How to make a bunch of medium length hair

The simplest, but at the same time elegant and beautiful hairstyle for medium-length hair is a bun. This hairstyle is lightweight and has many options. Among them, you can pick up a bun that will be perfectly combined with a sporty style or hairstyle suitable for an office. Ease in the performance of this hairstyle will allow you to do it anywhere: at home, at work, on the road or even on a hike.

Each one has his own bundle

Despite the fact that every woman from the variety of beams can choose the one suitable for herself, there are many pitfalls in choosing the type of beam. As with any other hairstyle, an incorrectly selected bundle may, instead of your merits, reveal undesirable flaws.

Medium length hair bundle

  • An elegant bundle with notes of refinement is ideal for girls who have perfect facial features and a swan neck. If a girl possesses a combination of these qualities of appearance, then on her head even a disheveled, hastily packed bundle will look just amazing.
  • For girls who have a neck a little shorter, it is better to make bunches a little lower. This hairstyle does not create an accent on the neck.
  • Girls with high growth should refuse beams at the crown.
  • Small, fragile, massive buns are completely unsuitable for small fragile women.

How to make a simple bun on the hair of medium length?

The name speaks for itself: to make such a bundle is very simple. It does not need a lot of time and effort.

A simple bun on the hair of medium length

  • First you need to comb your hair and collect them in a pony tail (high or low, depending on where you plan to place the beam).
  • Next, you need to twist the hair into a bundle and make a bundle around the tail of this bundle.
  • Secure such a bundle need studs. Make it necessary so that the studs were the least visible. Also, as a fastening you can use a large hairpin, resembling in appearance with forceps.
  • If you want to slightly embellish your ordinary bundle, then leave at the bottom of the bundle a few small strands that need to be twisted into flagella and placed on top of the bundle. The tips of the resulting flagella wrap in rings and secure on the hair using stealth.

How to make a bundle of flagella for medium length hair?

Hair should be divided into 4-5 equal sections horizontally. On each of these sections of the hair we form a tail and twist the flagella. We make it tight enough that they are well kept.

How to make a bundle of flagella for medium length hair?

Your hair should be something like astrakhan. The resulting unusual bundle must be secured with studs and invisible hairpins. This hairstyle always looks stylish and modern, and most importantly, original.

Medium length hair band

This bun looks pretty elegant to use it as a festive hairstyle. Apply a styling agent to damp hair, then straighten hair with a hair dryer and a brush. When hair is dried and straightened, collect it in a ponytail. The tail should be free, not very tight. To do this, use your fingers in front of the tail to loosen the gum slightly. Now the tail needs to be transformed to a free bunch. It is necessary to fix it not too tight with the help of all the same studs and stealth.

Medium length hair band

You will need a pair of headbands. One of them should be placed at a distance of 4-5 cm from the hairline. The second rim should be located at a distance of about 5 cm from the first. When all the rims are in place, the hair must be poured hair spray. Speakers in unnecessary places are better to gently smooth.

Elegant bun on the hair of medium length

This bunch is the perfect solution for business hairstyles. In order to make it, the hair must be divided into 3 parts. In this case, the part that falls on the back of your head should be more than the two remaining. It will look more beautiful if you have two parts in front, divided by side parting. In order to make it easier for you to work with a hairstyle, we fasten the front strands with clips. The occipital part must be carefully combed, lifted to the top of the head and pulled tight with an elastic band (that is, make the tail).

Elegant bun on the hair of medium length

Twist your hair into a loose bundle and wrap, as far as your hair length permits, around the base of your knotted tail. It is necessary to leave a small loop into which the tip of the tail should be threaded. The resulting knot must be firmly tightened, sticking strands hidden in it. It is necessary to fasten this bundle with the help of studs and be sure to fill with varnish.

Now we take for the side strands, remove clips from them and comb our hair. Put the strand on the left, over the top of the beam and place it over your ear so that it looks neat and elegant. Secure this strand should be invisible, while the tips leave free. Similarly, you need to do with the right strand. Now your elegant bundle is ready.

Medium length wavy hair bundle

On wavy hair, this simple hairstyle will look very impressive. If you want to make a bundle of wavy hair, apply styling foam to clean damp hair. Dry and straighten hair with a hair dryer and a round brush. Now you need large forceps. With their help, you need to create waves, not rings, therefore, after winding a strand of hair on the forceps, do not pinch it.

Medium length wavy hair bundle

The resulting strands must be collected in a free tail and secure it with an elastic band. When you pass the hair through the elastic band for the last time, leave the hair loosely hanging in the form of a loop. Directing the loop down, we wrap it around the gum. The resulting hairstyle must be fixed with pins. Such a bundle will look great with lacquered hairpins and satin ribbons.

Medium Length Hair Bundle

If you built on your head the most ordinary everyday bundle, it will not be difficult for you to make a luxurious evening hairstyle out of it. To do this, it is enough to apply various accessories, of which we are now offered a great variety. Original hair clips, flowers, clips, scallops, decorative studs - all this is at your disposal. Be creative to health. The main thing to consider is that it is very easy to overdo it with accessories. So moderate your ardor. Especially make sure that your head does not have too much metal. First, it looks tasteless, and secondly, the metal can cause you a headache.

Other interesting ideas and video tips you will find in the article How beautiful to make a beam? Good luck!

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