How to make light waves on the hair

Light waves on the hair - a great option not only for evening and wedding hairstyle, but also for everyday everyday life. They are able to transform the representative of the beautiful, adding it to the image of lightness, romance and charm. Well, when the hair is curled by nature. But even if this is not the case, you should not be upset, as there are many ways to make curls curls.

Wavy curls: general recommendations

How to make light waves on the hair?

How to make light waves on the hair at home? This is fast enough, but, nevertheless, it is recommended to take time once to practice. In addition to owning a styling technique for such a hairstyle, you need to know a few general points.

So, when creating waves on the hair, use a lacquer medium fixation. If you prefer to fix the hairstyle with a lacquer of strong fixation, you risk making the locks unnatural and "hardened". And the main refinement of this hairstyle is lightness and airiness, remember this.

In addition, before making curls, you must wash your head thoroughly using an air conditioner. Due to this, the hair will be soft and docile, which will make a very beautiful hairstyle.

How to make light curls, and who is this styling?

Wave hair styling is a universal hairstyle that will suit almost any girl. The main thing - to choose the right type of curls, depending on the shape of the face and you will be simply irresistible. If you are the owner of a rounded face, in any case, do not leave your hair loose. Better make a volume at the crown and slightly raise the curls. If you have an elongated face, prefer soft and not very swirling waves. But laying in the style of "retro" - ideal for oval shapes.

Laying a hair dryer or curling. To create waves on your hair, you can resort to the old and proven means - curling or hair dryer. Hairdryer will make large waves at the ends of long and medium hair. To do this, use a special round brush and fixing agent, for example, mousse. In addition, do not forget to apply products that will protect your hair from hot air. Otherwise, when overheated, they may look dull and lifeless.

Curling iron was used to create curls in the days of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. At that time there was no such assortment of styling products as now, therefore the hairstyle was created using ordinary granulated sugar. He was diluted in water and applied to the strands to fix the hairstyle. Now, while curling with curling, use a special foam. And remember that if you have thick hair, this procedure will take a lot of time. So if possible, get someone to help you.

Creating retro waves: features

How to make light waves on the hair?

Retro waves - hairstyle, suitable for both short and medium-length hair. Create an elegant image help fixation tools, hair clips and a comb-comb with large teeth. So, with the help of a comb, form strands of the required width, process them with the chosen agent and fix them with hairpins on the head. Now wait some time for the hair to dry and dissolve the hairstyle, forming it with your fingers.

Method "Bundle"

How to make light waves on the hair?

To make light waves on your hair at home, wash your hair and dry using a hair dryer. It is better, of course, if they dry on their own. In this case, the use of fixing means is not necessary. If you have naughty hair, use foam. Now, with your head tilted forward, divide the head of hair into 2 parts, twist each of them with a cord and tie it into a bun, securing it with hairpins or rubber bands. Bundles should be placed on top of the head. Only in this case you can achieve a chic volume. Wait 1.5-2 hours and dissolve, making the most suitable hairstyle.

Take advantage of the draw

Making waves with an iron

The iron is a special device designed to smooth the hair. But, if you perform some simple manipulations, you can create excellent curls at home. Styling is important to do only on clean and dry hair. So, take a strand of hair and twist with a cord. Remember that the thinner the strands will be, the more beautiful and effective the hairstyle will be. Now, with a well-heated iron, swipe down from the flagellum several times, without rushing. After that, dissolve the strand and fix hairspray.

Hair styling with curlers

Hair styling with curlers

Make light curls using curlers. They are of several types: plastic, metal, foam rubber, velcro curlers, etc. Soft curlers can be wound at bedtime, and in the morning you can stand up and make a great styling in a short time. It is uncomfortable to sleep on metal and plastic curlers, and therefore it is better to use them during the day. No less effective for curling hair and thermo-curlers, thanks to which you can get wavy curls in 30 minutes.

Light waves on medium hair: photo

How to make light waves on the hair?

How to make light waves on the hair?

When choosing a method that allows you to make waves on your hair, try to correctly calculate the time, otherwise you may not have time to do your hair. This is especially unpleasant if you are going to a celebration. If you are doing your hair for the first time, look on the Internet for photos of girls with medium, long and short wavy hair. This will help you to try on this image on yourself. Take your time and then you will flash the beauty of your hair.

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