How to make a square shape nail


The natural shape of nails is most often genetically determined. The shape of the nails is judged on the nature, health, type of activity, etc. No wonder, a smart man when dating a woman evaluates her manicure. After all manicure - an indicator of how a woman treats herself. The form of the natural nails of the hostess can tell a man a lot about her character and attitudes (read the article Round shape of nails).

Recall that there are four forms of nails - round, square, pointed and rectangular. Some manicurists do not distinguish the rectangular shape of nails, considering it to be square in shape on long nails.

So, if your choice is on square nails, then before you give your nails such a shape, think about whether it will suit you. It is important to know that the square shape of the nails visually shortens the fingers. Therefore, if you have chubby hands with neat little fingers, stylists will not advise you on this form of nails. Only long nail length is permissible in this case. But it is the best of all for square nail holders to be owners of elongated graceful thin fingers. On them, this form will look very elegant.

The square shape of the nails is different. This is of course one form, but inside it there are some variations: classic shape, paddleand narrowed shoulder blade.

  1. Classic shape characterized by the fact that the corners of the nail slightly rounded.
  2. Blade shape has a clearer shape, the corners are not rounded.
  3. Narrowed shoulder blade It is a cross between square and oval nails. The sides of the nail file off at a slight angle (narrowed), and the tip of the nail is made like a scapula, sharp.

Choose the square shape of the nail that suits you best.

Now that you have decided, you need to start giving the nails the desired shape. To do this, we will step by step to follow the instructions.

  • To start soften the nails using the bath for nails. You can simply dip your nails for a few minutes in warm water, or you can make a nourishing bath (read the article Masks and Hand Baths).
  • Good after that dry your hands, wiping them with a napkin or towel.
  • Trim the naildesired length with tweezers. It is important to make one correct movement. Do not use scissors, as they will have to make several movements, it is difficult to get an even tip of the nail in this case.
  • To make a classic square nail file down little corners of the nail. For the scapula, leave it as it is (if the cut of the nail is uneven - file it until smooth).

  • Work a little nail file on the sides of the nail. For the narrowed shape, the sides of the nail are either cut a little or sawed to the right side.
  • The work is done. Wash your hands. Apply hand and nail cream. After some time you can apply varnish on your nails.

On square nails you can create any manicure you like. Suit and classic French manicure, and Japanese, and various drawings. Show your imagination and create your own manicure with your favorite varnish colors. This spring and this summer bright cheerful manicure is in fashion, so do not be afraid to experiment!

For information on how to make an original manicure for square nails, read the articles DIY manicure in marble, Sakura nail design, Manicure ideas for short nails.

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