How to make curly hair at home


Women with naturally straight hair always ask: how to make curls? Especially since this hairstyle makes the girl more sweet and tender. Let's try together to sort out this issue.

How to make curly hair at home?

How to make curly hair at home?

Nowadays, there are many options for how to make curly hair at home. To understand which one is most suitable for you, you will have to act by trial and error. All methods can be alternated depending on the specific situation and condition of the hair.

Using curlers

Curlers - the easiest and most hair-friendly option for curls. The only disadvantage of this method is only its duration. To get good elastic curls that last a whole day, the curlers must be left overnight.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Separate a small strand, stretch it to its full length and press the tip to the curler.
  2. We twist from tips to roots and fasten.
  3. Try to twist the curler as tight as possible.
  4. Leave the curlers on the hair until dry.

curls with curlers

There is a huge selection of curlers for various curls. If you plan to leave them overnight, it is better to purchase curlers with a soft base in the form of foam rubber or polyurethane.


Curling iron allows you to quickly make curls. With the help of nozzles of various diameters, you can get any curls: from large curls to small curls.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. We divide hair into zones that are comfortable for you.
  2. We begin to wind with the strands of the lower row. For this we take a curl no thicker than a little finger.
  3. We twist from the roots to the tips - so the curls will turn out smooth.
  4. In the same way we wind the lower back locks, then we repeat the process from above and from the sides.
  5. Carefully level the curls with your hands.

curls curling

In order not to spoil the hair and hair, you need to remember some rules for using curling:

  • never twist unwashed hair;
  • hair must be completely dry;
  • foams, gels and varnishes for styling should be used after curling;
  • the less wound the strand, the more uniform the curls;
  • It is impossible to use curling iron for women with brittle split ends.

You also need to know that the constant use of curling worsens and weakens the hair structure.


With the help of the ironing you can even and twist the hair. Working ironing is as simple as a curling iron: the only difference is that the curls are more lush and voluminous.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. We warm up the iron to the average temperature.
  2. Hair divided into zones. They should be perfectly dry and clean.
  3. We begin to twist small strands from tips to roots.curls ironing
  4. Keep the hair straightener until the volume of the curl suits you.
  5. To curls turned out smooth and without bends, do not strongly clamp the plate.

Hair dryer

You can get beautiful large soft curls with a regular hair dryer and a round comb. True, you have to practice a little to achieve the perfect result.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. A little dry wet hair with a towel.
  2. Type a small amount of foam or gel on the palm and evenly distribute over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Warm the round hairbrush slightly with a hairdryer. Lift the strand from the roots and wind it on the comb.
  4. Scrolling the brush slowly, dry the hair from the roots to the ends.curly hair dryer
  5. Fix curls with lacquer.

You can also get beautiful hair curls using a special nozzle with a diffuser. It acts softer due to its peculiarity to distribute hot air.

Curl curls without curling and curlers

Home is not curling, ironing and hair dryer? This is not a problem: we bring to your attention a few express methods for making chic curls at home without mechanical impact.

Long curly hair

Absolutely harmless way to create beautiful curls for long hair - wind them into a bandage.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Wear a cloth bandage on the head, you can use a special for the Greek hairstyle.
  2. The hair below the gum is moderately wetted with water.
  3. Divide into strands and twist each. Poddevat finished curls under the gum.Long curly hair
  4. We wear this hairstyle for 3-6 hours.
  5. Finished curls are divided and form the hair with mousse and varnish.

How to make small curls at home?

It is possible to wind the hair of medium length in a simple and well-known way from childhood - to braid the braids. You yourself can control the size of curls. Braid 1-2 braids to create light curls, and if you make a lot of small ones, you will get small curls.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Well wash your hair with shampoo or just moisten your hair with water.
  2. We divide the hair into small strands (10-20 pcs.).
  3. We braid each strand into a braid and fix the ends of the hair with an elastic band.
  4. Leave until the morning.

Curly hair of different lengths will always be in fashion. Take advantage of our advice - and you get chic curls at home easily and simply.