How to make a pedicure


Spring came, so summer is just around the corner. Soon we will take off heavy clothes (jackets, coats), shoes (boots) and wear summer light clothes. On our legs graceful open shoes, sandals and slippers will flaunt. But after winter, the legs are tired, and do not always look decent. Therefore, we suggest starting now to prepare for the summer. And our today's conversation will be devoted to the care of the feet, or rather the secrets of a pedicure.

To care for your feet do not necessarily go to the salon, but if you still want, feel free to go. You will be offered there many useful procedures for your beauty.

Pedicure in the beauty salon

The most popular in beauty salons are SPA pedicure and hardware pedicure.

Hardware pedicureperformed with the help of special devices. It takes you only 40-50 minutes. Often it is carried out without baths, and for softening and moisturizing use napkins with the same oils. After that, the cornified skin is removed with the help of rotating nozzles, the shape of the nails is corrected and the nail plate is polished.

Spa pedicureincludes step-by-step procedures:

  1. Foot bath using vitamins and minerals. It is used to cleanse, deodorize and prepare the skin for the next stage.
  2. Peelingthe skin is cleansing it from the horny particles. It can be performed with preparations based on scrubs with a solid composition (sugar, coffee, ground apricot stones, etc.). Or drugs, which include fruit acids (for example, a mask of a mixture of jasmine, sesame and avocado). The composition of the peels can include natural and essential oils, then they not only exfoliate, but also nourish the skin of the feet.
  3. Massage.Here emphasis is placed on the foot, as there are reflex zones of all human organs. Massage helps to relax, relieves stress. Extremely pleasant procedure in the right hands.

SPA components improve blood circulation, metabolism, improve mood and well-being. After such procedures, the skin of your legs will become elastic, soft, beautiful.

During the SPA procedures, not only drugs are used, but pleasant music, as well as color effects.

However, doing a pedicure in the salon once a month (as recommended) is not quite enough. This does not mean that we should go to the salon more often. You just need to maintain the effect that you got through the experts. This can be done at home.

Pedicure at home

First you need a good steam your legs. In a basin of hot soapy water, you can add or oil, or herbal extracts, or sea salt. This is your choice.

Then proceed to exfoliation of dead skin cells. This is usually done with pumice.

As soon as we cleansed the skin, apply special nutritional mask. Good rub massage movements. After the mask is usually applied nourishing cream or lubricate the skin with olive or some other vegetable oil. It is necessary to restore the water balance of the skin.

After all these manipulations, proceed directly to our nails. Carefully move the cuticle back as far as possible (it's soft, and now it's easy to do). Then cut nails and file. It is better to use a glass nail file, as the metal damages the structure of the nail. After polish marigolds special bar.

Now that all the procedures are done, you can proceed to polishing. You can choose any color, especially since this summer fashionable bright shades of colors. Of course, the color of the nails should at least a little match the color of the shoes, or other accessories. Many paint their fingernails on their arms and legs in the same way. This is correct, but do not forget to experiment and do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd with something. Let even an unusual interesting pedicure on your exquisite legs.

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Take care of yourself, take care of your beauty and remember that you are a woman, a beautiful and perfect creature!