How to make a bump on your head

Every woman who by nature possesses beautiful hair can instantly transform by making the simplest hairstyle. But what about the ladies, whose curls leave much to be desired? Of course, choose the right styling! Recently, the so-called bump has become increasingly popular.

The advantages of this hairstyle include not only its simplicity of creation, but also the fact that it is ideal for both everyday wear and for a festive event. It is enough just to add just a few bright elements to the hair.

As a rule, styling for an adult woman and a little girl have dramatic differences, but a neatly twisted beam is suitable for a representative of the beautiful half of humanity of any age, which makes it so popular and in demand today.

Hairstyle "bump" is ideal for sports, going to the store, to the beach, business meeting, office work or a romantic date with a loved one. In addition, you can do this styling in just a few minutes yourself at home. No need to spend a lot of time and money on expensive services stylist.

To create "bumps", you do not need special skills, just a little patience is enough. This hairstyle may be slightly negligent.

If you are in a hurry to meet and there is no time to put your hair in order, it is enough just to stab the bun. Your image will be not only elegant, but also natural, and in fact today it is natural that is valued above all.

How to make a bump on your head?

A bump on the head ... What is this wonderful hairstyle?

How to make a bump on your head?

To make this hairstyle yourself, you will need a thin elastic band, invisible hairpins and hairpins, a hairbrush, a styling foam, a lacquer for fastening and hair ornaments that fit this occasion.

This hairstyle looks not only beautiful, but also original. To create it you need only 7-10 minutes, no more.

  • First, thoroughly wash the hair, dry the strands so that they are completely dry. To facilitate styling, we apply a small amount of styling foam on wet curls (you can use any other means).
  • For girls who have rather thin hair, it is recommended to sprinkle them at the roots with an agent designed to add additional volume or simply dry the hair with a slightly raised comb (you can dry the strands by tilting your head down).
  • Next we take the gum and make a fairly tight tail on the back of the head (crown). We divide the hair into 3 approximately equal parts and weave 3 pigtails.
  • Each braid is wrapped around the center of the tail and elastic. Carefully mask the ends so that they remain inconspicuous - we hide under the bump and fix with studs or stealth.
  • At the end, we decorate the hair with any decorative elements - Chinese sticks look very interesting and stylish, they just stick into the "bump".
  • You can make an interesting and stylish haircut in another way. However, this method is suitable only for owners of docile and smooth hair. But, if desired, the strands can be straightened ironing.
  • Wash hair, dry (if necessary, straighten) and carefully comb.
  • On the top we tie a bundle and fasten with a rubber band. Naughty hair can be sprinkled with a small amount of varnish.
  • We divide the hair into 2 approximately equal parts - lower and upper. Now we fix the top with a barrette, since first we will work with the bottom one.
  • We divide the lower part into several strands and wind them clockwise on the gum; we fix the ends so that they become invisible. It is not necessary to twist the strands too tightly, as a result the lump will not be very lush.
  • As soon as the lower part is laid, we carry out the same procedure from the top. Curls need to be evenly distributed in a circle, so that the bump will get a slightly sloppy look and additional volume.
  • The tips of the hair are fixed invisible or masked under the eraser. At the end, the hairstyle is sprayed with varnish so as not to be disheveled during the day.

How to make an elegant hairstyle in the form of bumps?

Classic option

How to make a bump on your head?

The classic version of the bumps is made easy. But there is one nuance, it should be strictly on top.

  1. First, wash the head, dry the strands, collect the curls in a high taut tail and fix it with a rubber band. It is best to use a simple thin gum color, which should be as close as possible to the shade of the hair. Do not tighten the hair very much, as this hairstyle can bring a strong feeling of discomfort.
  2. The hair in the tail is divided into 3 approximately equal parts and weave a simple braid, the end of which is fixed with an elastic band.
  3. Around the base of the tail we wrap the braid rather tightly and fasten it with pins. We hide the tip of the pigtail inside the bundle so that it is not visible. You should not save on heels, hairstyle should hold out throughout the day.
  4. At the end fix the hair with lacquer.
  5. If you are doing this hairstyle for some important evening event, then you can safely use a fishnet with rhinestones, invisibility with rhinestones, a beautiful comb for decoration. This style fits perfectly with long earrings.

Exquisite styling with rim

How to make a bump on your head?

To make this hairstyle, you need to prepare in advance for hairspray, invisible hairpins and hairpins, foam or mousse for styling, a decorative rim, decorated with a scattering of crystals.

  1. We wash hair and apply a small amount of any styling products on the strands. Then dry the strands with a hair dryer and a comb.
  2. Next, we collect the hair in a ponytail and fasten with a rubber band, but not very hard, so as not to experience discomfort during the day.
  3. Well comb the hair until it becomes silky and wind around the gum so that the result is a bulge.
  4. The tip of the hair gently refuel under the gum.
  5. We fix the lump with the help of stealth and hairpins.
  6. If you want to make a more voluminous hairstyle, then you just need to slightly pull the edges of the beam and slightly stretch the hair.
  7. Fix hair with lacquer strong fixation.
  8. To complete the image we put on the headband. Very thin and stylish looks 2 thin rim, dressed at the same time, but in this case they should be the same.

Ballerina bunch

This is one of the most popular bump options, which is done not only easily, but also very quickly.

  1. We wash well and dry our hair, then we collect them on the back of the head in a horse's tail. Carefully combed until the curls become silky.
  2. On the tail gently put on a large tight elastic band. In the event that there was no such hand, do not worry, you can make it out of a terry sock.
  3. Now spread the tail around the entire circumference of the gum, take the tip and wind the hourly arrow.
  4. With the help of hairpins or hairpins, we fix all the protruding hair so that the future hairstyle looks neat.
  5. In the end, if you plan to go with the "bump" all day, it is recommended to fix it with varnish so that it does not break up at the most unexpected moment. If you wish, you can use any decorative elements to decorate your hair.

Hair bump with a roller: video lesson

Hairstyle "bump" is done on the basis of the tail, so it is best of all possible on long or medium hair. Such styling is done literally in two accounts, and it looks very worthy. This option is perfect for both everyday and for solemn images of women of any age.

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