How to make beads with your own hands

Making beads is an interesting hobby, as well as the opportunity to build an original decoration with your own hands, which will be only for you and in a single copy. Beads will be an excellent decoration to create a unique image and add originality to the most boring image.

How to make beads with your own hands?

It is not difficult to make beads with your own hands, it is enough to take a fishing line or thread and string it on beads. Tie the ends of the thread to the knot, after attaching the lock. Beads are ready with your own hands!

What can you make beads with your own hands?

  • Polymer clay. Plastic need to make a long stick. Cut the stick into the same bars. Roll the balls out of the bars, put a toothpick into each ball and put the balls with a toothpick in the oven. Bake until done. When the beads are ready, varnish them. For other ways, look in the article DIY jewelry: master class.

How to make beads with your own hands?

  • Wool. You can knit beads of wool using the method of felting.
  • The cloth. From the shreds of fabric, you can sew beads by stuffing each piece of fabric with cotton wool.
  • Threads. Wrap the plain beads with threads.

How to make beads with your own hands?

  • Papier mache. Wet paper pulp (PVA + toilet paper) to roll balls. Pierce each ball with a toothpick and wait for it to dry. After drying, each ball is painted and varnished. About papier mache technique, read the article Papier Mache: Mater class.
  • Beads. This is one of the most common materials for creating beads.

How to make beads with your own hands?

To get the original beads with your own hands, you can combine different materials and techniques. For example, you can bead up beads made of wool or felt. The main thing in this business - to show imagination and imagination.

DIY beads: clasps

If you want to make long beads with your own hands, which can be put on over your head, you will not need a clasp in this case. If the beads are short, be sure to make a lock. Buy locks for beads can be in the store. There are several options for locks beads:

DIY beads: clasps

  1. Castle-carbine.
  2. Castle-toggl.
  3. Screw lock, consisting of two halves, which are screwed into one another.
  4. Magnetic lock, which holds the two halves together with a magnet.
  5. Pedal lock.
  6. Multi-row locks designed for multi-tiered beads.

How to make beads with your own hands: materials

Different accessories can be useful for making beads with your own hands, for example: callots, corrugated beads, crimps, etc.

You will not do without threads. On the thread will need to string the beads. For such purposes, you can use different threads:

  • Fishing line - it is strong, reliable, but thin.
  • Jewelry cable - this "thread" is made of interwoven metal threads coated with a sheath.
  • Leather lace.
  • Kapron thread.

How to make beads with your own hands: materials

  • Lavsan thread.
  • Waxed lace.
  • Thin wire.

The beads are strung easily on the fishing line, jewelry cable and wire, and it is better to string the beads on the thread with the help of a needle. If you decide to use waxed or leather lace, the tip is better to lubricate with varnish and glue.

DIY bead necklaces

Beadwork beads are easy to make.

You will need:

  1. Wire, fishing line or nylon thread.
  2. Beads of two contrasting colors and different sizes.
  3. Lock.
  4. Cutter.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Yardstick.

DIY bead necklaces


  • String the middle part of the necklace, alternating large and small beads of contrasting colors.
  • The ends of the beads are recommended to be weaved from small beads, intermittently inserting large beads.
  • When the beads are ready, put a fastener on the ends of the thread.
  • Spread the beads evenly. Beads with your own hands made of beads are ready! They can be added as a daily image, and evening.

DIY beads: master class

Beautiful beads can be woven in various ways.

  • Beads of different sizes. Split the thread into several pieces. String beads on a thread in random order, alternating large and large beads. Attach the lock to the ends of the threads. Beads are ready with your own hands!
  • Beads from large beads. Take large beads of the required color. String beads on a thread, changing color in one or several beads.

How to make beads with your own hands?

  • Beads of different size beads. You can use very large and very small beads to create beads. Select the desired bead colors. Alternate stringing several small beads and one large bead.
  • Colorful beads with your own hands. Do-it-yourself necklaces can be made from beads of the same size, but in different colors. It is recommended to use no more than 3 beads of different colors.
  • Beads of beads of different shapes. You can use long beads and round small beads, alternating between them. The combination of different beads can be different: one long bead and several round; one round and one long; several long and somewhat round; several long and one round.

These are the ways to create beads with their own hands there. In fact, you can make beads from almost everything - even from bagels. The main thing is your imagination and the flight of fantasy, which will lead you to the desired result.

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