How to make a horse tail


The ponytail is a simple hairstyle that many people do every day by simply lifting their hair up with a rubber band. This quick styling can be original and fashionable. The main thing is to know a few secrets.

Hairstyle ponytail allows you to do on its basis a lot of fashionable styling.

How to make a pony tail?

Collect and lift the hair at the back of the head, as for the usual horse's tail. Then pull out one of the longest strands at its base and wrap all the other hair around it. Secure the hair with hairpins.

Lift your hair as usual. Then pull out 3 strands from the base of the tail and braid the usual thin pigtail. Wrap her tail, securing stealth and varnish.

Separate the hair near the left ear and fasten the rest so that you do not interfere. Braid braids on the left side - you can make one, two or three. They can be of any type. When pigtails are ready, tie the tail with them. Thread the remaining ends of the strands under the gum.

Take all the hair in the tail, combed them at the roots. Then a little rub at the base with your fingers, smeared with wax, so that a slight carelessness will turn out on your head. Now you can tighten the gum to the hair at the roots began to look even more magnificent.

How to make a pony tail?

Choose the side on which most of your hair will fall. Divide strictly according to the parting, going to the fringe, tie the remaining ones in the highly raised horse's tail. Curl the ends of the tail and scrape it at the very base, then slightly tousle your ponytail with a fleece. Smoothly take all the remaining hair behind the ear or down the tail, and properly fasten all the invisible.

Take all your hair into a low ponytail. As soon as you tie the gum, pull it off with your fingers. At the base of the tail, make a small hole and hold it together with the rubber band - the tail will split into 2 parts. Throw both parts up, and then pass them through this hole. Smooth hair.