How to make a high ponytail with a pile on top


One of the easiest and fastest hairstyles for everyday use is the tail. Many perceive it as something commonplace, more suitable for household chores and sports. However, this is a big mistake. Showing a little imagination, the usual bunch of hair can be turned into an elegant hairstyle. For example, a skillfully made ponytail with a fleece is ideal for both office and holiday events.

Of course, the thick head of the tail turns out much smarter. But the owners of thin hair should not be upset: there are techniques to help make the hair more lush, voluminous and impressive. How to make a tail with a fleece correctly, who would suit such a hairstyle and how to give it a zest?

Who will fit the tail with a fleece?

Who will fit the tail with a fleece?

This hairstyle is done easily and quickly, gives the desired volume, it is very easy to make a variety. It is enough to add some accessory, make an original parting or arrange the tail in an unusual place - and it will look completely different. But not everyone can take advantage of all these advantages.

  • hairstyle tail with a pile done on long and medium hair. However, this is not an absolute limitation, because modern masters are able to offer a solution to any problems;
  • a horse tail without a bang looks quite extravagant and stylish. However, its presence does not spoil the hair, giving the image more romance, tenderness and femininity;
  • you need to understand that high bouffant will visually stretch the face, narrow it, so owners of the appropriate shape should avoid it or choose a compromise option;
  • This type of hairstyle usually involves a completely open face, so it is desirable that it be of the correct round or slightly square shape and with beautiful features;
  • tail with a pile with fully collected hair is not suitable for women with bulged, ugly ears, because it only emphasizes this shortcoming;
  • smooth hair does not fit women with angular features. But in this case, you can get out of the situation, leaving the face wide strands.

How to make the "right" bouffant?

This is a rather painful procedure for hair. Therefore, in order not to spoil them much, you need to know certain nuances.

  • never perform this procedure on damaged, brittle hair;
  • such a test can be subjected to extremely dry hair;
  • combing requires clean, smooth hair, so it is better to wash them with conditioner;
  • hand movements should be neat and smooth;
  • be sure to fix the result with varnish or gel;
  • If during the procedure the hair is torn out by shreds, pay attention to their health. Perhaps the hair needs to be treated.

Technology to create hairstyles:

  1. Wash your hair and blow dry your hair completely. For additional volume, you can raise the strands and direct a hot stream of air to the roots.
  2. Comb your hair with a comb. Grab a small strand in the area of ​​the crown, tilt it forward and secure with a clip. This is a feature of the hairstyle tail with a pile: we leave the first order intact, and at the end of the work we will cover the rest of the hair with it.
  3. Separate the next strand and gently mix it. Do not bring the comb to the roots, back away from them by 5 cm.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the strands.
  5. After completion of the procedure, lower in turn all combed hair. Smooth them with your hands or a massage brush to form the desired shape of hair.
  6. The pile should be well sprinkled with varnish, preferably strong fixation.
  7. Gather the tail with a rubber band. At its discretion, it can be varied in any way proposed below.


  • it is more convenient for someone to work in the reverse order: we fold the shock of hair forward, grab the very first strand from behind and begin to comb;
  • strands each separately can be treated with varnish in the process;
  • volume depends on the number of combed layers. The more of them, the hair will be more magnificent.

Making a high tail

How to make a high tail with a pile?

This version of the hairstyle implies a bouffant at the front of the head and a tail attached to the top of the head.

  1. Separated from the forehead rather wide strand. Gently combing it, starting from the middle towards the roots.
  2. The prepared part of the hair we pin on the crown in any acceptable way. It can be beautiful clips, hairpins or invisible.
  3. It is necessary to slightly smooth the bouffant with massages and spray it with varnish to fix it.
  4. Assemble the tail on the crown as high as possible.
  5. Treat the hair with lacquer over the head and walk with your hands so that they do not fluff.
  6. Tail can be left as is or arrange as prompted by fantasy.


  • bouffant on the top or on the hair of the front part of the head, additional bouffant hair on the sides;
  • high tail at the crown, on the side, normal at the back of the head, low;
  • tail wrapped with own hair;
  • the strands in the tail are stretched or curled by a large curling iron, smooth or combed;
  • hairstyle with the addition of weaves and pigtails of various kinds;
  • double or triple tail;
  • hairstyles on elastic bands.

Original ideas

  1. We leave the front strands of the face, we make bouffant on the top of the head, collect the hair at the back of the head.

Tail with pile on top - ideas

  1. Make bouffant as usual, we place the tail on the back of the head or below. We separate a thin strand of hair from it and wrap it in a circle, fix the tip with an invisible one.

Tail with pile on top - ideas

  1. Give volume top. Grab the upper part of the hair and fasten with a rubber band. We also collect the remaining hair and cover it with the first tail. In this embodiment, hairstyles curls better curl large curling.

Tail with pile on top - ideas

  1. We make a pile, we braid a pigtail from the side in any way. Then we collect the tail.

Tail with pile on top - ideas

  1. An idea for long hair. We brush the top. We collect high horse tail. Stepping back from the base about 5-8 cm, we fix the hair with an elastic band. Then, after the same interval, we repeat the actions - and so on until the end. Hair between rezinochkami fluff and give volume.

Tail with pile on top - ideas

  1. You can make a perfectly smooth hairstyle with a straight tail or give it a slightly sloppy look, slightly ruffled hair.

Tail with pile on top - ideas

As you can see, by showing some imagination, the usual "home" beam can easily be turned into something more original. This can greatly facilitate the fate when you need to look gorgeous, and there is not much time to build something special. However, we must not forget that too frequent combings, especially with a violation of technology, can do a lot of harm to hair. Therefore, it is necessary to choose for them the appropriate care.