How to make a hair bow


Hair bow - one of the most popular, stylish and original styling, which does not require additional accessories and decorations. Gentle romantic and naughty bow will not let you get lost in the crowd on a weekday, and also highlight you at any festive event. Make this hairstyle is not difficult.

Hair bow hair: instructions

How to make a hair bow?

You will need:

  1. Hair ties - 2 pcs .;
  2. Invisible;
  3. Studs;
  4. Hairbrush;
  5. Hair foam;
  6. Strong hold hairspray.


  • First you need to prepare the hair. First, brush the strands well. If you are the owner of curly hair, it is recommended to straighten the curls. To smooth curls, use special tools and iron.
  • If your hair is thin and sparse, you will have to create some volume. To do this, wind strands on large curlers or make bouffant. When the preparatory stage is over, you can proceed directly to the very hair bow.
  • Highlight not the crown of the triangle, forming a bang. In the temporal region, leave small identical strands. From the remaining hair, collect a high horse tail. To make your hair obedient, first apply gel or wax on your hands. In the upper part of the tail, select a small strand and pin it above the tail of the invisible, so that it does not disturb you.
  • Take the 2nd gum and fasten it to the bottom of the tail. Divide the hair between the 1st and 2nd part of the tail into 2 equal parts. Form a neat bow of the parts and fix it with pins. Curls of a bow should be evenly distributed on both sides of the head from the center of the tail. Divide the remaining hair ends into 2 parts and hide them in the right and left half of the bow. To get a more volumetric bow, before you hide the tips, mix them a little.
  • Take the strand that you have separated from the tail at the very beginning of the formation of the hairstyle. With its help, make a knot between the halves of the bow. Secure the strand at the base of the tail with the help of Invisibles. Hide the tip of the knot inside the bow so that it is not visible.
  • Take strands from the temporal zone, lightly peg them and twist into bundles. Move the finished harnesses to the bow and secure with studs. The tips of the harnesses, as usual, hide under the hair.
  • If you have a bang, lay it as you like. Spray the finished hair with a strong hold.

How to make a simple bow of hair?

How to make a hair bow?

Before starting work, comb your hair well and collect it on top of your head in a bun. Pull the bundle with an elastic band, leaving a third of the length free. As a result, you should get a loop of hair. Leave the loose ends intact: they will be useful for the final decoration of the bow.

Performing a loop, loose hair, flip over his forehead. Near the gum lock strands stealth. Hair that you have not fixed, comb and gently flip back through the middle of the loop. The correctness of this stage will depend on how the final hairstyle will look like.

Hide the tips of the protruding hairs under the basis of styling + and fix it with stealth. Fasten the halves of the bow with stealth to the crown so that it does not fall apart. You can fantasize and give the bow an interesting and unusual shape. The final stage of your hair should be fixing lacquer.

Hairstyle bow of 2 tails

Split the hair at the back by a vertical parting. Collect them in 2 tails, arranged on the same level. Each tail drag elastic, but not too tight. Bottom tails secure with another rubber band. It is also important to secure the gum at the same level, otherwise, the bow will turn uneven curls.

Bend the left tail, gently forming a half bow. Secure it with several rubber bands to an elastic band. Do the same with the right tail. Hide hair tips in the finished hairstyle. Bows sprinkle with lacquer strong fixation, and for brightness you can decorate with beautiful hairpins or flowers.

Hairdo bow: video

Bow long hair: instruction

Collect hair in a bun on a nape, without pulling it up to the end. Divide the beam into 2 parts, securing them with invisible so that each part turns out to be flat and well kept. Make a bundle: take a sticking strand and wrap it under the gum, secure with invisible.

The ends of the hairstyle can be left sticking out to give the bow ease and ease. Last of all, sprinkle a bow of hair with lacquer so that it keeps its shape well.

A hair bow is a simple, effective and relaxed hairstyle that can fit in absolutely any image. It is easy to make such laying independently, without asking for the help the professional. You can place a bow anywhere: at the crown, not the back of the head, on the side, etc. Experiment with hairstyles, and you will always look great!