How to make hair thicker and thicker


Congenital hair quality often disappoints girls. The lack of curvaceous curls and voluminous hairstyle can ruin both appearance and vital attitude. How to make hair thicker and is it possible? What tools deserve special attention?

Why are the hair thick?

The amount of hair is laid genetically and does not change during life.

The amount of hair is laid genetically and does not change during life. The average number of follicles is 100-140 thousand. To increase their number by any methods will not work. However, some follicles in the process of growth and maturation of a person could not "wake up". Modern medicine offers to try to “revive” them and, through these procedures, make the number of hairs larger.

Improving the quality of hair is much easier. If the hair is dry and weak, there are many medical and folk remedies aimed at strengthening the hair. If you want to learn how to make hair thicker and thicker, you need to take into account the main reasons that prevent this:

  • chronic diseases;
  • stress and anxiety;
  • frequent visits to the hairdresser for hair procedures;
  • unbalanced diet and lack of vitamins E and B.

If you exclude from your life these factors, you can apply other methods to improve the quality of hair.

How to make hair thicker and longer with medicine?

How to make hair thicker and longer with medicine?

If your hair is not thick and does not shine with health, you can resort to the methods of official medicine. Doctors-trichologists are engaged in this problem, who can recommend products that help nourish the scalp. Here are the ways doctors offer life-giving hair.

  • Scalp massage

If some follicles remain "sleeping", a scalp massage will be most welcome. It activates the nutrition of the hair, and it becomes stronger. Do massage need pads of fingers. In beauty salons it is carried out in combination with various essential oils. One of these tools - Hairtonic - does not have any harm and is indicated even for pregnant women. You can use Indian oil production Amla Hair Oil, which perfectly nourishes the follicles. It is recommended to be applied at night. The only downside is the strong spicy smell that not everyone can withstand.

  • Proper nutrition

How to make hair thicker and more voluminous, and nutritionists suggest. For hair growth especially need vitamins and amino acids. Are they enough in your food? If not, then you should think about taking artificial vitamin preparations. The most valuable of them will be vitamins E, C and B.

  • Rubbing

Enhanced rubbing of the scalp with a terry towel greatly improves its nutrition. After the procedure, there should appear a feeling that the head is “burning”. A rush of blood to the roots of hair accelerates growth and makes them thicker. However, the action of this method is by no means quick, and one will have to be patient.

  • Masks

In beauty salons, masks are made with specially designed means, for example, ShanShan. It is mixed with vitamins A and E, add orange essential oil. Depending on the length of the hair is taken the appropriate number of tubes. The mask must be kept for half an hour. The procedure is repeated weekly. If you have all the ingredients, you can consult with a beautician how to make hair thick at home with the help of this kind of products.

What do stylists advise?

Not always masks and rubbing can bring the long-awaited effect.

Not always masks and rubbing can bring the long-awaited effect. In this case, hairdressers advise products that visually increase the volume of hair. In the beauty salon, you can choose a hairstyle that will hide the defect. Hairdressers have their own secrets for this.

  • Air conditioners

One of these methods is the regular use of hair conditioners. When choosing a cosmetic, you need to pay attention to its composition: look for the smallest amount of chemical additives and as much as possible natural ingredients. For long hair, various rinses are especially relevant because they make them more elastic and soft.

  • Shampoo

Competent selection of hair cleaners will help to create a feeling of thick hair. When buying a shampoo, ask what its color is. Get transparent because there are practically no dyes in it. Silk protein shampoos can be used in any color. It is preferable to stop the choice on the bottles, where there is an inscription "for all types". Of course, a single use of shampoo, even of very high quality, will not make a haircut much more voluminous, but at the time it will make you feel more confident.

  • Building up

In modern beauty salons offer a procedure that allows you to make hair thick and long. This is an extension in which artificial strands are attached to natural hair. They require careful maintenance and styling. Building up is expensive and time consuming. There are several types of procedures. The methods proposed in England and Italy involve the attachment of strands with hot resins. In the Spanish method, a special glue is used for this purpose. However, it is best to use clips, because in this case, natural hair is not subjected to chemical and heat treatment. They are metal rings, with which artificial hairs are attached to natural hair. 4 months after the extension, the hair is corrected.

How to make thick hair folk remedies?

How to make thick hair folk remedies?

Herbs, solutions, mixtures of different products can be very effective in combating hair loss or nondescript hair types. The advantage of traditional medicine methods is that they are completely harmless, always at hand and inexpensive. The disadvantage is their slow action: to feel the effect, you have to make masks and rubbing from natural products and herbal decoctions for several months.

Rubbing and rinsing

Find out how to make hair thicker, help folk remedies. Ingredients for the recipes below are sure to be found at home, or it is easy to get them.

  • Sea buckthorn

This plant with acidic fruits can saturate the skin of the hair and the body with essential vitamins. It is recommended to eat the berries of the plant or prepare a decoction of the branches. In the pharmacy, you can buy sea buckthorn oil and rub it into the scalp after washing.

  • Castor oil

Familiar to all castor oil can be diluted with a decoction of calendula flowers in the ratio of 1:10. This mixture is recommended to rub the hair roots a few hours before bathing.

  • Beer

Beer contains vitamins of group B, which are so valuable in terms of nutrition of the hair roots. Regular rinsing with a drink will indeed be beneficial for a hairstyle. The only drawback of this remedy is the specific beer smell that persists for some time.

  • Laurel Leaves

The properties of this plant can improve blood circulation in the head. To rinse hair after washing, you should prepare a decoction of a handful of dried leaves, filled with 1 liter. water and boiled for half an hour.

  • Burdock, nettle

A decoction of the leaves of these plants allows you to make your hair more lush and healthy.


Traditional medicine offers a huge number of masks

Traditional medicine offers a huge number of masks that make hair more saturated. The procedure consists in applying a certain mixture to the scalp followed by rinsing. As a result, the hair nutrition and improvement of their appearance.

  • With mustard

To prepare the mask you need to mix mustard, sugar, egg yolk, warm water and any butter for the base, bringing thick cream to the consistency. Lubricate the scalp with a mixture and cover with a plastic bag. Cover with a towel or cloth. You need to hold the mask as much as the sensations allow (mustard burns strongly). After 2 months it will be possible to observe a positive result.

  • Honey Based

Apply honey, egg yolk and base oil to hair and leave the mask for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

  • With kefir

Spread the kefir over the scalp, wrap in polyethylene and cloth and leave for half an hour, then rinse. Mask can be enriched with any additives.

  • With milk and almond nuts

½ tbsp. chopped almond nuts pour milk until a thick consistency. Put the mask on the hair and hold for a couple of hours, then rinse. The regularity of the procedure is weekly.

  • With yeast and eggs

Mix egg yolk, 1 tbsp. yeast and a little herbal decoction made from calendula, chamomile or St. John's wort flowers. Not interfere with burdock oil. Apply the mask on the hair and leave for half an hour, then rinse. Repeat the procedure every 3-4 days.

  • With pine nuts

Mix oil or peeled cedar nuts with water until the consistency of gruel and steamed in an oven at 140-160 degrees. Remove the mixture when it looks like milk. Apply the mask daily for 2 weeks, then abort the procedure for 2 months.

Knowing how to make hair thicker and choosing methods, remember that the optimal effect is achieved with an integrated approach. Only by combining medical and folk remedies, you can achieve the desired result in the form of luxurious hair.