reduce them even more.

In the arsenal of make-up specialists there are products that increase the lips, not visually, but really. They are called plumpers. After applying them, the lips will immediately acquire the missing volume. This effect lasts 2 hours. It is based on the fact that they contain burning components (pepper, ginger), hyaluronic acid and light reflecting particles. Plampers can also be used at home, but these components are very expensive, so many women may simply not afford them.

Lip Plump: Exercises That Will Replace Fillers

Lip charge

Reviews of women who regularly and diligently performed special gymnastics for the lips, confirm that after 3 weeks they managed to get good results. But it will take some effort. Repeat each exercise must be at least 10-15 times. The complex should be done every day.

Charging is best done in front of a mirror. It consists of the following exercises:

  • stretch lips "tube" (keep your mouth closed). Intensively move your lips from side to side;
  • inflate cheeks, release air with sharp jolts through lips stretched forward;
  • blow air through closed lips to make them vibrate;
  • several times in a row to sing a song consisting of sounds A-I-O-Y-S, while strongly moving lips;
  • in order to increase the elasticity of the lips, it is useful to whistle your favorite tunes quietly for a few minutes;
  • push the tongue forward and hold it in this position for 5 seconds.

Popular wisdom teaches girls to not drink water from their faces. But the statistics is relentless: the stronger sex is more like women with full, sexy lips. So enough to think about how to make your lips plump - it's time to start acting! If you show perseverance, you can independently improve their natural data and buy lips that will excite the imagination of men.