How to make a high hair for medium and long hair


Collected in various ways at the crown or just below the hair is able to decorate almost any woman regardless of her age. High hairstyles emphasize the elegant lines of the neck, open forehead and cheekbones. Most of them visually make their owner several cm higher. In addition, for many girls this is also a great way to escape the summer heat.

How to make a high hair?

How to make a high hairstyle for medium and long hair?

Even those styling that do not require special hairdressing skills are not at all limited to the horse tail or hastily created by the beam on the crown or the back of the head.

Depending on the case in which the high hairstyle is created, its type is chosen. At the youth celebration - graduation or birthday of a friend - it is better to give preference to the options with partially released strands. For study and work - perfect smooth hair, ease of hair style. For a party, banquet or corporate event will require more complex ideas, close to the classics.

High hairstyles for medium hair

The most elegant and refined high hairstyle for medium hair! can be called a "shell" or a French bundle. With more than a dozen different variations, she is a symbol of femininity and grace. For many women, this hairstyle is associated with the image of Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's." And in the creation of such styling, in fact, there is nothing unnecessarily complicated.

The easiest option a la Audrey runs in minutes. Hair combed and, if necessary, passed through the hot plates ironing, and then going to a low tail, but not fastened with an elastic band. After that, they need to lift up and start to twist inside. Until the tip of the tail remains in the hands, which subsequently hides in the main mass. Haircut itself is required for the entire length to secure the studs.

You can turn an everyday "shell" into a festive one not only with a decorative hairpin or even a lace pad, but also with your own hair. To do this, a thick strand is separated from the front part with a side grip, which should be sprayed with varnish. The curl is twisted and stacked in any shape. Short studs hold it where necessary.

How to make a high hairstyle for medium and long hair?

For study and work, a high beam is perfectly suited, which can be both classical and koshi-based. For example, this is how you can vary its simplest variation:

  1. Comb your hair well, divide it into two unequal parts by a parting part. The top should be much larger than the bottom, and should be collected at the crown.
  2. To work with the bottom, it is recommended to tilt your head so that the curls fall away. Now, at the border of hair growth, you need to choose a thick strand and start from it weave a classic pigtail with side hair pickup.
  3. After the weaving reaches the top of the crown (the “bottom-up” direction), all hair, including the previously assembled front part, is grabbed by an elastic band and wrapped around its base. The end hides in the wrong part of the hairstyle and is fixed with a short hairpin.

We can recall one more trend of 2013, which passed into the year 2014. The lace braids, which were at the peak of popularity quite recently, have not yet had time to go out of fashion. High hairstyles, photos of which were found in glossy magazines, were basically just like that.

Lace braid is called 6 strand. Usually it takes on its creation about 30 minutes, if the hair is ready to boast of considerable length. But there is a special version of its execution, which is not visually distinguishable from the original. It is much easier to master it, and it will take less time.

After the hair has been collected in a high tail, they should be divided into 2 equal parts. From them is separated by a thin curl, which are combined into one. And from the bulk weave 2 identical by volume of the spit by the method of reverse weaving. Their free strand, link by link, as a thread, must be “stitched” together. Finish the base of the tail with the ready oblique several times, hide the tip in it, fix it with a hairpin.

We select the hairstyle for long hair

How to make a high hairstyle for medium and long hair?

With long hair, the freedom in creating hairstyles is no less than with those reaching to the shoulder blades. Is that work requires more free time, and a certain skill is needed. But it is on the long hair that real masterpieces of hairdressing are obtained.

The simplest business option can be considered hairstyles with high pile, created on the basis of the classic horse tail. To do this, clean the strands must be carefully processed with mousse or a small amount of gel, to prevent impotom crumble in your hands. Actively comb hair at the roots, focusing on the upper zone closer to the crown. To braid a tail, to wrap its basis with a thin lock, having removed its end under the disappeared elastic band. Pull out freely hanging curls, fix the final result by sprinkling it with varnish.

One more idea of ​​a high hairstyle hairstyle looks advantageously on long hair, the ends of which before its creation are recommended to curl with a curling iron. After that, the whole mass is divided into 4 zones: 2 side, upper with the seizure of the crown, and lower. The main work is carried out with the top, which must be carefully combed at the roots, without affecting the overall length. After that, this part is slightly twisted to hold the pile, and is attached with pins to the bottom. Pre-last required to collect a silicone rubber band to match.

Now combed the side strands, also at the roots on the inside. The same method of twisting fix the result, and then superimposed on the top and bottom of the hair. Secure the whole thing studs and invisible. The final result is similar to a low tail, but with a high pile and neatly curled ends.

Hairdressers tips

How to make a high hairstyle for medium and long hair?

How to make a high hairstyle for medium and long hair?

It also looks gorgeous braids on the basis of braids, especially on blond hair. Photos of high hairstyles of this type in print and on the network a lot, but not all can understand how to create such a thing on their own.

For example, an interesting idea came from the 20th century. The most advantageous hairstyle will be if you braid braids on thick hair. On thin does not appear the required amount. The longer the hair, the better. You will need a comb-comb, a little gel, a hair dryer, a pair of thin elastic bands and hairpins, as well as ribbons or a hairpin to match the dress.

  1. The entire mass of the hair is divided into two equal parts by the central part, which is required to be collected in tails the width of the palm above the ears. At the base, under the rubber bands, a space is created through which the ends of the tails are passed "inwards".
  2. After that, the curls are woven into two tight braids. Add personality and visual volume can, if you carry out the reverse weaving. Also the perfect addition will be the tapes put into the braids, matched to the tone of the clothes.
  3. Now you need to fix the braids on the back of your head or a little higher, for which you should either lay them eight, or turn them into “snails”, the edges of which touch each other. Hairpins and stealth from the seamy side will help keep the hair.

The last version of the high hairstyle for long hair - "basket", which is often referred to as the "crown." It is relevant at any age and for any occasion: from school to celebration. Despite the apparent complexity, it takes no more than 15 minutes. free time. And of the skills required only the ability to weave a simple French braid.

A thick strand is taken from the right temple, which must be disassembled into 3 equal parts. Hairdressers advise them to lightly treat them with a gel in order to increase the lifespan of the hairstyle. Movement is performed up and around the head, so that it is completed below. A thin side strand is added to each new link of the braid. It is important to make sure that the increase was on the sides, and not to the center. Otherwise, the drawing is broken.

In the area of ​​the right ear, the work with the scythe is completed, the tip is intercepted by a thin transparent rubber band and inserted under the base of the spit. The place of their "meeting" is recommended to decorate with any large hairpin, and sprinkle the hairstyle itself with a pair of zippers of lacquer with strong fixation. If desired, you can slightly extend the links of the braid, giving it a visual volume.

Any high hairstyle can decorate as a casual look with jeans and a cardigan, and elegant - in a dress and heels. It is appropriate everywhere and always, and therefore will never lose its relevance. Make high hair on the basis of horse tails, using different types of weaving and styling. They look good on both long and medium hair.