How to make eyes bigger


Perfectionism is inherent in every woman to a certain extent: women try to smooth only visible wrinkles, narrow their faces, give it relief, increase lips, without resorting to the services of surgeons. Another 1 point that sometimes causes discontent is the size of the eyes. This can be easily corrected through makeup.

How to visually make the eyes bigger: the tricks of makeup artists

One cannot answer the question about eye enlargement at least for the simple reason that it is not always clear what specifically visually reduces them. For example, eyes may be lost on the face due to the fact that the remaining features are larger, or due to a strongly overhanging upper eyelid. And maybe the form can be too stretched, due to what the eye seems to be a "crack". For each moment there is a separate solution, but there are also general principles that makeup artists adhere to. Most of them are available even to a person who is not very well versed in the beauty industry.

How to make eyes bigger?

The rule that all women need to remember is a reasonable choice of color in make-up. If you do not want to turn the eyes that are already lost on the background of the face into barely noticeable, make-up done in the 1st color is required to be discarded. Especially when the dominant shade is light, i.e. any flesh, pale pink, milky, white. However, such tones should still be in a cosmetic bag, and must be present in the make-up to create glare and, consequently, relief.

Another 1 requirement - paint eyelashes with mascara. If you want to increase the eyes of the eyelashes, you need to create as much as possible at all, with the tips pointing upwards and not dragging down the eyelids. Therefore, it is highly recommended to first twist them with forceps and only then apply mascara, imposing its main portion on the roots, and not on the ends. Lower cilia are not painted!

An important nuance is the outline of the contour. One of the favorite actions of many girls is to stain the mucous with a dark (often black) pencil. This significantly narrows the eyes. To uncover them, you have to turn to the light contour. It should not be pure white, since such a tool looks unnatural. Therefore, a solid pencil is much more harmonious with leaving a shade of yellowish or pink, depending on the tone of the skin.

Eyes Enhancing Makeup: Appliances For Beginners

How to make eyes bigger?

For makeup that enhances the eyes, you will need:

  • Palette of shadows (matte or satin) of 3 colors, close to each other in gradation from light to dark. Such palettes are called stretch marks: each shade is darker than the previous one in a couple of tones.
  • Light pearl shadows or mica (compressed or crumbly).
  • Pencil-kayal beige shade.
  • Brushes: "barrel" or "pencil", a pair of feathering of different sizes and beveled synthetic.

The gamma of the shadows is chosen arbitrarily, for the natural daytime image beige-brown is recommended, as those closest to the skin tone. Pile at shading brushes is better to look for goat or pony - they create the lightest smoke possible. And in working with small eyes it is very important. Among the tools for make-up is not specified mascara, which is implied initially. And it is assumed that the preparation has already been completed - a tonal basis has been applied to the face, concealer under the eyes, and eyebrows are decorated.

First, the eyelid is prepared: it is covered with a thin layer of the base (preferably liquid, it is easier to extinguish) and powdered. After 1-2 minutes you can start the main work. The light shade of the shadows from the stretch (often solid) is applied to the entire eyelid: from eyelashes to eyebrows.

Now comes the construction of the form, for which the brush-barrel and the darkest shade of 3 are taken. It is usually brown with a gray or chocolate undertone. All this must be done without closing your eyes so that the makeup looks more natural.

How to make eyes bigger?

A laid flat brush draws a line along the bone. The main concentration of color - the outer edge, to the middle is its reduction to "no." The tip of the brush while drawing looks down, so that up to the eyebrow, the saturation of the shadow decreases. The same shape can be lined up with a pencil of the same color. If you want to use a pencil, choose the one that easily pounded on the skin.

A shading brush of a smaller diameter spirals the shadows shade up. After that, the same shade is required to connect the outer corner of the eye and the extreme point on the bone. Shade again, leading the color to the middle of the century. Then a medium tone (usually light brown) is gathered onto the brush and driven into the place of transition from the dark edge to the light center of the moving eyelid. The same shade, but already synthetic beveled brush, should emphasize the lower eyelid literally 1/3 or to the center of the pupil. In the final - and this line shade in a haze.

Now use light pearl shadows. They are collected on a larger brush for feathering and are applied first under the eyebrow, then in the inner corner of the eye, to the teardrop, then - on the center of the moving eyelid. A synthetic oblique brush dipped in water is drawn along the eyelashes, not lost in a long tail. Beige color painted over the water line. This completes the basic everyday make-up for visual enlargement of the eyes.

In the evening or just walking it can be turned, if in the middle of the moving century make color emphasis. However, it is not diverted to the inner corner. You can complete the image with a short (this is important!) Arrow and even bunches of eyelashes.

How to make your eyes larger for a solemn event?

Undoubtedly, there are a number of tips and recommendations that allow you to move the emphasis on the eyes, opening them. But every day these methods are not suitable. Therefore, these methods are used for the most part to exit.

How to make eyes bigger?

The most basic - eyelashes. Only not his own, but overhead. In their regard, makeup artists give some advice. First, the pile is selected only natural. The cost of this option from 200 to 500 rubles. In the presence of such eyelashes have every professional brand: MAC, Ardell, Inglot, NYX. Secondly, no dense and long ribbons - it is better to take bundles or carefully shaped specimens. The main focus is on the outer corner of the eye. If you stick a long and too tightly packed tape, though the eye will attract attention, it will narrow considerably.

Smoky makeup - the very smokyeyes - is the main way to highlight and open your eyes. However, with the wrong technique, it will create a bruising effect that will not decorate the girl. When performing it on small eyes, it is unacceptable to let the water line down with a black pencil, as well as darken the inner corner. Those. completely dark contour - not for small eyes. They need a highlight under the eyebrow and at the nose, as well as in the center of the moving age. To do this, take pearly pigments, mica or a shade of white or milky shade. The most famous is MACVanilla. But he has a lot of analogues in Just, Inglot and NYX.

In the implementation of smouki for small eyes, you can focus on the makeup of Kim Kardashian, excluding the lower stroke. Feather is required perfect, it probably dominates the other rules. And as for the choice of the base color - no black, if you are not a mulatto. This is especially true for girls with fair skin and golden curls: gray, chocolate, even bluish-blue. But not coal black.

Increasing your eyes through makeup, remember that they will attract even more attention to themselves, if you do not paint your lips brightly: a fairly transparent sheen. And in extreme conditions, it is fastest to mark the eyes on the face with a thin and short arrow combined with mascara on twisted eyelashes. Using these rules, you will learn how to quickly perform makeup for small eyes, both for everyday use and for a solemn exit.