How to make a beautiful haircut

With long or medium hair, girls have a higher choice of hairstyles that can be done. However, for some reason, this is where most of the questions arise. It seems that there is an opportunity, and what exactly to do is unclear. Especially for those who appreciate time and simplicity, you can select the most light and interesting options for each day.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle yourself: hairdressers tips

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

  • By own forces each woman is able to create an interesting hairstyle. However, without practice is not enough. It is worth preparing that from the 1st time the result may be worse than expected. Therefore, the main component, without which a beautiful hair is not to be - is persistence.
  • At the base of most hairstyles is a braid, which has a lot of execution technologies and, therefore, differs in appearance. And also plaits. Additional methods - curling or straightening curls, their addition, combing and fixation. These are the skills that are worth possessing at least a minimum amount.
  • From specific tools and tools usually require a classic massage brush and a fine comb to create a parting. It is good if there is a knitting needle on its handle helping to separate the strands. Thermal devices - hair dryer, curling iron, iron - are needed only in holiday styling, when there is a need to dry the gel or foam, or to twist-straighten the strands for further work with them.
  • It is still worth buying a strong hold lacquer, but with the inscription "flex". This tool does not stick curls. And necessarily - studs (length depends on the thickness of the hair), invisible and thin silicone gum of various widths and diameters.
  • There are also some more rules for successful hairstyles that are important to know. Any complicated styling, if it is not a simple pony tail, is not done immediately after washing the head. It is better if this procedure is carried out a day before working with the hair. Otherwise, you will have to handle too much curls with styling products.

Long hair styling: photo and technology

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

Even in the most banal and boring hairstyle for several years, you can add an interesting detail. And it will work not only on long hair, but also shorter. For example, a classic low tail will get a zest, if the hair, separated by a central parting, wound back, will be rolled up into literally 4 turns, and only after that will it be gathered with an elastic band. After that, the tail is passed through the resulting space between its base and nape. The free mass can be straightened or, on the contrary, curled with forceps.

A standard bundle will become more original if a thin braid is wrapped around it, the tip of which is hidden inside the styling. Or start to weave from the temple across the forehead to the other side of the "French" braid, holding it along the head towards the back of the head. And only there to bring it to the end, turning in a bunch the free mass of hair. Fixing is carried out with varnish. Suitable for this purpose and thin mesh-cobwebs, matched to the hair color.

Beautiful romantic hairstyle for long hair - easy "Malvinka" with fleece. Ideal for walks, and for classes, and for the youth holiday. Hair combed and slightly curled at the ends. The task is not elastic curls, but light waves, so that the strands do not stick out in different directions and at the same time do not lie in a continuous smooth canvas. At the very roots in the area of ​​the crown, the hair is combed, but neatly, and processed with a fixing spray. Then the top layer from the temples should be collected from behind, fastened with a small barrette. Try not to knock down the resulting volume. In the final, it is desirable to walk the length of the varnish.

How to fit the middle hair?

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

For weekdays, for the average length of hair, girls usually choose bunches, which, although they are universal, are quite boring options. However, even in such a hairstyle you can easily make a variety, and it consists not only in moving the beam on the head. But in addition to his oblique. For example, as follows: a foam rubber muff, purchased at a professional store, is being prepared, a pair of thin elastic bands, 1-2 studs and an invisible one.

Weaving begin at any of the side partings, working on the technique of adding a new strand at each step. Spit goes around the head, dropping to the back of the head. At the same time make it the opposite method: strands go inside, not out. This will make the finished braid more voluminous. And after its tip is fixed with a rubber band, the side “links” will slightly stretch to the sides.

Not all the hair mass starts up on the braid - most of them remain and are tightened with a rubber band in a low tail. The same foam bagel is worn on top, and curls are wrapped around it. The entire bundle is fixed with the remaining rubber band. The tips of the strands are removed at the base of the beam, the tip of the braid wraps around it and also hides inside.

It is fixed with a stud. For such a hairstyle, 5-7 minutes is enough, and therefore it is ideal even for study or work, without taking up the precious morning time. And complemented by a bright accessory, it will be an ideal choice for a walk or even a holiday.

Beautiful simple hairstyles for a celebration

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

Many women are delighted with the work of hairdressers, where braids are used, arranged in various shapes. For example, a variety of flowers from them. They seem incredibly complex. However, it is not. And any girl who has mastered the simplest weaving of a 3-strand braid is capable of making a solemn styling in 10 minutes. It will take only a good lacquer, hairpins and stealth, a bit of mousse and the main trick of hairdressers - thin and flexible wire. Its length is equal to the length of the braids that will fit.

For example, the most beloved "rose" is woven elementary. Hair is carefully combed to the back of the head, gently smoothed with a palm and foam, once again combed and pulled into the tail. Gum is better to take thin. To this end, hairdressers recommend using recently appeared models with hooks on the ends. They are the most high quality fix hair.

Now weaving a braid begins. Here the classical technology on 3 strands sets in motion, however, there is an important detail: from the very foundation a thin wire will accompany the braid. It is much more efficient than using only the hairpins and stealth, especially with thick and heavy hair. You should start to weave, immediately determining the direction of installation. Those. not centered, as if subsequently the spit was left just to hang vertically, but with an instant institution to the side and twisting. When weaving as a result, the first side will be reduced, and the second will be extended.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle?

The tip wraps around with a silicone rubber band and hides under the resulting "rose." Where fastened with stud. To the latter held out better, hairdressers advise to stretch an invisible woman across it, so that the “legs” of the hairpin should be between the skin of the head and the metal hairpins. At the final stage, a few more studs will fix the "rose", capturing the wire in it. And the whole hairstyle is sprinkled with varnish.

Another elementary hairstyle in its technology will require the presence of a thin elastic band, hairpins with invisible hairpieces and forceps. Time spent on it no more than the previous one, and the result is appropriate not only at the party, but even at the wedding. Only it is necessary to take care of a more serious fixation and add the necessary accessory to the final image. Again, the base will be a classic braid.

Its weaving begins from the point above the forehead, ending only at the neck. At the same time, the scheme is the same as for the “French” one - each new “link” is picked up by a thin strand. The braid is created loosely, so that there is an opportunity later to weakly ruffle it, stretching the "links" sideways. At the back of the head there is a rubber binding. Now the foam is applied to the free length, and the curls are curled on the forceps. After that, each of them gently fit in a random order, fixing the invisible or pin. All their concentration occurs around the gum.

Using simple tips and principles, you can create a beautiful haircut, relying only on your imagination. After all, each of these styles has the simplest components, for example, the classical braid, which vary in any order. Try and do not be afraid of new moves that have not been tried out before you!

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