How to make a french manicure at home with stencils and


According to the famous Frenchwoman Coco Chanel, the business card of any girl is her hands. And, whatever you say, she was right. The French have always known a lot about beauty. Maybe that's why they assign authorship of such a beautiful thing as a French manicure (by the way, wrong!). Anyway, let's learn how to make a French manicure at home.

French Marigold: Elegant Chic

How to make a French manicure at home?

French manicure is a special way to perform a manicure, in which 2 (or more) colors are used, when the free edge of the nail is different in color from the rest of the nail plate. Classic "French" is performed using natural colors: the edge of the nail is painted white, the rest remains natural. The length and shape of the nail can be any. The advantages of the French are in its versatility: it is appropriate at the disco and in the office, in the church and at the fashion show. French manicure nails look well-groomed and elegant, well combined with clothes of any style.

There are alternative versions of the French manicure, which give a lot of space for imagination. Any colors and shapes, ornaments made of sparkles, rhinestones, foils diversify the already familiar way to design nails.

How to choose a varnish?

The secret of a good manicure, which looks neat and keeps for a long time, is a properly selected varnish. We need at least 2 coatings for the classic version - transparent and white. It is better to take varnishes from the same manufacturer and from the same line, because their thickness, consistency, drying speed should not differ much. It must be said that white lacquer is replaced with any color one at will, while the requirements for its qualities remain the same. Nails will say "thank you" if you use a special base that protects them from the effects of colored varnishes. And for a more prolonged wearing of this beauty, the manicure is completed with a “finishing” layer - a top coating, which adds shine and durability.

French manicure varnish

Additional tools that will come in handy when doing home manicure:

  • nail polish remover without acetone;
  • cotton swabs and napkins;
  • stencils;
  • tassels of various thickness.

Home manicure

French is a familiar item in the price list of any beauty salon. But not every girl is ready to pay money for elementary, in fact, work. And it is wise: you can learn how to do a French manicure at home. There are different ways, and we will focus on two of them in detail: with and without a stencil.

Preparing stencils for french manicure with your own hands is quite simple. For this you can use any self-adhesive film. The disadvantages of this method - if the material is chosen poorly, then the adhesive can remain on the nails, and the work will be blocked. To avoid this, try to paint 1 nail, using homemade stencils. Even easier to buy ready-made manicure strips in the store.

Some girls and women in the cost of applying without stencils. To learn this, we need some practice. It is especially difficult to do work with the right hand with the right hand and vice versa. But to get a hand is quite real, and numerous videos on the Internet are proof of this. See below for how to make a French manicure at home without stripes.

How to make a manicure at home: step by step instructions, photos

Manicure with stencils

Manicure with stencils

  1. Prepare the nails, give the base of the nail a perfect shape.
  2. Apply the base.
  3. Dry and glue the strips. They, by the way, can be various: a semicircular form, straight, wavy, in the shape of an arrow.
  4. Paint the tip of the nail with white (for a classic manicure). In this case, the varnish should not go too thick, especially on the border with the rest of the nail plate. Try to make so that excess coating does not flow under the stencil.
  5. Dry and remove stencils. With the help of cotton swabs correct flaws, if necessary, reduce the thickness of the white coating.
  6. Apply clear varnish.
  7. The option of applying a French manicure is possible in such a way that the transparent lacquer is replaced with color. This requires additional work with stencils.

Manicure without stencils

  1. Paint the tips with white, trying to observe the lower limit of the application.
  2. Take a napkin or cotton swab and align the border with nail polish remover. You can use a clean brush for this.
  3. The second and last layer is transparent.

Secrets of the French manicure

  • Applying a varnish on the tips of nails with French manicure can be both external and internal.
  • Some cosmetic companies offer special whitening pencils that can paint the inside of the free edge of the nail.
  • On sale you can find tips - false nails with an already completed French manicure and special glue.
  • Even a classic jacket can be varied by decorating 1 or 2 nails on each hand with a painting or rhinestone.
  • The above-mentioned color-french franc is called a fan-french. "French millennium" is a French manicure with shiny nail tips. For this, shimmering glitter varnishes or special glue and foil are used.
  • One of the embodiments of the French manicure is the application of lacquer in such a way that the color at the base of the nail smoothly changes to the color of the tip of the nail. This application technique is called "amber" and is performed using a sponge.
  • If you want the French manicure lasted longer than 2 weeks, then salon application of shellac-manicure will help you. However, for its durability, it will be necessary to pay the hassle of removing such coverage.

French manicure is the perfect solution for many girls and women. So it makes the versatility of application, unobtrusive appearance, plain execution in comparison with many other manicure techniques and styles. It’s worthwhile once in practice to get acquainted with its nuances - and the elegance of your look is assured.