How to make hairstyles for girls for short hair


All parents want their children to be the most beautiful and happy. This is especially true for mothers of girls who, with such delight, dress them up in exquisite skirts, dresses, slippers, and much more. But it is far from a secret that a harmonious image is achieved not only through clothing, but also hairstyles. Currently, there is a huge variety of braids and tails that can be made even for short hair.

Make a beautiful baby hair for girls can be easily and at home. You don’t have to go to hairdressers every time. Below you will find a detailed master class.

How to make hairstyles for girls?

  • Carefully comb your hair with a comb and tie up the tail at the crown. Along the edges leave loose hair. Strand folded in such a way that the roots you get triangles.
  • All the hair that you have left free, divide into strands and tie a rubber band.
  • Then divide each into 2 parts.
  • Take for 1 part strands from one section and the next and twist a few, see the flagella. Screw on the index finger and wrap in a bundle. So twist the two strands on the right. Next, put the finished harnesses together and start making a braid with them. There is a feature - they should be interlaced to the left. According to this scheme, it is necessary to act further. First, you twist the hair, twist it into bundles, and then do the same between them. When you reach the central tail, stretch your pigtail under the elastic of the tail. Act the same with all other hair.
  • Next, separate the small strand of the resulting tail and put it on your fingers, so that it passes between the index and middle. You will have a loop. Thread the ends through the gum. Next, go in a circle until the hair from the tail is over. At the end of the work, you may notice the tips left over from the strands. They can be carefully stabbed with pins or stealth, or they can be corrected with a satin ribbon.

There is another option. You can not twist the hair in a bun, and twist the strands on the curling iron. Hair will sparkle with new colors and get a more festive look!

Baby hairstyles for short hair

It is absolutely not necessary to have long hair to put them in the original hairstyle. There are many options for short hair. They are simple to perform and do not require much effort. An ideal option for a short length would be a haircut under the bob, bob-bob. Hair with these haircuts quickly fit and do not interfere with children when they are busy with something. Below we present to your attention a few interesting hairstyles for young fashionable women with short hair.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

How to make hairstyles for girls?

How to make hairstyles for girls?

All little girls are undoubtedly fashionistas and flirty. That is why we will tell you about the hair "Young Coquette", which is done without much effort and gives the appearance of playfulness. This hairstyle is very common among 5-7 year old girls. This haircut can be laid in different ways: divide the hair into a straight or side parting, comb to the side. The main thing - to include fantasy.

  • Comb your hair well.
  • Make a side parting.
  • Next on the part of the head where there was more hair, we collect curls with the help of a beautiful elastic band. That's all! Haircut is ready!

Hairstyle "Palmochki" is also ideal for short hair! Divide them into 2 equal parts, collect in the tails and secure with bright rubber bands. Short tails will be fun to stick up and visually resemble palm.

Short haircuts for small princesses

  • There are a huge number of options for short haircuts for girls. Such hairstyles are always relevant, they look stylish, fashionable and no worse than long hair. The advantages of short haircuts: Short haircuts are ideal for hot summers. In addition, the hair does not climb into the eyes and does not interfere with the children involved in various activities.
  • The biggest plus of such haircuts is that mothers, by virtue of constant employment, do not have the opportunity and free time to braid their daughters every day. Short haircuts are the way out!

Almost all fashionable women fit stylish hair "emo battle". The bottom line is that the back of the hair is cut very short, and the front is a little longer. You can slightly diversify this hairstyle and leave, for example, one side shorter or cut a long bang to the side.

How to make hairstyles for girls?

For owners of beautiful curly hair, shoulder-length haircuts are suitable. You can add bangs to them. Such hair will always look neat. In addition, they do not require special styling, because wavy hair is beautiful on its own.

When deciding to cut your girl, be sure to contact the master. He will be able to choose the right haircut, taking into account the shape of the face of the daughter, especially the nature and shape.

A few tips dear moms:

  • Never dye the hair of little girls! Clean, washed and shiny curls will be enough.
  • Of course, you should always take into account the preferences of the child himself, what hairstyle or haircut he wants.

Be sure to learn how to make children beautiful hairstyles. This will give the image a finished look. So girls with short hair can be made several hairstyles. All of them are simple execution. Among them are the well-known "Palm", consisting of tails, and "Young coquette". For children's haircuts include bob, bob-bob, haircut under the boy and many others.