How to make a newspaper manicure at home

A variety of decals for manicure had a high popularity a couple of decades ago, and today stamps, stencils, foil, ombre and painting techniques have come to replace them. However, the transfer of the image to the surface is still used by girls, when you need to quickly and unusually decorate your nails.

How to do it yourself, especially a person without experience in nail design?

How to make a newspaper manicure at home?

If you have never tried yourself in such a case, start with the classic technology on the usual varnish. It does not guarantee a long-lasting result, but with it, it is possible to make corrections almost indefinitely, and the amount of materials needed for work is minimal.

How to make a newspaper manicure at home

You will need:

  • any newspaper with small print;
  • towel 20 * 20 cm;
  • the main color - it can be any, but the letters from the newspaper should be well read on it;
  • clear varnish (better-special base);
  • alcohol;
  • tweezers.

The technology works:

  1. Perform a classic manicure: give the nails the same shape, remove the length, using a pusher or silicone stick, clean off the pterigia at the base of the nail. If necessary, cut off the cuticle, or simply move it away.
  2. Apply the main color on the nails, wait until it dries. Even if the product falls translucent, and you want a dense coating, lay it in thin layers, there will simply be more than one - so it’s better to grab from the inside and not be lubricated later.How to make a newspaper manicure at home
  3. Pick up a piece of newspaper, pre-selected in size with tweezers - it should go 2-3 mm along the perimeter of the nail. Dip it in a container with alcohol, hold for 5-7 seconds.How to make a newspaper manicure at home
  4. Place the newspaper on the nail, gently but firmly press with your finger. Do not rub, do not move it, otherwise the picture will spread.How to make a newspaper manicure at home
  5. In 10 seconds remove the paper with tweezers - this piece is no longer necessary for you.How to make a newspaper manicure at home
  6. Cover the nail with a transparent varnish (top), trying not to touch the design with a brush. Those. drip a little bit of money, lightly spread it over the whole area with light motions on the top of the drop.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the remaining nails.

    How to make a newspaper manicure at home

Consider that newsprint should be soft, standard - not those thick, almost magazine glossy sheets: it is much harder to translate from them. The pieces may be very small, slightly larger than the surface of your nail. The main thing is to follow the location of the text: on the nail should fall not only one letter, but a full-fledged fragment.

Alternative manicure with a newspaper on the gel varnish

Newspaper manicure at home

This technique is even more interesting than the classic, and the result has increased durability due to reliable coverage. The only drawback is the cost of the UV lamp, which is indispensable, and special tools: bases, stamps, dehydrators. If all this is present in your arsenal, study the algorithm below and try to execute it.

  1. Perform a classic manicure, go bang on the nail on top to remove excess shine.
  2. Apply a thin layer of base, dry for 1 min. in the lamp. If you have a LED device, 30 seconds is enough.
  3. From above lay a thin layer of the main color, dry the same.
  4. Now put a piece of newspaper on the nail, flatten it, cut off the excess with a thin knife. If there are sticking edges, do not worry - they can be safely removed later.
  5. Cover the nail with a thick layer of top, dry. Lamp timer for 2 min. For LED-device -1.5 min.
  6. Remove the adhesive layer: for this you can use nail polish remover or a special tool.
  7. If you have sticking up the edges of the newspaper, put your nail in the water and wait 1-1.5 minutes. The paper will be sodden and easily removed even with a wooden stick.

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Acquainted with the main ways of creating a newspaper manicure, you can experiment - use any paper pieces, up to cards, banknotes, magazine sheets. The only thing to soak thick material (if you have chosen a translation technique) will take longer. And, of course, it is not necessary to cover the entire plate with the design - it can be placed locally.

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