How to lighten the hair on the hands


Body hair delivers many problems to the beautiful half of humanity. In some places, you can get rid of them without much effort. It is much more difficult to solve the problem of noticeable dark hairs on the hands. Many methods are used: from lightening to laser hair removal.

How to get rid of hair on hands?

You can choose the method of dealing with undesirable vegetation on your hands, having understood its root causes. Dark hairs are sometimes both an ordinary innocuous individual feature of the body and a sign of illness. They can be a symptom of hormonal disruptions in the body.

Therefore, before choosing a method of combating hair on the hands, it is worth analyzing the state of your health. If there are other symptoms, then you should consult an endocrinologist. Women who have a small dark vegetation on their hands, you can not worry. This situation is quite natural.

First you need to remember that it is better to refuse shaving hairs. For a while you will get rid of the problem. In this rebellious hair will grow again and again. And they will become much tougher and darker. This is due to the fact that the razor simply cuts off part of the hair above the skin, without affecting the bulb. Therefore, it is worth referring to other methods. Conventionally, they can be divided into 2 groups.

The first methods are the usual clarification. Various tinctures, gels and cosmetic masks can be used. The 2nd group includes the mechanical method. The hairs are not masked for some time, but are removed along with the bulb. Each method has both advantages and disadvantages.

Brightening hair on your hands: ways

Lightening is quite effective when not very long dark hairs grow on the hands. For the desired effect, you can use special cosmetics and even some products.

How to lighten hair on hands?

  • It is very common to lighten the hair with hydrogen peroxide. The main thing is to choose the desired concentration - 3%. It must be diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. After that, it is worthwhile to test for allergies. A drop of the mixture is dripped onto the arm in the area of ​​the inner side of the fold near the elbow. Then wait 10-15 minutes. If during this time you did not feel a burning sensation and the skin did not turn red, then you can safely carry out a cosmetic procedure.
  • Cotton swab moistened in liquid and gently applied to the hairs. Try to act in such a way that peroxide with water does not hit the skin, because she has enough strong action. After you put it on all the hairs, you need to wait 30-40 minutes. Watch your feelings. Small tingling is allowed. The main thing is not to overdo the mass. You can not only get burned. Hair during a long procedure brightens too much. At the end of the peroxide wash off with cool water. Dry the skin and apply a nourishing cream on it.
  • Instead of peroxide, you can use the most common lemon juice. It has long been known for its whitening properties. Some even use freckles with it. The juice is also applied to the hairs and left for a while. Then wash off with water.
  • Also for clarification you can buy special cosmetic gels. Good cosmetic clay copes with dark hairs. On its basis make various masks.
  • Our ancestors also noticed the unusual clarifying properties of chamomile solution. It is believed that with her help, blonde and fair-haired girls can give a very beautiful shade to curls. Chamomile is also used in the fight with dark hairs on the hands. To do this, you need to brew any pharmaceutical collection in the form of dried flowers or filter bags. 3-4 Art. l pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. The mixture is then allowed to cool. With it, make compresses, which impose on the hairs. Chamomile as a way of dealing with noticeable vegetation on the hands should be chosen if you are allergic to peroxide and cosmetics. She is safe.
  • Brightening hair on the hands can be obtained during tanning. Just sunbathe. Dark hairs under the influence of rays become thinner and fade. As a result, they will become less noticeable.

The vegetation on the hands does not give rest to many women. You can get rid of it in several ways. Clarification is achieved through the use of hydrogen peroxide, decoction of chamomile, lemon juice and cosmetic gels. Also, hairs can be removed using different types of hair removal and shugaring. If this begins to grow long dark hair, then you should contact an endocrinologist. So hormonal failures can manifest.