How to make a beautiful curls ironing at home for short


Many people are familiar with the situation when you need to quickly but beautifully put your hair in your hair. The real salvation in such cases is waving. There are many ways to do it, but not all of them are suitable for quick styling. In addition to curling, the rectifier will do well for this task. And if everything is clear with the curling iron, then how to make the curls with an iron? After all, his task is to straighten hair, not curl it. It turns out that it is very simple, you just need to get the hang of it!

Iron as a means of curling hair

How to make curls ironing?

Recently, it has become very popular to use the iron not for its intended purpose. This device can not only straighten unruly curly strands, but also, on the contrary, help smooth hair to take the form of curls or waves. And it is not without reason that the iron even more often is preferred to the curling: it can be used to make original curls of the most different forms - cute spirals, light waves, zigzags. In addition, if you get the hang of it, they can put their hair much faster than with a curling iron. Therefore, it will be useful to know how to make curls with an iron at home. Before you start directly styling, you need to find the right tools, as well as prepare the hair.

Selection of materials for styling

Any perm styling involves thermal effects on the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of their protection in advance, especially if you are the owner of dry and brittle strands.

When choosing a device for installation, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, coating, and the ability to adjust temperatures. It is preferable to use irons with a ceramic coating (it is believed that they harm the hair less), as well as with rounded edges (so as not to crack strands).

In addition, purchase thermal protection products, preferably not oil-based, so as not to weigh down the hair. And by applying a heat protection spray with a fixation effect, you will get rid of the need to use hairspray.

Preparing hair for styling

Preparing hair for styling

Before you start curling, it is recommended to wash your hair, using a balm to make your hair easier to comb. Then you need to dry them with a towel and sprinkle with a thermal protective agent. For larger volume, you can apply a mousse to the roots using a comb. After that, you must wait until the hair has completely dried, otherwise you risk injuring them severely. Strands need to be combed well: if small knots remain on them, the iron will get stuck. If you have a thick head of hair, for convenience it is better to collect the upper strands and attach them with a hairpin to the head.

How to make beautiful curls with an iron?

There are several ways to make hair ironing. Depending on the length of the hair, on what effect you want to achieve, as well as the time you have, choose the most suitable technique for you.

Method 1: careless curls

Sloppy curls

Twisting the strands into bundles is one of the easiest and fastest ways, suggesting how to make curls with an iron, which will suit even short hair.

  1. Separate the thin strand from the rest of the hair mass.
  2. Tighten it tightly with a harness.
  3. Walk down the harness ironing from top to bottom in a smooth motion. The tips can not curl.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the strands all over your head.

It turned out elongated light curls. This hairstyle is better not to splash varnish: it should be very natural. If you want to fix the curls, use mousse.

Method 2: spiral

Spiral curls

Spiral curls look just gorgeous, especially on long hair. This method is more complicated, but the result will be worth it.

  1. Separate 1 thin strand from the rest of the hair.Spiral curls
  2. Keep the iron flat. Wind the strand around the lower flap ironing 1 time. The end of the strand should be inside the forceps.Spiral curls
  3. Clamp the flap iron and slowly pull down, trying not to pull much.
  4. Repeat these movements with the remaining strands.Spiral curls
  5. Carefully separate the spirals with your fingers and fix with varnish.

Method 3: large curls

large curls

How else can you make curls with an iron for long hair? A great solution - flirty curls at the ends of the hair.

  1. Divide the hair into 5 thick strands (if the hair is not thick, the strands should be less).
  2. Pinch the strand with an iron, placing it horizontally, moving 5-10 cm from the hair roots (or closer to the end of the strand).
  3. Wrap the iron around your axis and position it with the tongs down.
  4. Smoothly lead the iron down. With the same strand manipulation can be done several times.

Volumetric and airy curls-spirals are ready!

Method 4: wavy curls

Wavy curls

If you do not know how to make the hair curls to iron on medium hair, try this method.

  1. Pinch the styler 1 strand of medium thickness as close as possible to the roots. Place the device vertically.
  2. Rotate the iron around the axis along the entire length of the strand. Repeat the movement with each strand 1 time.

Smooth waves that you should get, look great on the hair of medium length.

Method 5: bulk styling

bulk styling

How to make the iron large curls? Here is another way.

  1. Separate the hair strand and wind it on your finger.
  2. Secure the resulting bundle of invisible at the roots of the hair.
  3. Do this operation with the rest of the hair mass.
  4. Press each bundle tightly with a flat iron for a few seconds.
  5. Dissolve the strands, twisting them with your finger. If necessary, additionally thread the ends with an iron.

The waves, designed in this way, will give a seductive volume of your hair.

Method 6: Original Zigzags

Curls original zigzags

To create a bold, extraordinary image, give up the usual waves and spirals - experiment with the shape of curls! To create stylish zigzags, you will need food foil.

  1. Separate 1 strand, collect it with an accordion. For convenience, you can use the rod of a thick brush: wrap a strand on it, and then pull the brush so that the hair spring remains.
  2. Wrap the harmonica with foil and flatten it.
  3. Hold the foil tightly with the iron. Hold 15 seconds.
  4. After the foil has cooled, it will be possible to unfold the strand.

In order not to spoil the shape of the curl, do not comb it.

Precautionary measures

Thermal Spray

Having decided to curl the curls, do not neglect the tips on proper styling. Careful attitude to your hair will help you maintain their health and beauty.

Be sure to:

  • make styling hot stylers only on dry hair;
  • use heat sprays;
  • observe the temperature regime (curl at the minimum temperature, if the hair is unruly - on the middle one);
  • keep the hair flat on your hair for no more than 15 seconds.

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

How to make beautiful curls with an iron

Now, knowing how to make a variety of curls with an iron and at the same time not harm the hair, you can easily change the images every day. Romantic waves, flirty spirals or bold zigzags help you express yourself and be irresistible in any situation.