How to make a bouffant


Not all women are ready to boast of naturally thick hair, therefore, more and more often they resort to the help of hairstyles that visually increase the volume of hair. Hairstyles with fleece which year at the peak of popularity. Only trends change: high styling, fashion for combed bangs.

You can hear a lot of pros and cons of bouffant, but it performs perfectly well in giving volume to the hair! How to properly perform bouffant on the head without damaging your hair?

How to make a bouffant?

Bouffant hair

With the help of a fleece, you can not only make the hair more voluminous, but also just focus on the hair. The opinion is wrong that the bouffant gives a non-natural look to the hair, in fact it is not so! With the observance of the technique of combing your hair, your hair will not only become more voluminous, but will not lose a healthy shine and natural.

When creating a fleece, it is important not to overdo it with the use of styling products, as you can damage your hair and spoil it. Bouffant is suitable for any type of hair. With it, you can give volume not only to thin hair, but also beautiful curls. Another advantage of combing is that even if the weather conditions deteriorate, your hairstyle will still be beautiful.. If you have thin hair, then with the help of a fleece, it will be easier to keep the shape of the hair.

How to make a bouffant correctly?

How to make a bouffant?How to make a bouffant?

  1. Before you start creating hair, you need to wash your hair and dry.If the hair is greasy, create a bouffant will not work, because the hair is too heavy, and your hairstyle will please you only a couple of hours.
  2. To create a pile we need a comb with frequent teeth and a sharp handle., in order to make it easier to separate the strands of hair. Separate the first row of hair and set it aside, we start the comb with a second strand 0.5 - 1 cm thick. It is necessary to back off from the roots about 5 cm and gently comb hair, gradually rising to the ends. After the occipital part of the pile is ready, you can proceed to the pile of the lateral sides of the head. To keep the bouffant better held, each strand should be fixed with hairspray.
  3. Then you need to take a comb with rare teeth or a comb with natural bristles. and give shape to a pile. No need to comb, just give shape. The very first strand of hair that we combed should be brushed as gently as possible to hide the combed hair and give your hairstyle the desired shape. Then the bouffant is covered with the first part of the hair, which is not combed, it needs to be fixed with hairspray. Varnish is desirable to use not a strong fixation, in order to look more natural styling.
  4. If you have curled hair, then you need to comb each strand separately, giving volume to each curl. Then gently shape the hair with a brush or a hair comb and fix the hair with lacquer.
  5. Looks beautifully bouffant on the hair in the hair - horse tail. To create this hairstyle, you need to comb your hair on the sides and on the crown, then carefully gather the untidy ends in the tail and tighten it with a hair tie. You can wind curls with a styler, and you can leave the tips straight.
  6. If you are the owner of a bang, then when you create a fleece bangs have to be laid separately. The bangs can be laid sideways, or simply stretched out using a straightening iron and laid without a pile.

How to make bouffant: useful tips

How to make a bouffant?How to make a bouffant?

  1. Do not neglect when creating a pile care products for damaged hair., Be sure to use a spray for easy combing.
  2. To create a comb should use several combs.Which comb to choose, see above.
  3. You can not do bouffant every day, because after the time, not only the appearance of the hair, but also the structure will be spoiled. Hair will be brittle and bitten along the entire length.
  4. You need to take your hair down very carefully., hair need to wash off the fixing means. After that, it is advised to do a head massage to improve blood circulation.
  5. Owners of long hair should not do bouffant over the entire lengthhair, it is desirable to comb hair only at the roots. But short hair should be combed over the entire length.
  6. For the evening out you can beautify fashionable this season, hairpins, headbands, beads, etc.

Observing the above rules, you can change every day and not worry about the condition of the hair.

How to make a bouffant?How to make a bouffant?

Millions of women blindly following the fashion do not even think about whether this or that hairstyle will suit them or not. For example,to owners elongated face bouffant won't fit. You can make just a light volume so that the hair looks thicker. Also, stylists do not advise such a hairstyle to girls with thick hair.

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Hairstyles with a pile at the moment there is a huge amount,and to create a fleece does not need to be recorded in a beauty salon, if only for special cases. After reading the basic tips, you can easily master the skill of creating a pile in the house. Dare and be irresistible!